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University of San Diego Reviews

1,793 reviews
Good academics and professors. The student body is overall very conservative and wealthy. Being small sized this even further limits my odds of finding my tribe.
My experience at the University of San Diego was amazing. I loved the small school aspect of the campus. It allowed me to connect with my professors and get to know them. The campus food is pretty good and the people here are very friendly. During my first year, I joined clubs and organizations like the African Student Union, Changemaker Hub, and Intervarsity. These helped me to interact more with my peers. The things that I would change on this campus is Diversity. The school is trying to work on promoting diversity and inclusion but there are still some things to be worked on.
University of San Diego is an excellent school with overall good faculty and resources. It is in a good location and offers a variety of majors. The classes are hard, but many available office hours and free tutoring helps students succeed in rigorous courses.
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