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I entered this school in the spring of 2018, I was a community college transfer student. The process of transferring to USD was very simple and I was placed in classes with several other transfer students to help develop a community. The campus is extremely well taken care of. It is ranked very high on campus beauty. The professors are very professional and it is obvious they know what they are talking about. I feel as if I am getting a high level of education at this school. I would have rated it five stars however the price o f this school if very high. Also the diversity level is not very good. The school is mostly white kids and foreign students.
USD is a wonderful school! The professors are outstanding. The Campus is gorgeous. The people are friendly. What more can you ask for? The only downside is that it is quite expensive. If you do not come from a wealthy background, you will require financial assistance.
Beautiful campus and very healthy lifestyles. Academics and the professors are pretty challenging. Student body is your very basic stereotype SoCal
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University of San Diego is a beautiful campus with unlimited options to be heard and get involved! USD has given me a strong sense of myself and what I want to work towards. Great programs assist you every step of the way.
Great academics, okay professors, beautiful campus in a lively city. The students are superficial and uptight. If you're looking for chill surfers move on. Even the frat bros are country club.
Gorgeous and stunning campus though I miss having winter season. The classes are pretty good though not a huge variety. The students are cliquey and all come from the same upper class upbringing.
I have been to the University of San Diego twice, once for a field trip and once on an overnight camp. Both times I enjoyed the campus and I had a lot of fun. During the time that I went there was construction and it made it more difficult to get around. If you decide to go to the University of San Diego it is because you are interested in academics not athletics. Their pool is very small and they do not have a track, but they do have a large soccer field and basketball stadium. Overall the University of San Diego is a beautiful campus and it is easy to get around with their shuttle and large sidewalks.
The campus alone is beautiful. The professors help out their students as much as they can. The students that live on campus are very supportive with each other.
It's like country club university. There's no diversity of background. It's so expensive for what is offered even with a scholarship.
I loved the campus the moment I stepped in! Although I was not a big Cali girl, USD takes a special place in my heart! So many things to do, so many spots to eat, the academics are great, and flexibility of the curriculum is just awesome! Go Toreros!!
I hate the people the campus is pretty and the academics are okay. If you don't have a car, don't come here. If you aren't rich, don't come here. If you aren't white, you'll probably hate it.
I loved USD with how vigorous their classes are and how diverse the campus is. I really love how the professors want to help you and will have a good relationship with you. They offer office hours to get one-on-one help with your class. USD also is the most beautiful campus ever. Wouldn't change anything about this school.
I was choosing between 23 different schools when I was choosing my doctoral program, and USD was number one on that list. I am in love with USD, from the campus, to the people, to the content learned in the classrooms. I attend SOLES, the School of Learning and Educational Sciences, and every time I walk in the building it feels like an international Hogwarts-type-of-school with some of the best leaders from all over the world. I would absolutely encourage anyone to walk around USD's campus and soak in the beautiful, serene views. I have nothing but praise for the campus and the people on this campus. I love USD and am so happy I get to go here.
Beautiful campus, hit or miss professors, TONS of core requirements, eh party scene, great food. Psafe roams around all the time, making it a safe campus, but also makes it seem like there could be an attack because of how many there are. Also, most of them I always see are on their phones and aren't doing much. Wish they would reallocate some of that money into athletic programs or something more for students.
USD is a nice sized university. If you’re looking for a giant party school this isn’t it. It’s a small community though there are lots of cliques.
Beautiful campus and city. It’s a bit of a bubble from the real world. Up to you if that’s positive or negative.
Incredibly beautiful campus. Most of the students are wealthy and void of real world maturity. Classes and professors are great.
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The University of San Diego is a very beautiful school and is academically advanced. It is a private Catholic school that offers many opportunities for its students to thrive.
The University of San Diego is one of the most beautiful campuses. It makes walking to class truthfully enjoyable. The teachers have actual life experience that makes learning more interesting. They keep the classes interactive and make one eager to want to learn. I love how small the campus is because it means you pretty much meet everyone. The food is also much better than the average college campus.
As a freshman, I have loved it so far. The campus is very beautiful and the food in the SLP is pretty good. The professors are pretty chill and it's nice to go see them during office hours especially since it is a small school. In addition, the beaches are nice and you can't beat the sunny weather.
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