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University of San Diego is perfect because you can enjoy life while earning a degree. The campus is beautiful and has many events always going on. Completely in love with USD!!
The campus here is beautiful and the professors are exceptionally helpful and understanding. The classes are small - my largest class at the moment is 35 people - which allows for more opportunity to have one on one time with your professors and to create a more welcoming classroom environment.
Gorgeous school! There's a lot to do off-campus and can be difficult for those who didn't bring a car to campus.
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USD is such a beautiful campus! I love the campus itself as well as the size. I have never been taught by a TA or GA and I love having the small class sizes. San Diego is a great area and there is always something to do.
The campus is insanely beautiful, but as a whole it's pretty dead. It's a very young school, so there's not a lot of school spirit or party scenes. The academics are pretty average for such a high tuition, but the professors are great. Even though there's about 9,000 students, the campus starts to feel very, very small. I'm transferring because of the limited degree options, but if they had my degree I would have happily stayed.
Great professors who are willing to help you succeed. Small class sizes allow for an intimate learning environment. Living community is healthy and empowering, especially the delicious food readily available on campus.
Coming to the University of San Diego was the worst decision I have made in my short lifetime. They advertise the beautiful campus and study abroad program to perfection so before freshman year you are led to believe that this place is heaven on earth. Now I can only speak from the perspective as a black male student which is one of the groups of people here who have no voice in a sea of rich white privilege. The academics are good and the classes will challenge you, but everything outside of academia and the delicious dining services is a disgrace to the college experience. The party scene only exists through Greek Life here at the University, which is in reality just a clique of rich white kids .The parties usually have poor ratios where shitty dubstep music is blasting.If you are a male and not in a fraternity you will be lucky to attend one or two parties a semester. Living on campus is a nightmare. You will get fined $300 if you have ANY drugs or alcohol in your possession.
The University of San Diego feels very unwelcoming. The students keep to themselves, to a small clique, or a group within their sorority or fraternity. The academics are good, but the college experience is poor. You can tell the administration wants to force a feeling of belonging through various programs and events, but these are not well attended.
I studied computer science at USD. The courses and professors were phenomenal. The small class sizes really helped you learn and get any one on one attention needed to really have a deep understanding of the concepts of the curriculum. The campus is really beautiful. USD is constantly working to improve it's programs and facilities for students.
I love the campus, very beautiful. The teachers are very helpful, some more than others. The food on campus is the best compared to other colleges. I wish it wasn't so expensive or that the financial aid office was more rewarding.
The university of San Diego is such a beautiful campus, I can sense that is a safe environment and it's peaceful and quite. The students give this perspective of having fun and being focus on academics.
I began to appreciate over time what a wonderful university USD is because of the great scholarships they give, a lot of people are only there because of the grace of the school (including myself), the vast variety of people from all over the world and the amazing Semester at Sea/study abroad programs. Im proud to attend USD. It is very well known amongst California especially, people at the university genuinely care about learning and making the campus the best place it can be. One thing I especially love is that if you are not particularly religious, or part of a different faith than Catholicism/Christianity, that you can be however involved or uninvolved as you like. No one forces anything or views anyone differently if someone doesn't attend mass every Sunday, or at all. I hope someone reads this, I could rave about USD all day. I had to shorten my response :(
While the campus is beautiful and I enjoyed my time there, I found that the business school was not very challenging. I didn't find myself growing intellectually and wished that I was learning more. Let's put it this way, someone that I went to high school with that had challenges in our English classes became a writing center tutor our freshman year at this university.
The University of San Diego is preparing me to be a contributing member of society and to have the skills necessary to excel in my field. The campus is beautiful, the instructors care about their student's success and the people are high achieving.
The University of San Diego has some good qualities but not enough to outweigh their faults. Small class sizes automatically improve the quality of the education but many professors don't care about teaching in the slightest. Assuming I had about 40 professors over the course of my career only about 3 stand out as great and another 5 were good. The focus is on preaching and memorization, not understanding or communication.
The student culture is self centered and shallow. While there are some great people attending USD the prevailing culture is abysmal. Vanity and greed run rampant and define USD. But what do you expect from the school of America's wealthiest. Ultimately, whatever one thinks of America's one percent while be there opinion on USD and vice versa.
The school has an incredibly beautiful campus. With the small class sizes, teachers are always available to help students one on one. Although the school lacks in diversity, the campus is very friendly.
This was a fantastic experience and broadened my perspective with the diverse community that attends. I came here for grad school after going to a top UC school for undergrad, and I feel that the experience here was much more inviting than my undergrad experience. The professors genuinely care about the success of the students and will go out of there way to help. I think the very diverse student body greatly adds to the experience, and I really enjoyed getting to know so many different people from around the world. The Kroc Institute always had great events going on, and I found it very easy to make friends and meet new people. Very glad I made the decision to come here!
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I'm a veteran that decided to make USD my choice of school, and everything was super smooth. The campus is stunning, the faculty is fairly laid back and very approachable. I am so glad that I was able to come here, and was glad they made me a part of their family.
I love it here. The campus is beautiful and the classes aren't easy but I also don't feel like dying everyday like my friends at Ivy league Universities. The students are really nice for the most part and the teachers are always willing to help.
The campus and the people are friendly. The professors are hard but caring. You really get to feel in place here. It is expensive and if moneys hard you might want to rethink this school.
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