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USD promotes positive change and healthy interactions (between people, and with the environment). It offers opportunities for personal growth and success, and fosters community due to its small campus. As an academic institution it sometimes fails to accommodate productive learning environments.
This has always been my dream school and although I did not get in for undergrad, I am now here for graduate and having a great overall experience.
My experience at the University of San Diego wasn't thought of, it was amazing. It was quite a diverse community of people , along with the variety of different restaurants from different cultures. The opportunity to connect with others from different social groups and cultures is very incredible ! This campus brings energy and welcome
In harms into life !
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The school was beautiful, it was very clean and made you want to be on campus to learn and grow as an adult.
BEAUTIFUL campus with horrible dorms!!!! The dorms are dirty, out dated, small and should pay people to live in them.
The people and the professors. I enjoy the way they teach and help one another. I also enjoy the weather and the ideal location that the school is in. I want to stay here for my four years and soon I will obtain an internship. My intention to go to law school once I am done with my undergraduate studies. I want to stay here for law school too since I am so happy with the professors and the campus.
USD is in the heart of San Diego and does not disappoint on professors as well as breath taking views!
I am taking Marketing classes and joined the marketing team to be involved, everyone is friendly and my counselors are great leaders!
Excellent business school with a liberal arts college vibe. Outstanding career services. Party scene is downplayed since Greek life is non-residential.
So far in my first four months I've really enjoyed my time at the University of San Diego. The classes are very interesting and challenging in a good way. The campus feels pretty small but it's beautiful and if you go off campus often then that helps. The beach is super close and the weather is great, not too hot not too cold. Getting involved in the school is not hard if you try and there are many opportunities that are offered to get involved.
The campus itself is beautiful. While there is not a lot of school spirit, everyone there is very friendly. The study abroad program and food are amazing. The school is not very big but it's not too small either.
The university of San Diego is an academic institution that motivates students to do their best in their academic studies. Its student body is diverse and inclusive and makes any new and transfer student feel welcomed. Through their many available resources students are able to find help from academic, peer, social activities, and well being health.
Overall I had an excellent experience at USD. Excellent environment, professors, food, dorms. The only think I will change is more school spirit.
The academics are excellent, professors are knowledgeable, the campus is beautiful and the city and campus life make for a great college experience.
Beautiful campus. I’m in the masters nursing program which has an amazing lab and great teachers. It is on the expensive side, but I also believe that it is worth the investment.
So far my experience has been great. It is my first quarter and i am adjusting like i didn't imagine. Great professors and an amazing campus.
University of San Diego is perfect because you can enjoy life while earning a degree. The campus is beautiful and has many events always going on. Completely in love with USD!!
The campus here is beautiful and the professors are exceptionally helpful and understanding. The classes are small - my largest class at the moment is 35 people - which allows for more opportunity to have one on one time with your professors and to create a more welcoming classroom environment.
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Gorgeous school! There's a lot to do off-campus and can be difficult for those who didn't bring a car to campus.
USD is such a beautiful campus! I love the campus itself as well as the size. I have never been taught by a TA or GA and I love having the small class sizes. San Diego is a great area and there is always something to do.
The campus is insanely beautiful, but as a whole it's pretty dead. It's a very young school, so there's not a lot of school spirit or party scenes. The academics are pretty average for such a high tuition, but the professors are great. Even though there's about 9,000 students, the campus starts to feel very, very small. I'm transferring because of the limited degree options, but if they had my degree I would have happily stayed.
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