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The campus and the people are friendly. The professors are hard but caring. You really get to feel in place here. It is expensive and if moneys hard you might want to rethink this school.
I have wanted to come to USD since I was 8 when I saw it for the first time. It is so beautiful, I thought it was a castle. I was worried I had my hopes set too high this past summer as I was preparing to come here, but I can honestly say that it has exceeded all of my expectations.
USD has a very vibrant community and boasts an environment which makes it easy to focus on excelling academically while maintaining a satisfying social life as well.
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I loved my tour as a potential student. The school is beautiful and has a safe and comfortable environment. The academics are competitive.
Don't come to this school. I repeat DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL. Full of rich dick heads and absolutely no social scene.
University of San Diego is the best decision I have ever made. Even though it's very expensive I feel the benefits out way the cost. I have made great friends and recently joined a sorority and the academics is challenging. Any help in financing my education would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Samantha
USD is a small, friendly campus. The class sizes are small and easy to get involved on campus if you want. What you put into it is what you get out of it. The area is beautiful and it's fairly easy to get around. Whether you're coming from the other side of the country of San Diego itself, it's a great school to get an education and fun social life at. I recommend it!!
The University of San Diego is the perfect school for anyone looking for a personalized education. With a student to faculty ratio of 14 to 1, it is impossible to not make a connection with one if not all of your teachers. Not only have I had the opportunity to find a friend in my profess ours but they are all incredibly passionate about teaching. The campus is clean and absolutely beautiful. A view of the pacific ocean on one side and overlooks to the city, this centrally located campus makes you feel at home in a big city. Although the registration process is somewhat tedious, there are so many class options and every professor is so amazing you really can't go wrong.
People rationalize the cost of education as an investment in their future career. I graduated from USD in 13 years ago. Im writing this in hopes it can help prospective students see it from that perspective.

Ive been fortunate to have had a lot of career success. BUT honestly, USD and its alumni network really did not help with that. Ive been more on the giving end than anything else. My experience is that the USD reach and resources are pretty limited. A lot of rich people send their kids to USD, but that doesn't translate into having a lot of powerful and interconnected alumni. The reality is that outside of SD, being a USD grad doesn't hold much sway.

I had good times and met cool people at USD. Its a lifestyle school that is easy and nice. BUT, USD is really expensive and I dont think its worth it. If you get into a UC or other respected public college, go there instead. If you do go to USD, study abroad and do everything in your power to get a good internship.
I am a first-year student at University of San Diego, and I could not be happier with my choice of school. From small class size and professors who genuinely care about you, to the beautiful campus and kind people, my experience at U of San Diego has been extraordinary so far.
USD is a good overall university, however I believe that like many schools it is overpriced. The social scene is tough to penetrate after freshman year, due to the Learning Living Communities. These LLCs make the school seem very click-orientated, almost like high school.
Transferring to USD was the best decision I ever made when it came to my bachelors degree. Not only is it a beautiful campus in a gorgeous location but it is also a great school school academically. The professors are the best of the best who due to the small class sizes you're given the opportunity to build relationships with the staff. Also, the entire USD staff are incredibly helpful and supportive. One thing that amazed me was how the staff work with you in order for you to become the best person as well as help set you up for life after graduation. While attending USD I was given some great opportunities that broadened my horizons outside of the classroom. Aside from the academic prestige there is a great social community. All in all USD is a great university and I would highly recommend the school to everyone. Who would want to go to a school where you can spend time doing your homework at the beach.
University of San Diego is a beautiful, and great school. All of the staff and professors are very helpful and friendly, with any issues you bring to them. The students are all kind as well, always interacting with everyone and being polite to the staff and professors. The academics are incredible and I am very happy with the education I am getting.
They say it's the Notre Dame of the West. I think it definitely has the potential. Superior academics, paradise-like campus, and girls more beautiful than Aphrodite. Furthermore, the connections among students--high-achievers, royalty, scions, and budding entrepreneurs--are invaluable for an undergraduate. USD is fast becoming the preeminent contemporary Catholic university on the west coast.
USD is what you make of it. There is everything from frat bros to athletes to musicians to performers. Whatever you decide to do is highly encouraged, and there is surely a group of people here for you.
It is a very beautiful and fantastic college. It has so much to offer both with the diversity of the students and the academic factors of the school. I do not think that things should be changing there all that much.
USD is a great school for those looking for a personalized liberal arts education. The classes and professors make for a rigorous, yet rewarding academic experience. Social life at USD has a niche for nearly everyone. There are a bunch of ways to get involved on campus, including, but not limited to a close-knit Greek system. While the campus itself is dry, the off-campus party scene is localized on Mission Beach (hello, day parties!), with a variety of delicious late-night munchie options, not to mention the sun, surf, and sand just 10 minutes away from the gorgeous Spanish Renaissance-styled campus that sits atop a hill overlooking the city of San Diego.
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As a freshman this year, my experience so far has been great! The professors are incredibly helpful and most have found the balance between challenging students while providing opportunities to succeed in class. The location is in a prime city with access to the beach, city life, and lots of culture. Students come from all over, offering diversity and the chance to meet new people from other states and countries.
Whoever that was from Texas writing about the environment at USD, I feel you. You should get in touch with me. Leave your info. at the advising office in Olin first floor. :))
To be honest, this was my dream school at first. Going into this, I didn't think that athletics would really matter to me at all during school, but all of my friends who go to big football schools post so much about how much fun they have tailgating and getting hyped for games. The lack of school spirit here is really sad because I feel like students here have very little to relate to each other. In addition, the Greek life here isn't great. I am in a sorority currently and none of the girls really talk to each other. I feel like my sorority experience would be better if there was a house because we would all know each other better, I feel like. I have made numerous efforts to get together with my sorority sisters and they rarely ever reply. I am transferring next fall to either UCLA or University of Michigan Ann Arbor. The academics here are great but I feel like the social life is very lacking.
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