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The campus life is not that great because we are a commuter university. Only about 300 students live on campus which makes it hard to have activities that people will show up to. The academics are about average and the sports teams are about average as well.
My experience so far has been that the nursing program is very disorganized. I think it will be a great program, it is just going through some changes.
It is a great school with great academics and sports. Everyone enjoys participating in every event and feel like they belong.
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overall, it's a good school with a nice environment and good people. campus life is okay due to there being nothing to do outside besides one volleyball court, most of the students just want a larger parking lot, some picnic tables around campus, and some posts in the ground for hammocks to enjoy the nice campus.
I am in the middle of my MBA and just now starting my MSN. So far, I have had a great experience. I have learned a lot in my classes. It is exciting to get started on another class!
A very welcoming environment as well as staff. Offers detailed information on scholarship opportunities they offer. Small community which is to students advantages as professors do get to know you. So many ways to get help with school work. Overall, a place to call home.
The University of Saint Mary is a very welcoming, small environment filled with friendly smiles and caring hearts. I could not have picked a better fit school for my personality. The professors are beyond willing to work with each of their students in hopes to lead them to success and a bright future.
As a student I hated school growing up. Teachers never understood my learning style and never gave me the patience I needed to learn and retain information. It took my Grad school at the University of St. Mary to finally enjoy school and learn and not feel judged. Very welcoming and friendly staff.
The University of Saint Mary, has many great teachers. While some of the teachers are difficult the teachers are aleays willing to soend extra time outside their classrooms to make sure you understand the material. Which isnt something you'd get at any other college!
The sisters are the source of this schools problem.
Very happy with the school so far
I really have enjoyed my first year
I feel very safe on the USM campus
I think it will be fairly easy to get a job after graduating from the university of Saint Mary.
I am considering transferring at the end of the year. I do not fit in at this school.
The dorms are very old and need to be remolded in a bad way. There is very few floor or dorm events. My friends that go to other university have a lot more dorm activities.
We do not have Greek Life
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I love the athletics at USM. I play soccer and run track. Both the coaches are some of the best I have ever had.
So far I am not happy at the University of Saint Mary. I feel that this school does not have a strong or welcoming community. Every weekend the whole school parties, I am not a person that likes to go to parties and get drunk. If you don't like to party you don't fit in at USM.
I really enjoy this University, I have been to two different other colleges and this is the first college where I feel teachers really want to take care of you. Teachers that I have not had yet in Education courses already know you and as you walk by them they will greet you. I feel this school is very hands on and love the atmosphere.
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