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The campus, facilities, and amenties are clean and accessible. The faculty and administration team are about 1 or 2 degrees away from direct sources or heads of department which makes for easier communication, answers, and updates. I would add a kitchen at the pharmacy building and/or some more kitchen items.
Small class sizes. Teachers are always very helpful and create a positive environment to work in and study from. The campus is small and easy to get around. There are tons of resources available to all students.
I loved how inviting and hands on this university is. The social work program is excellent with their field work, they really care about their students.
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It's a great school, with great professors and students. However, I feel like the fees they charge us with are a little absurd. Additionally, there's not a whole lot to do on campus. However, my favorite thing that happens there is Woof Wednesday. Every Wednesday, a therapy dog is brought in to play with us for an hour and that one hour every week relieves so much stress. I really love the school I am at, I just wish there was more detail on the charges we are charged.
Campus life is widespread and colorful. Atmosphere is committed to thoroughly well-rounded education with focuses in critical thinking. While food and housing rank approximately average, changes may be expected as the University of Saint Joseph welcomes undergraduate men in Fall 2018 for the first time.
I am extremely satisfied with my choice to attend USJ.
Overall my experience has been good. As a junior nursing student, who has lived on campus for the duration of my college experience, I feel that I have had a good experience at USJ, and I also feel that my evaluation of the campus is accurate because of the amount of time that I spend there. I thoroughly support USJ and it’s faculty, especially the nursing faculty. As is the experience with any college, there are ups and downs to the handling of situations, as well as pros and cons to every professor-student match. I love, however, the small class sizes, which is often hard to achieve at many of the other schools around the Connecticut area.
Academic buildings need some attention. It’s sad to see that they are letting some of the historic buildings go into such disrepair. Roads are terrible. Heating and cooling also outdated. Business program has very low enrollment and very small full time staff. Adjunct professors not great. Hope they can improve the program.
Overall experience was good so far . I will suggest my friends to do secondary teaching certification course here . Instructors were really great . They helped me a lot .
I enjoy going to a smaller school. The professors get to know you one-on-one, the school resources like tutoring center, and reference librarian are more available to you, and you get to know your classmates. USJ has a great community of diverse students without feeling like just a number at a larger school.
Being that our university is small in size it makes for a very welcoming environment which made my transition smooth and enjoyable. Everyone is supportive and it amplified my motivation to succeed.
Choosing to attend the University of Saint Joseph was one of the best decisions I ever made! The people around are constantly encouraging me to do my best and I know that when I need help there is always a place to go!
It is a pretty good school. If you live in the dorms everyone knows everyone. Only bad thing about the school that there really isn't anything to do on campus even with the few events planned for students, they often times are planned with I have class and one can only go to Bishops Corner and Blue Back Square so much. Lastly if you do not have a car and want to come here, think about getting one. The hours and the days the shuttle run have been cut down.
What I value most about this university is the small size. It has allowed me to grow academically, but also personally and professionally!
I like the smaller classes and the connections that I am able to make with my professor's. I feel as though I get a lot of time to interact with my professor's, as well as my peers.

I would like to see more diversity in my classrooms, however, this may not be related to USJ, as much as it is related to my program. As a graduate student studying Education, I am a white female student, and would love to see other ethnic groups studying education as well.
USJ has a pretty and small campus so it is easy to get around. The Physician Assistant program is new and needs work. Sky high deceleration rate (by national standards) absolutely no support for academically struggling students (weeder program), and poor quality faculty with limited teaching experience that bully their students.
Undergrad program was better than the grad program, but I wouldn't have chosen any other school. USJ is a wonderful school and has the potential to be a leader in the field of acedemia.
I am proud to be USJ alum. I am a graduate of the adult learners program, and I felt welcomed when I started as an adult learner. I'd recommend USJ to other adult learners in pursuit of a school to earn their bachelor's degree, but I will not apply to the Masters program due to affordability.
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I like that the University of Saint Joseph community was very welcoming and friendly. There's open communication between students and professors and staff. Also, professors are willing to help students when they need it. Small class sizes help students with getting individualized attention and direction from the professors.
The people here are very helpful and eager to help you figure things out the campus is beautiful and it’s small the ratio is 14:1 so the professor will get to personalize with you and your way of learning if needed
At the University of Saint Joseph, I enjoy having the small class sizes and having a closer relationship with my professors. My professors would do anything they can to give me extra assistance and available to contact through email.