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Overall it is a very good school. The education and academic opportunities range and provide the students with many options to try new things. Every professor that I have had the pleasure to meet has done an excellent job. Both with teaching the academic class, but also showing that they care for the students well-being and success. The school is quiet and there is not a huge party scene, but there are other things to do around West Hartford that are close. The sports teams are also fun and the athletic teams tend to be very close with one another. Overall the school does a great job providing an exceptional education for their students.
I am an Undergraduate rising senior at the University of Saint Joseph and the faculty & staff here are really amazing. They have pushed me to be a better student and person while attending, and have helped me find what I enjoy and better yet, my dream job. I do not think I would get the experience I have had here at any other university around.
I liked the professors as well as the classes offered at University of Saint Joseph. I also enjoyed the small class size and campus. I would change the tuition.
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I love everything about this college. It is very diverse, the teachers are great, the food is good, resources for success are everywhere on campus. There is no way I can not do well.
I used to live on campus but always went home on the weekends. There was not a lot of things for students to do on campus so no one ever wanted to stay. I now commute to school and like it much better. There's great resources at the school like the librarians, CAE, and writing tutors. Wonderful faculty and professors who help students pursue their dreams.
University of Saint Joseph is a very good university to attend too. Everyone in this university are helpful and supportive to each other. This school has a small campus, which is helpful for incoming students to not get lost when going to classes. Also the professors knows students names and understands the students.
The school is VERY small but the professors are pretty good. It's very much old school with very little online.
I am a graduate student at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and really like the small class sizes, the individual attention the profession is able to give you, the proximity to shopping centers. The information taught is relevant and practical to you’re major. I would like for there to be an increase in men to women ratio. The new President of USJ recently made changes and declared USJ to be a co-education university.
What I love about the University is how welcomed I felt as I entered the school year as a freshman. I was very nervous about starting college but this school made the transition easier. I think the academics are great here and the university makes it one of their upmost duties to ensure each student's success with various resources.
The University of Saint Joseph is such an amazing school and I am so blessed to be apart of such an amazing community. The amount of diversity that you are surrounded by. Staff and faculty are always encouraging to do your best. They have amazing resources that students can utilize if ever in need of help the most common resource is the CAE.
I love the dedication of the professors at USJ. They genuinely care about their students, and are willing to go above and beyond to help their students pass. The classes are involved, the homework is reasonable, and the professors give help to anyone who needs it. I feel important at USJ, and like my work, efforts, and dreams matter.
It is a VERY small school, definitely be aware of that while applying. However, this does create a very comfortable environment swith professors and fellow classmates.
My experience at University of Saint Joseph has been very good because they take their time to reach out to all their students, the class are very small which I like because I tend to ask more question without having fear also it a all women college and I feel more powerful in saying and giving my opinion. Once you go here you would love all the activities, the school, the professor , and everyone here.
I am glad that I transferred to USJ. The professors and students are very friendly and I love the welcoming environment. The sciences are great here, you will love the classes and teaching.
This school has a beautifully welcoming community. Everyone here is interested and invested in your success as a student and future career-woman. Class sizes are small allowing me to get to know my professors and classmates on a personal level. This comes in handy when its essay or test time because i have a ton of resources to go to. I also love the CAE at this school, also known as the Center of Academic Excellence. The tutors have very flexible hours and the ability to get help as a group comes in handy because you have other students experiencing similar challenges in the same class. At USJ you are challenged, encouraged, empowered, and inspired to achieve so much more.
I had an amazing experience at the University of Saint Joseph as an undergraduate student. Although the school is not always the top of prospective students' lists due to the all female aspect, this should actually be seen as a positive of the institution. This school produces strong female leaders that are ready to go out and make a difference in the world. The class sizes are small and the professors are dedicated to helping you succeed. I believe in this institution so much that I will be continuing my graduate studies in the inaugural Physician Assistant Program at USJ starting this winter.
I feel like here I have a place to blossom and be myself. Everybody here is very accepting and willing to help each other out which creates a lot of close bonds with everybody. Being at an all girls school is very different but it is totally worth it in a long run because of that focus on education.
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University of Saint Joseph gets a fabulous representation for their nursing program and has a very good stigma going on for them.
Campus safety is always around and is always there for any student. Even at night if a student doesn't feel safe walking by themselves they are happy to assist them by walking with them just to give them that assurance. It is always a very quiet campus, and a big thanks for campus safety making that happen and giving me a feeling of safety when I'm around campus.
Dorm rooms are fairly small with little to no space. Beds are very uncomfortable. There is no central air and they do not allow AC in dorms. They do not allow a lot of things including extension cords, tapestry, candles, etc. Everything is kept very clean though.