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I love the small class sizes; I feel like I am more than another student, another number. My professors know me by name and we have conversations during classes that I don't see happening in a large school commnity.
I have alot of support from my professors and the learning platform is easy to understand and use; I miss the diversity and interactions that happen with an in person experience, but I feel as though the university is doing a good job making online learning successful during this pandemic.
I am currently attending USJ virtually. I feel that while I am not on campus, I still have a great relationship with my professors. I still feel involved as I receive frequent communication from the school, keeping me aware of community events. My professors and advisors are still easy to reach. They are happy to meet with me virtually if I have any questions.
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I transferred to University of Saint Joseph from another University this year. They were very helpful during the transfer process. It was easy to transfer my credits. At my previous college I had academic accommodations. At USJ, they were willing to work with me and help me understand how the accommodations would be continued there. As a business management major, I found that the classes were very interactive. We looked over case studies of real businesses and applied what we learned from class to create a plan for solving the problems addressed in the studies. I enjoy the insightful class discussions. In my classes, I feel that I'm working with people who are just as enthusiastic and committed to learning as I am.
My professors are so helpful and make sure all instructions and assignments are clear. They make sure they are also available to meet virtually and help you.
I chose USJ because of the small campus and the family feel. I love the special education and elementary education program. All of my professors are so helpful and I have learned so much.
Overall the school is a very good school. Athletics are rising greatly and everyone there just has a passion and excitement to be there. The teachers do go out of their way to try and help you, making sure every student succeeds
Online was pretty decent and I still got my education, but obviously it wasn’t perfect. No one was prepared for what was to come so it was all kind of done on the fly but for the circumstances they did very very well.
I like the close knit community that is established there. However, after men started to attend the University a lot has changed and the environment has turned into male dominant with little attention/help to the females who attend.
The online learning was challenging for both the students and the professor. It was a huge adjustment but all of my professors were understanding and truly did everything in their power to ensure that their students received the same learning that we would have if we were in the classroom.
taking online classes were amazing and i was able to be flexible with my time. i would realy recommend taking a onlie class.
enjoy the school and the classes are amazing, the staff provides great supprt to students . I would love to see the school have more places and opportunies for students to have fun outside the classroom.
I had to take classes online during Quarantine. I, personally didn't have a terrible experience. As long as you gave your classes proper time and studying. Passing was no problem. The problem for me was being home because at home I had multiple distractions. So, that's where I fumbled.
It's a small campus so you're bound to know a lot of people. It's like a little community and everyone there is very kind. The professor's also care alot for their students and are always willing to make time for them when they need help. Also if you are struggling academically, the school has tutoring available.
USJ was a great fit for me. The class sizes are small and students get to know professors well. This helped my learning experiences greatly.
I have loved my experience so far and intend to stay with the school through the completion of my master's.
Overall, so far it’s been a great experience attending the University of Saint Joseph. The small classes are really helpful and the professors really care.
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Honestly, I do have mixed feelings for this school. I cannot say this is a terrible school, but I can't say it's the best.
I don't like to whine or to sound greedy but for a student who is a first generational nursing student who is at or below average in financial income, this school is, I am sorry to say, incompetent for students with greater financial needs.
Don't get me wrong, the programs such as the nursing program here is fantastic! All of the renovations done to this school is top-notch (such as McGovern hall) and the professors here...gosh I couldn't ask for better professors :) (Shout-out to Dr. Crandall, Dr. Dilek, Dr. Zito, and Prof. Alevras for their fantastic teaching methods that has helped me grown!)
Although this school is beyond beautiful and holds several professors that actually LOVE their job, there are some cons to the school that I feel that must be addressed. All in all, I see it as a great school for nursing majors! :)
Very small campus and virtually no party life (which I enjoyed). I am a commuter, which this college mainly consists of, and my major is nursing. Most of the students know each other and see the same people every day-- your professor is likely to know your name as well. Nursing program is excellent but very rigorous. Most people at this school are science/health majors.
Overall a good school with a lot of programs. The professors are good and the campus environment is friendly. The resident life on campus could be better and a lot of residents end up leaving campus for the weekend.