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The professors are all people invested in making sure their students learn and understand the material they are teaching.
When COVID began last year, teachers worked with their students to ensure that the transition from campus to online classes was smooth.
I have the best team that's helping me stay on track. They keep me informed of any changes and when I have a question or a problem with my assignment, they listen and help me with it. They are patient and understanding and caring about what I think and always there for me.
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I've had nothing but the best of professors who are understanding when uncertain problems arise and they have so much patience with me and willing to explain any misunderstanding I may have with any of my assignments to make sure I succeed.
I've taken a few classes online during my time at the University of Saint Francis. Most the teachers I've had happen to be very helpful. I feel as if they attempted to help me and help lead me to success. It's only so much they can do for us, however I feel they did the best they could do.
My time at USF has been very challenging, very. However, I feel it's the best thing that's happen for me. I fee as if I've been pushed to work harder and study harder over my time here. Being enrolled in the Exercise Science program along with Physical Therapist Assistant has shown me so much about myself. I've learned that I can do anything I put my mind to, and to never give up. I mentioned how this school has pushed me to work harder and I say that because I've failed a couple times during my time here. Yet, instead of giving up and just simply not caring I continued to work and study, and I eventually overcame the failures. I've grown tremendously through my 4 years at USF, and I'm so thankful that I was given the opportunity to come here.
They are a very welcoming community. Well very organized, at the campus, values and missions are very clear. They care about their students. If there was a problem it was solved right away. I would like to see more organization when it comes to international students. More opportunities for international students to get financial aid and more organization when it comes to paperwork for them.
Online classes were good. My grades were good. Online classes were a challenging in some aspects but I manage to overcome the obstacles. The communication between the professor and student was good. Overall an excellent experience
The academics and professors at USF are great. The class sizes are smaller so you can receive personalized attention and keep on track with your learning. The professors take the time to get to know you and your goals, and they are invested with helping you do well in school. The administrative side of USF can sometimes be unorganized, with offices not responding to emails or not being helpful with questions about financial aid, registration, or any concerns you may have. Communcation really needs to be worked on at USF.
I did not sign up to take classes online, but for half of second semester due to COVID we were online. Most teachers assigned an adequate amount of quality work, but some did assign work just to keep us occupied. Professors were great about answering any questions we had and were very clear on their expectations with online learning.
I enjoy attending college at University of Saint Francis. Small classes help you to succeed. Faculty and students are friendly. The only class I did not like is Anatomy & Physiology. I changed my degree after taking that class.
Great University that is invested in each student's success. Quality education while creating wonderful connections with faculty and other students.
From the moment I first stepped on campus for a college visit, USF felt like home. All of the students and counselors were so kind and helpful, and welcomed me with open arms. There were a few other schools I considered, but none could match what I was looking for quite like USF. I look forward to beginning at their business program in Fall 2020!
The University of Saint Francis provides a great environment for career development. Professors are not only teachers but exemplary in their fields. For example, I am a business student being taught by entrepreneurs. The only thing I would change about the University would be decreasing the costs of tuition and providing better quality dorms.
My experience so far has been worth my choice for choosing USF. The atmosphere, academics, and the athletic programs are unbelievable. It’s a home away from home. I feel the coaches, professors, administrators and my peers all contribute to make this campus what it is and will continue to strive to make it even better. I feel I am able to seek advice when needed, and also feel the security in the campus itself. I am apart of the athletic program as I play football. This program is amazing, the family environment of the coaches and players is remarkable. We win as a team, we lose as a team. I am proud to be apart of the Cougar family here at The University of Saint Francis. Looking forward to finishing my education and receiving my degree in Education.
Thank you,
Cordell McDonald
All of the advisors and professors are very helpful in providing clear information as to what I need to do or who I need to seek in order to complete my courses at a successful rate.
The professors are all very nice and the campus is beautiful, but I have had some troubles with the school itself losing scholarships, shutting down programs, and denying financial aid. It has been getting increasingly more expensive as well.
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Saint Francis provides the perfect balance of small classes and a small campus. This campus is also perfect for commuter students because there are many places to study or relax. You'll learn to know everyone in your program and all the professors in your program will know your name. The class sizes are perfect because the professors still are able to work one-on-one with students as needed. You will always feel welcomed! The professors are always willing to help and although they have high expectations you never feel overwhelmed because they are well versed in their careers and are great communicators. The courses are rigorous and truly leave you feeling as though you are a better person or have learned much during the course of the semester.
a small school so access to things is very easy, classes are small so your able to get the education you need. easy to meet friends, programs are excellent. easy transition from high school to college with the help and tools available to you
Loved my college visit and the campus was beautiful , all of the classrooms were create and there was a lot of good objects that you could use for hands on activities. It also helped with hand on things because it could make it easier for some students to learn. The food there was create and a lot of options to look at. The community is very nice and I very one is friends for the most part, and everyone is every welcoming.
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