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The University Of Sacred Heart is a great learning community that fosters the growth of the student. Many resources are available to aid the student on the road to success.
Sagrado has the best nursing program.
Very safe, guards in every corner and overall pretty safe.
Review University of Sacred Heart
This has been the best experience.
great housing and a perfect opportunity.
We do not have a Greek life.
Great coaches and facilities, with great athletes.
The best experience that you could have.
The campus is full of security guards. The entrace to the university is strict since it has guards restricting the access. Crimes don't happen, but there are some drug dealers around. Still, you can walk around campus and feel safe because there are guards everywhere. At night, it can feel scarier, but the guards are there for 24 hours.
The cost of credit is too high, but if you study something in the communications field, it's totally worth it. I'm speaking for the Puertoricans who study here because it's expensive for them. If you come from the US to study here, it will be considered cheap for you. It has a lot of opportunities to learn about the field inside the classroom and outside; you just have to look for them and ask. The food is also slightly expensive, but there are always cheaper options available. Look around places near the university, and you will find better options. The cost is the biggest problem here and the lack of scholarships provided by the institution. I had a lot of economic problems here, but thankfully, I got help from the university. Other than that, the education is good for communication majors and the experience is nice. People are helpful there. If you have any kind of issue (economic, for example); they will do everything they can to solve it. The technology is modern and works well. The newest addition to the university is an innovation center, which is beautifully built like every place in the university. You can easily feel like you're studying in a modern 21st century university with how it looks and all the technology available.
The university is very active in giving promotions of job/internships and has several offices specialized in these areas. they also have a new department in which helps you create or structure better your ideas for a business.
Till this day, all my professors have been awesome, dedicated and professionals. Always explaining with ease, helping you and telling you how to do things right when we do any type of practice that we will do once we start working in our fields.
There is always security inside the buildings and on the different areas outside campus like near the field, parking etc.
Sagrado is really awesome int his area and some friends live in the dorm and they don't complain ever about the dorms
I never was really interested in the whole greek scene. but have friends that are part of it and are happy and had it pretty easy to be part of it.
Im really proud of not only being a sagradeña but being a dolphin which is the university mascot. I have had the best experience and i am ready to work on my field. I will miss my friends and some professors that turned into mentors and great facilitators of learning and pursing my dreams in my major.
I am not always updated with the athletics fields in my campus because of work. But the times that i get to see them there is good team performance, athletic facilities are great bu and team spirit is always on top.
Review University of Sacred Heart
I'm not so satisfied with the experience in my college because when I started my career I was expecting for a lot of classes that will challenge the student at least in filmmaking which is my career, but it is different because I'm in my third year and all my classes that I have been taking, they are so basic and make me feel so bored in them. But yeah, overall it is pretty cool.
I enjoy my university and feel that it has helped me develop more knowledge in the photography field.
It depends some professors are amazing but I have had a professor that was not very nice a rarely attended his own class it got so bad I dropped it because it was a waste of time and money.
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