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Rochester has a little bit of everything for everyone. It has great academic and extracurricular opportunities. The University has services that are a great benefit for students such as career and internship, social networking, community service, tutoring, mental health, etc. While the party scene is not as grand and crazy as some state schools, it still exists and is fun. Students have a good return investment as long as students make sure to utilize the school's services and have fun. The open curriculum allows for a not strict to code course schedule and allow students to explore other areas.
The University of Rochester is a widely diverse and multi-talented institution, with astounding academics and an impressive array of instructors and educators to engage all levels of student learning.
The University of Rochester has become a second home to me. I found comfort in the little things: the two swings we have in the middle of the school, the beautiful buildings especially the breathtaking Rush Rhees Library, the dance studios, the basketball court in Spurrier, etc. The university found a way to make you feel so welcomed as a college freshmen by hosting multiple carnivals, free giveaways, and orientation week. One thing about Rochester that I would change is more diversity on campus. As a Latina, it was hard trying to fit in and find my crowd first semester. With more diversity, the school should be set.
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The first impression for the student is the diversity and inclusive environment. There are many that come from different walks of life and all come to reap the benefits this university has to offer. Academically, the professors, administrators, and advisers readily make themselves available for the student. The building hours are reasonable and clubs and activities are highly involved with the campus community. There are always events on campus but the off-campus culture is alive as well.
My life will be forever changed by my experience at U of R in the most positive way possible. This fact is mostly due to the student body, with the fact that so much of the student body is international. The system of academics is also amazing, given that there is a liberal arts aspect as well as a huge emphasis on research and the STEM fields. I feel completely able to explore different subjects other than those which I expected to study, and feel inspired and encouraged to join clubs and organizations which make up so much of the student life.
It is a prestigious school where some of the professors are good. There are plenty of resources that are available to students but students must show their willingness and determination to reap all the benefits of the school
The University of Rochester is a very well established institution with amazingly nice staff members. The students and the faculty are nice overall and genuinely care about your success.
Being a transfer student from a community college, the transition was great. However, I feel that the culture between transfer students and students who had been enrolled at the Univeristy of Rochester is completely different. This results in a rift between the students.
I loved how the culture was so diverse. I was able to meet so many people from different cultures, so i was learning in and outside of the classroom.
University of Rochester isn't for everyone. However, for those that visit or hear of the school and find something to love about it - whether it be the beautiful campus or the dedicated student body - I can promise that you'll want to stay. While the school isn't known for parties, the unity and rich student life on campus are incredibly refreshing. Students come from around the world to invest in the difficult and rigorous academic program. Those that love to learn will find themselves among students with similar drive, and professors that expect the best, hope for the best, and give us their best.
I love this school. It is filled with super smart, nice, and kind of quirky people. Everyone who goes here seems like a perfect fit for U of R. Beautiful campus, great faculty, lots of clubs and activities, and an academically rigorous environment all characterize what I've seen here as I enter into my senior year.
I love to study. The professors here are helpful and their exams are challenging. You know you are learning a lot indeed. Overall, everything is cool here except, umm... food
Nice campus, not that big nor small. Easy to walk from class to class. You just have to meet the right people to make worth of this place.
During my time at the University of Rochester, I have seen a quality graduate program improve. While some classes are challenging, the majority of the instruction is of high quality and many professors are fantastic resources that are responsive to student needs. We are very close to other great schools, and many collaborations exist, which gives students a great chance to learn how to build such relationships. A highlight is that we are one of the handful of schools chosen by the NIH to pilot a Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training program. I have seen and taken new courses that give students a well-rounded education. This program has made a huge impact in preparing graduate students for the future.

The University of Rochester truly a university of the highest order.
What's nice about U of R is that it has an open curriculum. This allows freedom to choose your classes, rather than being constricted with general education requirements. However aside from the education, campus food is below average, and student life is limited due to the weather .
It's been great so far. I can actually take classes I am interested in, it's a great community, and the transition from high school to college has been really easy so far.
The University of Rochester is known for it's amazing academics that come without a core curriculum. If you ask students why the chose the UofR, that's one of the answers you'll hear most often. If you're looking for a school with good sports and a lot of school spirit, this probably isn't the place for you. I sadly miss coming from North Carolina and loving college basketball and going to a school where no one goes to any games. The dorms are okay, there's no air conditioning though so it's really hot until mid-October. Overall, great professors and classes. Campus is absolutely beautiful also.
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This school is an incredibly unique institution that allows students to explore and learn what they are passionate about.
The University is a great place and the professors are really invested in your education. I wish I could see more diversity and more campus life because even though it is there, it can still use more.
I came to U of R for the campus feel as well as the world renowned academics. While my classes have been tough, I have learned so much and have been given opportunities I wouldn't have dreamed of anywhere else. U of R is my home, and I'm so thankful for the experiences I've had here so far.
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