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The weather absolutely sucks. Also school is really expensive, surrounding city sucks. Professors are alright.
Personally this school is average in my eyes. Academically the school is really good and will definitely challenge everyone who attends it but college should also provide a fun and exciting experience. The city of Rochester is pretty dead, honestly, and I would rather have a college experience filled with both adventure and challenging academics. I will be transferring out of the university for mainly those reasons. Also it is really expensive. The campus is nice, but it is really small and within one semester I have explored most of it. Many of my friends are transferring out of the school for some of these reasons. Honestly its just not worth its price.
School is eh overall. Meal plan sucks, food varies in the dining hall but the meal plan is way overpriced. The sports suck but squash is good but who cares about squash. The good student diversity plays a role in the schools indifference towards sports and school spirit. Parties are really boring. Professors are extremely smart but that doesn't mean they know how to teach. Also many athletes walk the school and act as if they own it which is annoying. And frats think they are cool since they throw the parties.
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The main university positive is that the student body is intelligent and high achieving. However the professors in my experience have been relatively poor and disinterested. My academic advisers new little about my major and I couldn't turn to them for advice. The food has improved recently but the food should be outstanding considering that the price per semester can be 3k for most freshman.
Whenever asking close friends and even strangers about their favorite thing about the university they will say, "leaving it." And at first I thought it was just funny but it's become a quite common joke and as I continue attending the university I realize its truth. There aren't very many things to do in the city and the surrounding college town is dead most weekends. It takes a very quirky and usually introverted person to enjoy u of r. The parties also suck and are ridiculously repetitive.
My journey through college was a winding one where I accumulated more majors as I went and I struggled to finish in 6 years because I took a year off for medical reasons. The highlight of my time was studying abroad in Italy twice, which changeged the course of my life. Fourteen years later and I’m fluent in Italian and headed to university there for a grad degree. I’ll always look back at my time at UofR fondly
Small liberal arts college in upstate NY. The only thing I never got used to was the long winters, however, the administration most times seems to care about the students, and the academics are challenging enough but not too much to drive one crazy. It also opens several doors to top grad schools, internships and jobs
The university has a very friendly and welcoming environment; my experiences with fellow students and the professors have all been very positive, and the campus culture is one that supports diversity and encourages inclusion. The campus is quite cold for the majority of the year due to being around the Great Lakes area, which is probably the biggest factor that might discourage someone from enrolling. Campus safety is excellent based on my personal experiences, and the school is a place I feel safe and comfortable learning in.
This is a very nice school. State of the art library. Health center on campus and connected to a major medical hospital. Professors are very welcoming
My school offers a wide range of degrees and programs making it a very attractable school. I also, enjoyed being able to be close to home.
I like the community and how invested the teachers are with making sure we understand everything. All the staff is devoted to helping MBA students get internships and full-time jobs, even before coming to school I had already been contacted by faculty members to prepare me for job searching.
An incredible University for academics, where students really care about their work. The flexibility of the curriculum allows students to tailor their journey in order to focus on their passions and get a firm grasp of their fields. Not the most social or fun school and definitely not the warmest (it gets really cold up here), but a top research institution that prepares future professionals.
Visiting here was a great experience. The campus was great and easily accessible. Buildings were clean and orderly. Everyone was super friendly and approachable.
The University of Rochester has a very intelligent but quite homogenous student population. The professors are engaged in their students' education. There is a vast number of activities to participate in. However, it is extremely expensive and the tuition cost is rising each year.
Academics here are excellent but some professors are more interested in their research than teaching their courses. Pre-major advising is also not ideal- there is a high population of pre-med students and not enough advisors suited to their intended major or career path. Most advisors are also not knowledgable enough for their advisees. There are also not a lot of job opportunities on campus to help students who rely heavily on financial aid pay their tuition. Despite this, there is a lot of ethnic diversity on campus and many clubs available for any and all interests.
I haven't started yet but i was intrigued by the fantastic reputation the University holds in the upstate NY region and all the great work the hospital does on a daily bases for all the patients and children of upstate NY
Very friendly to prospective Undergraduate students. As a high school junior and senior, I have visited the campus. I am always impressed by the atmosphere that is present among the students and the faculty. I have also interviewed with admissions, and it was a very positive experience.
I've only been here for about 2 months but so far I love it. They usually give out v good scholarships despite the high sticker price, the dorms are bigger than average (some of them are incredible, such as Genesee, but some are older like Hoeing and Gilbert). Academics are great (I'm taking 2 classes with fewer than 20 students my first semester) but it is a very demanding school. My biggest complaint is that the library isn't open all night, but other than that, fantastic school.
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I Really think that University of Rochester do provide a great study environment and give us plenty of opportunity in research and studies. In my opinion, in every college, is up to us for getting things right and I think University of Rochester do provide us all of the necessary things to get to where we want. It is up to us to do it or not.
Overall, I had a nice learning experience. My professors and counselors were very approachable. After I graduated in 2011, I went to visit not too long ago and A LOT of changes have been made to the campus and it looks amazing. A lot of restaurants in the area and places to chill and have a good time. I miss it from time to time.
Nice University with great faculties and great students. The environment is awesome. Yet the location is not very convenient and the Sue B Hall is not very comfortable to live in even though it has a store and a canteen.
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