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The University of Rochester is a very challenging school. I love the academic environment because everyone is here to learn. The cluster system at this school saved me. I was originally a Bio major on the Pre-Med track and I found out that I hated Biology and there was no way I was going to finish Pre-Med. Luckily I had taken a Political Science course for my social science cluster the same semester and realized I loved it. Also because you don't declare a major right away, it is easy to change your major. It is so easy to explore your interests here. The campus is beautiful, though I would not call it very handicap accessible. The food is pretty good for a college. The professors all have many office hours and if you can't meet with them, the TA's have office hours too. I love this school and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is applying to college.
I like the curriculum and programs they have to offer and the fact that it challenges me. I would like to see more change in the dorms so they can be a more comfortable living space.
Studying as a dual degree student at the Eastman School of Music and College of Arts and Sciences, I can say that the dual degree program itself is very well constructed. My peers challenge me daily to improve myself and put my best foot forward, and the school really lends itself to a positive and competitive atmosphere.
The campus is small so the community is closely knitted. The dorms are very good, having a large selection of single rooms even for freshmen. The school is relatively dry on alcohol and safe, but note that the local area, not in the vicinity of the campus, can be frequented by crimes.
Overall, the University of Rochester is a great place to study. There are enormous academic opportunities. If you are into research, there are hundreds of ways to get started. Most of the professors are friendly, approachable, and are really passionate about the classes they teach. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself by taking challenging courses. The students are competitive, but they also are willing to help each other out. Rochester gets pretty quiet at times and the party scene on weekends is AWFUL. But this also encourages you to make friends and do your own things with them on the weekends, instead of relying on parties to dictate your social life.
The University of Rochester is excellent academically, and has a beautiful campus with generally great professors who wish to challenge their students to think and learn. Food is decent, dorm rooms are not so great. The flooring in rooms that I've seen is tile and the walls are white painted cement, but freshman housing has pretty large open doubles which can be rearranged if you don't like the set up. Singles in the upperclassmen halls are tiny, probably not recommendable for anyone who gets claustrophobic easily, though there is housing slightly off campus that has much larger rooms as well as carpet which can be used after sophomore year. Overall my experience has been generally good though. The classes have been engaging and taught by dedicated professors. The people are generally friendly and great, I've made tons of friends so far and keep making more every semester. Overall the UofR is a great school with great people.
I love the academics of the University of Rochester. They're rigorous but very rewarding, and the professors are dedicated to your success for the most part. However, I do not like the social vibe of the school. It's hard for me to personally fit in because the majority of the students are either party-crazed or athletes.
University of Rochester is a great place for those who love to learn for the sake of learning. The open curriculum allows students to take a wide variety of class and pursue unique majors, minors, and clusters. Also as a top tier research university, U of R is a place of discovery, breaking barriers, and stretching the limits of knowledge.
Academics at the University of Rochester is really great. The professors are really helpful and thought it's not particularly a small school, it's really easy to meet professors and they will remember you after you meet them. Diversity at Rochester amazed me, there are tons of international students and I fit in perfectly. Parties are also fun from time to time. But all in all, most of the people in Rochester come with a purpose academically.
I love the University of Rochester. I applied Early Decision to the U of R, I knew it was love at first sight. Although I am native to Rochester, NY, the same exact school could have been in a different state with a different name and I would have still attended. I am so proud to be an undergraduate at the University of Rochester.
The school is top-notch in academics, research, and student resources. The combination of being a leading research school with its small-to-medium student body size allows U of R to offer many research opportunities to undergraduate students.
It's community is truly in a league of its own. It balances social life with the strong academic life.
Overall, I have come to love the University of Rochester. Their open-curriculum allows you to use intrinsic motivation to decide your true passion for a college major. Our diversity will allow you to meet people from all walks of life, and allow you to see the world with multiple different perspectives. We place high value on our efforts for social justice, and we are a very politically involved school. You will learn to care about the world more than ever after attending the UR for four years.
I am currently in my 2nd year at U of R. I really like the open curriculum, the fact that the school doesn't require students to take general education class with the exception of one writing class. The school has a lot of tutoring services and staff that are willing to help their students. I haven't had any issues with my professors and I hope I won't have to. The campus is generally saving and clean. I love the diversity in the school.
I would love to see more opportunities and places to go in the surrounding, Rochester city area. The University of Rochester (especially the Eastman School of Music) was phenomenal.
This university is great for academics and diversity. A lot of people feel as though the athletics and social scenes are bad, but in reality, a lot of the women's teams are great and there are parties and activities to attend most weekends.
They do have a stuck-up attitude towards the non-greeks and during parties it takes a lot of begging for people to get in
There are so many clubs with various sports and activities. There truly is something for everyone
It has a very flexible curriculum and the community is truly in a league of its own
Academics and research are what make U of R stand out among some of the top universities in the country. Professors are experts in their fields, however some are hit or miss on quality as a lecturer. Outside of academics, your experience at U of R is what you make it. There are plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in, from athletics to musical clubs to Greek life. The party scene isn't that of an SEC school, but compared to other schools my friends went to, U of R is above average. There are parties on the frat quad, off campus, and there were buses that took students downtown to bars (not sure if this is still a thing). The people are what makes U of R. The student body is very diverse and I think most people embrace this. Dorms are average to above-average. Food is about average, but there are plenty of choices. While U of R is an expensive school, it's important to remember that it is known for providing great financial aid packages.
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