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I've only been here for about 2 months but so far I love it. They usually give out v good scholarships despite the high sticker price, the dorms are bigger than average (some of them are incredible, such as Genesee, but some are older like Hoeing and Gilbert). Academics are great (I'm taking 2 classes with fewer than 20 students my first semester) but it is a very demanding school. My biggest complaint is that the library isn't open all night, but other than that, fantastic school.
This School should be closed. But its not so here is the TRUTH It is a dismal environment the campus and the housing is loaded with vermin, mice asbestos filth. The Board of health has given them 11 years of serious public health violations.The bursars office deliberately mess around with your financial aid,Oh they even brag how they messed with this kid`s financial aid and he went home shot his parents and himself and they brag about a movie be made about it their claim to fame They deliberately discourage women in the stem program,unethical professors who teach nothing but all the wrong practice`s professors are abusive and care nothing a professor in genetics has a bad reputation that follows her sia They try to intimidate you not to tell what they do This is the worst school DISGUSTING!
I Really think that University of Rochester do provide a great study environment and give us plenty of opportunity in research and studies. In my opinion, in every college, is up to us for getting things right and I think University of Rochester do provide us all of the necessary things to get to where we want. It is up to us to do it or not.
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Overall, I had a nice learning experience. My professors and counselors were very approachable. After I graduated in 2011, I went to visit not too long ago and A LOT of changes have been made to the campus and it looks amazing. A lot of restaurants in the area and places to chill and have a good time. I miss it from time to time.
Nice University with great faculties and great students. The environment is awesome. Yet the location is not very convenient and the Sue B Hall is not very comfortable to live in even though it has a store and a canteen.
The academics is excellent with very good diversity among the student body. More support for international students would be nice though.
All aspects of the university, including dorms, safety, food, and student life, have improved greatly since I attended the University of Rochester. This is awesome for future students. I wish them great success.
Competitive academics with passionate professors. Great opportunities for research and advanced scientific discoveries by professors.
All around, Rochester is an amazing institution. They should make an effort to engage the low-income community that surrounds the school and find better administration with little scandals.
The University of Rochester is a great school and I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a degree in history or the arts.
I love most things about my school. The curriculum is well designed, the professors are (for the most part) great, and there is a lot of campus pride from the students. The only negative experience I had was with the handling of the sexual assault case involving a professor.
I love the welcoming atmosphere of Rochester. All the peer mentors on the hall are so efficient yet kind. Rochester provides so many networking opportunities, tutoring options, and professors are always open to help you. I wish they had more resources for humanities students, who get overwhelmed by the loads of STEM majors.
Very diverse in the culture, people, and everything else that goes along with it. Consistently challenging students and professors in innovation and improvement.
I've loved my 4 years at UR. The people and academics there are outstanding. The students are supportive, active, and engaging; the staff are friendly and always willing to help you out; and professors are world-class, approachable, and accessible. The academics here are some of the highest quality in the U.S. and competetive with some of the larger schools around the globe. Rochester may not be the first university you think of when you think of an impactful, top-notch, and influential university, but it certainly holds those labels near and dear. It continuously has exceeded my expectations and I'm sure it'll continue to do so for future students.
I have attended the University of Rochester School of Nursing for my Bachelors degree in nursing and am currently enrolled for my doctorate of nursing practice degree to become a family nurse practitioner. The school has flexible class times, including evening class time for students who work traditional day-time hours. Many of the classes are completely online or hybrid courses. The professors are often practicing nurses or advanced practice nurses, which allow students to obtain the best possible education. The school is across the street from Strong Memorial Hospital, which makes it convenient for students to juggle work and school schedules.
As a current student at the University of Rochester, I am enjoying my experience thus far. The people are great, there are a large variety of clubs and other things to get involved in. Greek life is active and sports are pretty decent as well. I have a pretty good social life which I didn't really expect to happen. As far as academics go, the level of difficulty is a bit ridiculous. Most classes that I take must be curved because the averages are so low since the tests are about 75% harder than anything gone over in class. With this, a lot of extra stress is added because it feels like you are failing all semester before the curve is added.
I have enjoyed my time here at the University of Rochester because of the people (students and professors) I'm surrounded by. There isn't too much I find interesting in town to do so I am usually on campus with my classmates, hallmate and friends. the very diverse student body means that there's never a dull moment because there are so many interesting people from amazing cultures to talk to and have fun with.

Our professors are also very approachable and when you go out of your way to know them, they treat you like family instead of like students. The UofR isn't that big andthe way it's set up, with all these great people, makes me feel liek I'm part of a family
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A very nerdy, PC, liberal school. However, if you are not nerdy or are not PC or are not liberal, you will always be able to find people with your same interests. It's big but not overwhelming. You actually feel you exist
Academically speaking, the college is great. however, I would like to change the administration a bit. There is a lot of bureaucracy that mess things up.
No general education classes makes it easy to explore different fields and find out what you want to study. Give good financial aid, even though in my case they decreased it significantly after my freshman year (even though my financial situation only got worse). Campus is a good size. Surrounding area isn't the best, some crime and bad neighborhoods.
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