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It’s a small town college, most accredited for its medical, and business degrees. Short walks to class, with a very friendly environment. Professors care about their students well being(for the most part). And affordable for associates degrees and certificate programs!
The staff are nice and easy to get along with.Most professors are understanding and willing to help. The thing I would want to change would be more choices of classes they offer and better prices.
Its a overall good school there are times where its boring that's why most students go home for weekend the professor are well other not so well. we are a dry campus so all that extra stuff is cut out no parties no drugs or alcohol. rio is great school but it has it times were people will leave and transfer because it doesn't really life up
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The campus is beautiful and they keep up on it very well during the Fall and Spring semesters. There is always something going on. I've had a lot of issues with professors not being fair or doing things they should be. However, my advisor is amazing. They do have the tendency to treat you like you are dispoasble sometimes. We just got a new Dean of students so I'm hoping thingd change.
Rio grande has many places to hang out with friends when you are not in class, and a friendly environment!
I have enjoyed my time at The University of Riogrande the people are nice and the professors are always around to help you academically and help with scheduling. If you have any problems with academics the people around you and tutoring centers help greatly.
Great small rural University. Not much on campus or surrounding town but athletics occupied most of my time so it was manageable
The University of Rio Grande is a community college for a student who is attending for an associates degree. It is a community college the first two years, then a private college for someone who is getting a bachelors degree or higher. This school is a small town school surrounded by farms and beautiful nature. It is a very easy-going school that is very laid back. It is know for its wonderful teaching program. Overall, this school is a good school to attend. The downfall is that when you attend the private university the semester rates increase tremendously, however plenty of scholarships will help save you money.
Great selection of programs to chose from. Location is very rural so staying on campus doesn't come with much excitment.
To start out Vinton County was a good school at the beginning. Then everything changed and got worse. If I had to choose again where to go to school, I do not really think I would choose it again. But Buckeye Hills Career Center is the best school ever. It has really opened up my eyes and has filled my brain with so much more knowledge. I really love that school, it was more than a school to me it was like a home and a family. I really love how everyone is so welcoming there and it has a great attmosphere also. The best school in the nation, my volational school Buckeye Hills.
It is great because you get to study when ever you want when you actually want to.
I know of many people that are involved in this and are having some great college experience. I am really thinking about joining.
I've never been to a game but I know they go all out.
There are a few professors that are worth gold and make the university great. But others that just kill your semester. Since I moved over here to study I ended up with asthma which really sucks.
Campus security is pretty well I don't see many guards but when I do they are working.
I still don't know what I plan to do. I wanted to transfer but I feel that I will find my place at my school. Yes there is some issues concerning with the school but I think with time it will be better.
Ive had an okay time with my classes there was some times where I disagreed on how the professor teaches. Some of them are not as prepared, they ask for things that are never needed in the future such as certain books.
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I have no awareness of any greek life , it is not important.
Sports doesn't seem to be a big around here.
some professors aren't all what they are tagged out to be, by this I mean their teaching style.
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