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UR has a lot of great professors willing to go the extra mile to assist students who visit their office hours. However, in terms of the students, you will likely find yourself wondering how a lot of them were even accepted considering that despite their wealthy backgrounds, they struggle from poor academic performance and tendency to prioritize partying over anything else at the university. Even with a lack of diversity, the student population is highly segregated with the white wealthy caucasians forming a distinct majority. Sad to say but I have unfortunately witnessed their instances of stereotypical/ racist attitudes/remarks or condescension towards those belonging to a minority, especially the international students. The university should definitely do better to accept students from various regions in the country, and not accept heavily form the New England region.
I absolutely love the University of Richmond. The teachers are always engaged in your work and willing to offer assistance whenever it is needed. The class sizes are intimate enough to always allow your voice to be heard if you wish for it to be. The students are also incredible. Everyone is ready to interact with each other, regardless if they know each other or not. The food is beyond excellent and I never grow tired of walking across Westhampton Lake every day.
I absolutely loved attending UR. The classes were challenging but professors were easily reachable for assistance, the food in the dining hall and cafes was delicious, the dorms were nicer than an average college's dorms, the community was helpful and allowed lots of growth. Study abroad is encouraged and there are resources everywhere on campus for any issue a student may have. One drawback is the lack of diversity among students on campus.
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University of Richmond is a wonderful place with excellent academics and a beautiful campus. However, social order rules Greek Life and Greek life rules the party scene so get ready for High School 2.0 at UR. That being said, I've loved every second I've spent at the University and would choose to come here again in a heartbeat
I really enjoyed my time at the University of Richmond. The university was especially generous when it came to making cultural experiences accessible to all students. They also highly encouraged studying abroad and offered additional grants and scholarships to make it affordable.
Everything is pretty awesome here. Small classes allow you to be noticed and the professors really seem to care about you. Their focus on LA allows students to either branch out or stick on a designated route.The campus is beautiful. Basically, it's pretty cool.

The students are also pretty awesome. I never did anything with greek life and met my friends mostly through nerdy clubs (games club, anime, video games, etc), so my friend group is contrastingly diverse (though quite extensive) relative to the other reviewers.

The Comp Sci program (my area) here is also definitely growing, so I'm excited to see what happens. You could say I have no regrets!
Small and quiet, private school. Expensive but it is worth it. Friendly faculty stuff and very good professors. Everybody works to make a good atmosphere for the students. The education process itself is very hard and intensive, be prepaid for a very hard work. The library is big and has only fresh editions of the books. The campus is spectacular and convenient. Great opportunities to play many kinds of sports. Excellent stadiums and gyms on a territory. A lot of post classes activities. Great help with the job and internship search.
The quality of the faculty and staff at the University of Richmond is superb. They are valuable resources that never fail to help students out. The greek life at the University of Richmond is a bit intimidating as it seems all social gatherings are more focused on going out and partying on the weekends.
Great academics, great research opportunities, great career services. The student services are amazing, you will always get responses to your emails from departments and professors.
Best choice I ever made was going to Richmond. Definitely a work hard, play hard atmosphere, which makes for a student body that is beyond friendly and happy. I did not know a single person going in and had no problems quickly making great friends and adjusting to the school. All the professors have been great and very helpful and the classes are fast moving, but very interesting. The social scene is super fun and parties are not very exclusive. Overall a great setting for happy, hard-working students!
I absolutely love the University of Richmond. They provide a stellar education, on a beautiful campus, with super capable students. After transferring from two different schools to here, I can confidently say that Richmond is my favorite of the colleges. Everything from their qualified staff, to the quality of their facilities, is top notch.
The University of Richmond is beautiful, a nice small size, with a large endowment. There are so many resources and opportunities available for students and the university id pretty helpful in making your ideas actually happen. However, it has a really prominent prep-school privilege vibe that sometimes feels intimidating. The talk about the "Richmond Bubble" is also 100% true, it is so easy to be isolated within the campus without even realizing it. However, I love the school and wouldn't dream of leaving.
The University of Richmond is a great college with caring professors and wonderful staff members. The academics are rigorous, and the professors are always available to help.
It's my second home. I love the beautiful campus where you can always slow down and take your pace. I love the professors who are extremely approachable. I love the people who always show great support. I love the life where you are not forced to do anything but make your own decisions.
So I agree UR is one of the greater best-value universities when factoring in academics and professors. In terms of Diversity, UR is certainly not an "A" school. The overwhelming majority of UR students are caucasian white Americans who come from the New England region, likely either Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, or Maryland, mostly students who attended private schools (but likely didn't perform at the highest of their class or didn't get into top schools). With that, there is of course an implication that many of them have wealthy backgrounds, and with that a somewhat egotistic attitude (Of course not all of them though). The small population of international or non-white students are usually either straight out of China or athletes (which I should mention the football team is not so good). Other than that UR is a great, cozy place to attend.
Housing is pretty bad until junior year. Party scene gets old SO fast. Most all of my professors are awesome! Greek life is extremely dominant, but as a girl I am more than happy not being in a sorority. Be warned, if you have a car on campus, parking services will be the worst thing in the world--they really are awful! Overall, I am happy I chose to go to school here!
When I visited the campus it was beautiful. All the people there were very friendly and the food was awesome!
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This campus is beautiful. Everyone who works here is so focused on the students and their future. Easy access to online resources and always able to get a help on the phone.
Richmond is a great school! Good academics, good people. The campus is very beautiful. The professors are punctual and kind.
The university is extremely personal and everything that you need or are in search of is either there or there is someone willing to help you start it. Small classrooms, personal professors, and engaging classmates, it's everything you want in a small liberal arts school.