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you pretty much have to be in greek life to get lit. or have a car on campus to get to invite only parties
I transferred here as a sophomore & my experience weaving my way into the school was extremely positive! I went from an extremely depressive state at my old school to waking up every single day that I was in Rhode Island.
Overall, University of Rhode Island is great school. Depending on what your major is the professor are better in some departments than others.
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I love the University of Rhode Island because I met the most amazing people at this school. The education I've gotten is unlike any other. I was taught the most amazing networking skills to help me in the future.
its big enough where we you can always make new friends, but can easily see familiar faces around. There are hundreds of clubs and sports to get involved with. People are always there to help, food is awesome, and the beaches are very close to the school.
I have had so many amazing opportunities with URI. Every extra curricular activity and class has given me a new experience and taught me so much about myself. The outing club has been one of the places where I feel I fit in the most. The tour guide team has been an amazing job opportunity, and switching majors seemed like such an easy process (I've done it twice). You need to fight for the experience you want, but there are plenty of people who are ready to help you achieve it. You just need to find them.
Beautiful campus, knowledgeable professors. The community is safe. There always seemed to be something going on on campus.
I love the environment and large class sizes at URI. I am going to be a senior and that goes to show I loved it here and would never want to transfer. The only bad thing to say is sometimes the class availability is tough when registering!
Campus has a great community life. Many options for getting involved. I really like the campus. It is very beautiful. Campus size is ideal. Academically, URI seems good so far, but I have only completed one year. Not able to offer more comments at this time.
The University of Rhode Island does a great job promoting diversity throughout the campus. By doing so, students learn to appreciate the differences among their peers. The faculty and staff at the University of Rhode Island are very passionate about their jobs and are always willing to go the "extra step" to help a student whatever way they can.
I like the University of Rhode Island and rate it highly because I truly believe it is a great school. The University of Rhode Island offers hundreds of courses within different majors that will lead you to success. I especially enjoy being a part of the cheerleading team at URI and highly recommend attending any sporting event at this school!
I am entering my junior year at URI. It's a great location, close proximity to the ocean. Most students rent off campus in Narragansett, you don't have to pay full year rent, because owners utilize their beach houses in the summer, rent Labor Day to Memorial Day. I'm Marine Bio, so it's the perfect location. I am on the Ultimate Frisbee club team and have a blast participating in this activity. My classes have been great. This semester, I will study abroad and return in the spring.
I am currently a freshman at the University of Rhode island. The main reason why I choose this college is because of the academics as well as the appearance of the school. The architecture and the feel of the school is just like home to me. I feel as though this school is going to be a great fit for me. The school has so many resources and so many opportunities that I can't wait to be apart of. I am excited to start my first year of college at the University of Rhode Island.
The atmosphere at the University of Rhode Island is very inviting and peaceful. As soon as I stepped on campus I felt a sense of relief because I felt like I could be myself and that I fit in. I live about 20 minutes away from the university and my graduation from North Kingstown High School was actually held at URI, so I do not have an overwhelming sense of nervousness because it is a familiar place for me, which I enjoy. At orientation as I was speaking with other people, they shared similar feelings with me about not feeling pressure to fit in. Greek life is present but not overbearing, and the school is known for its highly competitive programs, such as Nursing and Engineering. I am going into Nursing and am enrolled in a 4.5 year program, and my academic advisor and peers have already been extremely helpful.
The University of Rhode Island is predominately white institution (PWI) and can sometimes make nonwhite students feel uncomfortable on campus because we don't see many people who look like us on the campus. The bits of minority students that there are, seem to stick around each other for a sense of comfort and unity on this campus. The course work at this university can be difficult at times but the amount of studying and effort needed to pass the classes at the university are very necessary in terms of success in the real world and work force.
Honestly there are so many clubs its crazy. There is something there for absolutely everyone and URI is extremely supportive of all of their sports teams. They provide for their students in every way possible here. I toured the campus during finals week and URI was selling lobsters fresh out of the ocean in the quad and the quad was also filled with puppies for students to come play with just to release some of the stress from finals it was amazing.
We are offered a variety of majors with amazing professors! The food is great! And it's a big campus.
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I love the connection I have with my professors. I find it very useful how many academic resources are available for students to utilize. It's great getting to work with other professors and students who are so willing to help you and want to see you succeed.
This school is the perfect place for someone looking for a medium sized campus. The campus isn't huge but the hills are a killer. Somewhat of a commuter school so having a car on campus is a huge plus. Not much to do immediately surrounding the campus but having a car or using the RIPTA can bring you to some truly amazing places. Beaches are only a short ride away and are a must see. Campus food is okay but plenty of great choices in the local area. For not representing a huge proportion of students, it's a large part of campus life and the party scene. Athletics aren't great so there isn't much school spirit here.
I haven't started yet but I get good vibes on campus and am really excited for my freshman year to start this fall.
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