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The professors are hit or miss. I have excelled beyond what I thought I was capable of, and crashed hard in subjects I thought I would be good at. Great campus and transportation set up.
My first year at URI was absolutely amazing. The professors I had were phenomenal and were always available whenever help was needed. The resources on campus are easy to find, and very accessible. My academic advisors are exceptional, and helped so much when I needed help picking out classes, and for advice. The two dining halls are pretty good, and each one has different options to best fit your hunger.
URI is a great school a lot of people from the Northeast go to URI. The campus is pretty big, but the only thing that sucks about the school it is in the middle of nowhere. There is a lot to do on campus though.
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I am enrolled in accelerated BSN program. I like that this program is quick, effective and easy to manage online. I would like to see improvement in communication between faculty and students.
I loved the University of Rhode Island because of its dedication to make its students happy. The school constantly made changes to keep its students entertained. There are always fun events planned for students that everyone can attend. URI provides you with excellent resources to make the absolute most out of your college experience. There are hundreds of clubs and ways to get involved on campus. I lived in a Living and Learning Community, which meant I lived in a dorm with people from my major. It really helped me succeed in my classes and introduced me to so many friends!
URI has two beautiful campuses and a good mix of new and old buildings. New projects are constantly underway to improve the community as a whole.
Love the school! Plus the beaches are 10-15 min away. As long as you can brave the cold and try to explore what the area has to offer, you're good :)
I spent my undergrad here for 4 years as a wildlife and conservation biology major. I was the vice president of the society of wetland scientists and played field hockey. Some of my best times were here.
I love this school so much, they provide so many opportunities for the students and there's always something going on. They have so many different resources to help the students succeed both in school and outside of academics as well. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
They call it U R high for a reason! But if you apply yourself you can get a great education. It's up to you to get the most value out of your time at URI.
The University of Rhode Island is a great school to receive an education, the professors are engaged with their students and always try their best to help you succeed. They are always available for office hours, study sessions, and communication through email. The campus is beautiful and easy to get around using the RAM shuttle service. Most of the student population is commuters so the campus isn't that crowded. The diversity scale is moderate. Basketball games are definitely a staple for our school and the fan base is always rowdy. Greek life is a big part of the school, with a majority of students participating in frats and sororities. The only complaint I would have about the school is the are being surrounded by miles of farms. Theres not much to do outside of campus other than going down to the beach.
The local area is great and the campus is very diverse. The campus is also very lively and involved and the student life is great. The dorms need to be refurbished and re-done due to the old age and wear. The professors are very helpful and care about the well-being of each and every student. Greek Life is very active and the Panhellenic council works extremely hard to have all students involved with beneficial activities, not only to the students, but the surrounding community. Habitat For Humanity is one of the best programs that URI offers and is a life-changing experience for the students and other individuals that the students are helping.
I have loved going to school here. The classs are great and the campus is gorgeous! Compared to so many schools the tuition is more affordable and financial aid packages are great.
overall URI is a great school. Lots of people, and clubs and majors. A great Variety of things. I wish URI had more fields of study in the engineering department. It would be nice if added more majors for engineering that are not common in New England. Besides that URI is a great school near the beach, lots of activities to be a part of.
I have gotten a job at the University and see how much corruption really happens here. They don't care about people. It's all a business. Half of the required departments I go through to get my degree are on probation for the 60% not passing rate. My GPA is terrible and they have few support systems that actually care. If you aren't in Greek Life you have no life too.
I loved the feeling that the campus provided as well as the willingness from students to help out. Academically speaking there are so many great opportunities and the amount of clubs offerd is amazing.
Nice place. Nice professors. Nice return on investments. Good diversity. Nice campus. Good athletics. Nice area. Nice parties. Good dorms
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URI is a horrible place to go to school. The campus is ugly, the dining halls are HORRENDOUS and everyone knows it. EVERYONE leaves on the weekends and I mean everyone. They either visit other fun colleges or they go home because there is absolutely nothing to do in or near Kingston, Rhode Island. Nothing. The sophomore dorms are called the sophomore slums. All the parties are at least 15 minutes off campus, nothing on campus at all.
he buildings are nice to look at front he outside because they’re old but inside they’re too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. The campus is also built on a hill, so you’re walking up hill to every class. I am a commuter, and I park far away from the class buildings because I have classes that start at 10am. I take shuttle from the parking lot to class everyday. URI is in a quaint area and is surrounded by trees and fields. It’s not an exciting area but it’s about 15 minutes from the beach. Student life is pretty good, we have s lot of clubs and activities that are offered. The teachers rely on you reading and expect you to be prepared and have good study habits. Overall, URI is a good school.
University of Rhode Island is a big fraternity and sorority school which I feel is good to know before you attend. As a freshman I didn't realize this until I arrived in the fall. If I had known this prior to attending I would have looked into all the available clubs sooner. They have a great athletic department and is a division 1 school. The Ryan center has a lot of venues to keep you entertained. Be prepared to learn a lot. Time will fly by.
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