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Overall, my experience has been pleasant so far. I have learned a wide variety of new material as well as invaluable time management and study skills. The school has allowed me to meet new people, make new connections, and develop life long relationships. The future is bright as URI takes care of its students and makes sure we are all getting enough help in and out of classes as well as steering us on the right track for the future.
Going into my college search, I was 100% set on attending the University of Connecticut since I have quite the one track mind. I went for a random spontaneous visit to the University of Rhode Island and my world was flipped upside down. I immediately fell in love with not just the college campus, but with absolutely everything about the school. There is no chance that any other college could win me over the way URI has.
This school is a decent size and honestly cares about their students. The class sizes are never overwhelming and they guide you into the "college life" step by step which makes the process much easier. Most people like on campus their freshman and sophomore years and then live near the beaches for the final two. The university should supply more parking as so many students do commute. Lastly this school has a large Greek life population so if that should be kept in mind. Overall and excellent school to spend your college years.
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Overall, I like my school but I have had way too many problems with the administration and enrollment services to give them five stars. The classes are interesting and the professors are great for the most part. The campus is beautiful and right by the ocean! The dorms aren't the greatest (unless you live in Hillside) but they're not terrible. The science programs are amazing and have state of the art equipment which is a huge plus!
I studied art and loved it, faculty were very knowledgable and caring. I do wish that the University put more money towards the Fine Art Center. Driving past, you would not think this was an art center. It is a concrete building with pieces of the wall falling off. In the back, there is construction that had begun, but stopped midway and was left there. The campus is beautiful and so close to the ocean. The science and medical majors, especially Pharmacy, are amazing at URI. They just built new science buildings and they have everything these majors could need. Dorms are okay. The freshman dorms are good for the most part, but you should take a look at as many as you can. Sophomore dorms are the worst ones. Some rooms have balconies which is cool, but the bathrooms are broken and not well taken care of. The food is great! For school food I definitely think URI has one of the best. My favorite was the themed dinners.
Average state school in a beautiful area. Fun overall experience with a pretty basic education. Nothing special, lots of fun, and near the beach.
Great school. Beautiful campus. Great academics and you find yourself having many chances for an amazing social life as well.
The University of Rhode Island has blown me away with not only the quality of academics but the social atmosphere as well. As a Rhode Island native I was not too excited to attend URI believing it would be just like my small high school. Boy was I wrong. Each day I am fascinated by the new people I am meeting from around the world, the teachers who go out of their way to gather resources or meet with me for any questions, and the Greek life I have had the pleasure of being apart of. I have never done so well academically in my life and I believe this is definitely because of the understanding and caring staff that I believes in every single student on this campus. Needless to say, I would not want to be anywhere else I will never regret my decision of choosing URI.
University of Rhode Island; one of the biggest schools coming from the country's smallest state. If URI isn't in your top schools, then it should be. This university offers an amazing experience for anybody who decides to take their next life steps on to our campus. You'll never feel out of place here, the amount of diversity from student to student amazes me. With students from all ends of the country, and even the farthest parts of the earth, you are accepted no matter what your background may be. Along with the amazing students, the things to do are endless! We have clubs, sports, Greek life, and so much more. Now for the most important aspect, academics. URI has so much to offer for any career path you may want to pursue, the staff we have here is incredible and they will do anything to make sure that you are on your best track to success. School is our top priority here and our student body does everything we can to ensure that it stays that way.
I love the campus! Even though it is on a hill, it is great exercise. There are so many clubs and sports that you can participate in.
So far I'm enjoying the college life but not college itself, I like URI but I wish it would be more diverse and also take actual interest in the students. And start serving more variety of foods just not the same evry week.
I enjoy the University of Rhode Island because of its useful facilities and its diverse opportunities. It is a good educational standard and some caring professors, but I would however like to have more diversity in the school.
The University of Rhode Island is the besy=t choice i could have every made. This community is filled with open-minded,accepting people. I would love to finish my undergrad here but unfortunately the tuition is very high. I recommend this school for anyone who love to be involved and enjoys being around people/
During my time at the University of Rhode Island, I have entirely enjoyed myself. The campus is beautiful and although more than 13,000 students attend, it always feels like a small town in all the best ways. The classes I have taken have all been great, I have learned so much from my professors and have always been able to get help from TA's whenever I need it. I do feel as though there are some professors that should adapt to the times and involve technology more (even just using email would be helpful). I am happy to have found this university and couldn't imagine myself at any other school.
So far, even though I am only a freshman, I am really enjoying my experience at the University of Rhode Island. It is a beautiful campus filled with endless opportunities for success and there are truly some great people here. I mean there's everything you could imagine at your fingertips. There's really no reason for you not to succeed here with all the help that they offer, you just have to take advantage of it.
URI is a great school overall, the campus is big enough to be emerged in the college atmosphere without being totally lost. Professors truly care about your academic success. The one flaw is the conditions of the dorms, most are unnecessarily dirty and should be better taken care of.
I enjoy the school as a whole, it is a very welcoming community. They reach out to the students to ensure that they are going to do well. They provide advisor's and help to ensure the student is not alone and that they have the help they would need.
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Hope you enjoy the delicate smell of salt-water, and marijuana - because that is the permanent odor of Rhode Island. Also, if you don't preview your professor on Rate My Professor you could be paying a fortune for someone that doesn't even speak English! But, others split time teaching at Brown. If you're not in Greeklife, you're on a sports team; if you're not athletic, you're not invited to any social events. In this rural area be prepared to spend a fortune on uber to get anywhere, and you will live in a beach house early on.
Overall, I really like the University of Rhode Island. It was a beautiful school filled with awesome professors and even better people.
I am a current Freshman majoring in Economics. I first entered the college as a Biology major. My courses consisted of Biology lecture and lab, Chemistry lecture and lab, Applied Precalculus and general education courses of my choice. Unfortunately, I had to change my major to Economics due to the difficulty of the science courses offered at this University. I was unaware the Chemistry department was under probation due to so many students failing the course the previous semester/year.
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