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I love how the University of Rhode Island prepares students for college with an amazing orientation program. The orientation itself exemplifies a community filled with life and opportunity that is what the university is like. There are so many clubs available that can target a interest in many students. The on-campus jobs also allow students to build their schedule around school. For me the university made it very clear how to join activities and get a job. I loved taking part in rush week for Greek life. I also enjoyed escaping to a quiet spot in the library to study. A walk around campus is a great way for me to clear my mind and distress. Also going to the gym with my friend was a great way I spend my free time. The University of Rhode Island turned into a second home for me. It was hard to leave for the summer!
There are many things I enjoy about being part of the URI community. To start off, I enjoy being apart of a diverse community because you can meet people from all different parts of the country and see how they adapt to this environment. I also enjoy how all of the classes are close to each other on campus which makes them easily accessible. I enjoy being apart of the URI community because no one judges whether you are muslim or christian or different in any aspect, everyone is treated the same. One thing I would like URI to change would be an upgrade on many of the dorms/housing they use for the students.
Plentiful resources throughout the University that allow students to maximize their education. Excellent courses and professors. Beautiful Campus in an amazing location.
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I like URI because the campus even though for a University it is small enough to get everywhere in a good amount of time. I enjoy URI because they allow me to get extra help through the program I'm apart of which is Talent development. If I wasn't a part of this program I would review URI differently because I wouldn't have known about half the resources and people on campus that I do now. I love the writing center and that you're able to see your academic adviser whenever you want.
I had a great experience at the University all the staff were very helpful and friendly. I am a veteran and the services there were great. They have a good student vets organization. I went through the biotech program and was given an internship opportunity. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested.
I'm so excited about URI - I will be entering as a freshman in September and already I feel like it is the best college. Everyone, students and staff, have made me feel at home. The communication with prospective and new students is great. There are so many opportunities already for involvement. So excited to start school in just a few short weeks
Love the school! Academics are very good, the campus is Beautiful and there are lots of things to do during the week. Sad to say it is a real suitcase school-lots of students go home for the weekend! The food was great to begin with but got very boring as the months went on. So Far I really like it but definitely more for my major than anything!
My experience at the University of Rhode Island has been positive so far and I am excited to continue my journey as a student at this academic institution. I have connected very well with professors and fellow classmates, and have enjoyed the countless activities that are offered on campus.
I love the passion that URI professors have for their students, and their enthusiasm to teach! I also enjoy that URI has many opportunities for students to become involved through their interests and backgrounds. I also am grateful for their TD program that gives disadvanted students the opportunity to attend URI and also promotes diversity on their campus.
I love the campus, it's beautiful. One thing that needs to improve, is the diversity. I'm the only kid of color in just about all my classes, this need to change. Other than that, the professors are awesome and really try their best to make connections with students and solve problems that we had.
Diverse campus with a great party scene and lots of opportunities to get involved. Overall I've had a great experience at this school. However, the two things I have not had a great experience with are the dining hall food and parking.
Since I just started here, I don't have much to say about it other than I really enjoy the people that work there and the environment. Most, if not all of the staff have been incredibly helpful and kind to me and all seem like very good people. There isn't anything I would change about the school
University of Rhode Island is what you make of it. It is a beautiful campus with the beach only 15 minutes away. The science department and nursing school is a competitive program that I am happy to begin. I would recommend joining greek life on this campus as well as it helps you get involved and make friends. It is hard to find other things to do all the time without greek life. The dorms are small as freshman but frat circle and houses off campus are super nice. The food is also decent, what you would expect at a University.
Great STEM fields, lots of opportunities for involvement in research other extracurriculars. If you're looking for social things, join Greek life or you won't get to party. It's a smallish school, you get to know everyone fairly quick. Living so close to the beach is great! The winters are awful and walking up hills suck.
University of Rhode Island is the third college I have attended and the only one i have considered home. With new opportunities each and every day, i am never bored and am happier than i have ever been. I was given the oppurtunity to join greek life on campus which has pushed me to get involved and meet lasting friendships i didnt think i could ever make.
The professors are genuinely interested in their students' success especially after graduation. They are willing to meet up with students in order to assist them in planning for their future and students do not hesitate to ask for any type of assistance because they know that anyone and everyone is willing to help out.
URI was a great school. It had a lot of great opportunities and a rigorous program. It is close to the beautiful ocean which puts it in the perfect location and it is a great size.
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The University of Rhode Island is an amazing school. The campus is on the larger side, this allows you to meet so many new people and see new faces. Greek life is big here at URI. Although I am not in a sorority, I am an athlete and the athletic program is excellent. On campus housing allows you to be walking distance from classes while also enjoying apartment like amenities. Off campus housing is further away but gives you access to more freedoms and is closer to the beach. The town of Narragansett is an amazing place to be. This University has given me some of the greatest friends, experiences and has academically set me up to become extremely successful in my future endeavors.
I love the campus involvement, there's so much for students to do and get involved with from social/ professional greek life, sports, on campus employment, and tons of clubs. I would like to see a little more done about sustainability and waste on campus.
The professors are hit or miss. I have excelled beyond what I thought I was capable of, and crashed hard in subjects I thought I would be good at. Great campus and transportation set up.
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