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Beautiful scenery. Classes are excellent and a lot of the professors keep you entertained and wanting to come back.
I love URI's focus on experiential learning and especially their emphasis on becoming a global professional. I would like better food though.
Great location and environment. Professors and counselors are always available for help when needed and during the summer, the beaches are right down the road from campus.
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I love the diversity and the great involvement there is on campus. I would like to see professors more involved in the student's lives.
I go to URI every year for the SMILE program day they have there for our competition. We spend the entire weekend there and I enjoy it greatly. I'm currently a senior attending West Warwick High School and I hope to become a part of URI during the fall of 2018 for Pharmacy if I get accepted.
Academics and student life are great, Greek life is huge so definitely consider rushing. The dining hall food is awful but the grab and go options are decent and the food at the Emporium is great.
I am an engineering student here at URI and they do an excellent job first semester putting you in LLCs to get you to know other engineering students and it's great for working on hw with groups and just being able to make friends in your major.
URI is an overall decent state school. The culture is very focused on Greek Life, which some, like me do not enjoy. The academics are challenging considering my major is challenging. The food is not good at all, but it is edible. The campus is pretty but needs a lot of work.
I would like better food and for professors to be more invested and caring about the topics they teach.
I like the location of this university as well as the student life. There is endless amounts of sports teams, clubs, and organizations that you can join to be more involved within the university.
I've been lucky enough to live in Hillside Hall my freshman year, which is a beautiful building, but much of the on-campus housing floods often, desperately needs updating, and doesn't measure up to the newer buildings. In terms of academics, there's a wide array of majors and minors to choose from, many of which are highly regarded in the country.
The University of Rhode Island is a great school. They provide tons of help all around campus for students who are struggling with anything. There are also tons of programs students can join to attend on their free time and the diversity is huge at URI.
my sister enjoys this school. She is currently a freshman and is enjoying the school. the teachers are decent the dorms could be better, there are good clubs on campus
Professors were all over the place and very weird preppy culture. I did not like the people here and did not feel it was the place for me. Everyone was very preppy and conceited. I felt like everyone was always trying to one-up each other and I am not that type of person. Professors were all over the place and were not good at teaching.
Beautiful and huge campus. Food is not bad, but I am Asian so most food I don't feel like eating. Many resources to help your study here, especially the counseling center!
For my specific focus in engineering this university is rated to be one of the best in the country and for that i have truly enjoyed my time spent here. The people are for the most part very liberal and intelligent, while simultaneously being a huge pain to deal with. The university prepares you well for your future.
University of Rhode Island is a wonderful school and I would highly suggest it to anyone because everything is really great. But if you want to go out and have a good time on the weekends you either want to be on a sports team or in greek life because that is where the parties are. But all in all 10/10 for my experience
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After my first semester at URI, I'm sure I made the right choice! As a part of the College of Pharmacy, I feel that the education I receive here will prepare me in the best way possible to begin a career.
What I like about the University of Rhode Island is the student life and how many connections you can make. Its so easy to meet so many different types of people and make not only friendships but connections to different jobs and opportunities. What I would change about the University is the amount of parking spaces for residents and also hire more qualified professors.
My experience so far has been great! The professors care a lot about how you are doing and very helpful academically. My major-Aquaculture-the professors are fabulous and very engaging. I a looking forward to the semester abroad and the J-semester trips. The campus is beautiful and activities are very enjoyable.
I would recommend highly to future students.
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