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Wonderful Community! I have learned so much at my time here at the University of Puget Sound. It has been one of the best decisions, choosing to go to school here.
Very expensive tuition. I like the area and the school but most UPS students are very radical and bothersome.
I have toured campus many times and the facilities and staff are amazing. The students are always doing something and there is a ton of activities offered on and off campus. Coaches all seem to be very involved and very in tune with the academic importance.
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The University of Puget Sound has a beautiful campus and genius professors. Most, if not all courses can be quite difficult if a student is irresponsible and does not make studying their utmost priority. However, there is much to be learned from every and any class. I have enjoyed all my classes here so far. The students, faculty, and staff are all very friendly and kind. If you are a student here or are thinking about applying to this university, the University of Puget Sound is the school for you because as the saying goes "Once a logger, always a logger."
Small inviting campus, could use more flexibility in majors. Food has little variety but above average quality for most colleges. Could use more funding and events geared towards preventing sexual assault.
One thing I most the most amazing is the level of dedication and passion the teachers have. Each teacher really wants us to succeed here.
As I have only attended graduate school here, I have a minimal view of the school. The facilities are incredible, the food is cheap and my professors are outstanding.
My year @ UPS was a disaster for many reasons, most were caused or worsened by UPS
-quality of education, housing, food dont match up w/ the outrageous price tag
-The dorm I was in freshman year was a nightmare: so much trash it smelled, food trays left out, beans in the laundry room sink, broken light fixtures in the hall, also incredibly crowded and led to constant social issues between residents
-social structure of the school operates like a highschool, with cliques, popularity hierarchy, exclusive parties etc. If you're not 'in' you have NOTHING to do, especially if underage
-Tacoma itself: transit systems poor, safety issues- In the 1 year I was 3 incidents involving guns occurred on campus.
-Health services for such a small school were terrible, somehow not able to handle its small student body
-Housing services were a mess and imposed roommates on people with hour's notice
Overall save your 60k and pay a fraction somewhere that values your money, health, and safety
I really love the community here. The class sizes are small and all the professors are available around their busy schedules to help all of their students. I wish our school did more community outreach to the surrounding area more and was more inclusive and diverse.
The University has the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. The professors are exceptional not only in their field, but as people as well. The SUB (Student Union Building) has great food! There is always a lunch cart special with rotating food options, ad a delicious salad bar. Also, if you do not know President Crawford, you should get to know him. He is basically a celebrity on campus and is the kindest man around!
Just finished my freshman year and loved it . housing is comfortable and the teachers are great . everyone is welcoming and engaging and encouraging .
I worried about the location and lack of diversity, but students here are very driven. We all want an inclusive environment. There are so many arts and lecture programs here that are brought in to encourage discussions about privilege, power, and marginalized peoples.
The social scene appears to be dominated by fraternities. I was placed in a dorm with a bunch of people I am not like, and they didn't treat me well. Tacoma is pretty terrible. But the food and most of the students are great.
The school has excellent academics and really prioritizes student achievement, support, and community. However, the school is not very financially attainable for many in the first place and does not prioritize financial accessibility once there either.
I think the university is very inclusive and provides lots of opportunities to its students. Some things that are not the best are that most professors do not put grades online, which can be frustrating and time consuming to guestimate your grade or go see them and have them calculate it. I think for the tuition, the food could be better and the university could expand its reach geographically as well as in the realm of diversity. It spends an absurd amount of money mowing all the grass on campus.
Puget Sound is a very small school. You can walk to one end of the campus in less than 15 minutes! If you are currently in a small high school, then you will have no problem transitioning to Puget Sound
UPS is a good school if you're unsure about what you want: whether you don't know if college is for you,you're uncertain of your path in life, or you just need some time to find yourself, enrolling at UPS will help you gain clarity. Of course, that isn't because the school is some meach of self-discovery or temple of existential guidance. UPS is mediocre in every way. Mediocre academics, mediocre people, mediocre vibes and all in a mediocre place. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Want to explore a new subject? The classes are not hard so testing interdisciplinary waters is very low steaks. Want to test the social scene? You're guaranteed a 6/10 night out which means that while you might not have a night to remember, you also won't have one to forget. If mediocrity is freeing, then UPS is a paradise of unshackled masses. In a weird way, I love it for that: while its hard to rise, it's equally hard to fall. I take comfort in that guarentee.
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University of Puget Sound has great academics and community with really committed professors. Lots of opportunity for growth. However, one big drawback to UPS is that it lacks diversity.
It's my freshmen year but its pretty great here. Very beautiful. Lots of clubs and resources. Great library.
I really enjoyed my 4 years at University of Puget Sound! I learned a lot and was prepared for the working world after graduation. I majored in psychology and was hired as a behavior technician following graduation. I don't think I would have been hired for this job if it wasn't for the education I received at UPS.
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