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I really enjoyed my 4 years at University of Puget Sound! I learned a lot and was prepared for the working world after graduation. I majored in psychology and was hired as a behavior technician following graduation. I don't think I would have been hired for this job if it wasn't for the education I received at UPS.
I chose The University of Puget Sound because when I stepped foot on campus, my heart told me it was home. The campus is very beautiful. Though in the beginning I did have some issues because I felt like an outsider, I had a hard time with making friends since I am very shy and quiet. With the help of one of my professors he helped me come out my comfort zone. I was introduced to new clubs and I tried to be as involved as possible and now I felt as if I had really found my safe place at this school. This university provides so much outside resources and our professors will put their best effort in to make sure we achieve our goals. Most importantly, we have a large support system. There is someone who is always willing to help.
University of Puget Sound is a great private college. You get one on one attention from your professors, the food is great, housing/dorm life is good and the campus is absolutely beautiful. They call themselves the "Harvard of the West" due to their tough classes and high academic standards. I would recommend this university to anyone who wants to attend a smaller school that provides a fantastic education.
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I liked the Asian Studies department best. The teachers are very personable and help me with everything from letters of rec to career support. It's worth the high price tag!
The University of Puget Sound has allowed me a chance to achieve a higher education by providing me with financial aid. I have chosen to pursue a B.S. in Biochemistry and UPS has variety of classes to fulfill my major and prerequisites for medical school. The University has helped me progress academically by challenging my knowledge, critical thinking, and work ethic skills. I was able to excel and pass all of my first year courses with the help from the Center for Learning, Writing, and Teaching. The CWLT's mission was executed to perfection by providing a support faculty to create opportunities for all Puget Sound students to achieve their academic goals. However, I would like this institution to be a more diverse campus that is a safe space for people of color. As an individual who identifies as a Latina, I believe that this University must expand its faculty and student body in order to honestly portray this space as a diverse and inclusive campus for all.
Everything around the school is connected in a way, it may look old but it is slowly progressing to become a more modern university
Small and intimate classroom experience with very attentive professors. University of Puget Sound is extremely liberal and accepting of racial minorities and different sexual preferences. However, the school is not accepting of people with conservative views.
The teachers are intelligent, and small class sizes allow an approachable atmosphere. The subjects are interesting and unique, and the environment is friendly, clean and socially conscious. There is something for everyone.
The University of Puget Sound has knowledgeable professors who are invested in their work and eager to help students succeed. The students partake in a variety of activities including sports, activism, and music. Altogether, it is a sweet college with an abundance of resources.
UPS is basically whatever you put into it. If you want to spend your nights in a lab you can, if you want to party you can, if you want to protest you can. Of course, we are a small campus which means that there are only going to be a few people doing each thing but everyone is very friendly. If you are really into something and you want your whole college to be too don't go here but if you want a small campus where everyone is pursuing their passions come.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time here at the University of Puget Sound. The people are super nice and the professors seem to enjoy working closely with students to help make sure they do well. I would like to see more diversity on campus, but it does seem like the school is trying to do that, albeit slowly. I would recommend the University of Puget Sound to anyone looking for a small school environment in the beautiful pacific northwest.
This was the most welcoming, kind and inclusive university I have visited. Every single staff member and student was kind and welcoming. The campus is beautiful, and it is a very community oriented college which is wonderful.
I disagree with the reviewer who said you can't take classes in your major. I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I took a computer science class my first semester. I registered for another CS class for my second semester but was waitlisted. So many people wanted to take the class that they added one to the schedule. I've very happy at UPS!
Puget Sound is very academically rigorous. In general, many of the tenured faculty are very knowledgeable, and there are multiple forms of tutoring available both in the Center for Writing Learning and Teaching and in department buildings. Socially speaking, there are a large number of clubs that encourage drop-in participation. Unfortunately, the campus isn't very inviting after orientation; if you are used to saying hi to people on the street, you won't find it here. The parties also aren't very good.
Beautiful campus with great studying resources such as the CWLT (free tutoring) and the library. Lots of fun clubs to join. Great one on ones with professors. A lot of rain and typically cold throughout the year. The food has so much variety, much more than other schools. There is an allergy free section that will cook meals special for your own needs. Overall, I think the school is well balanced and a great place to be.
They'll waste your money as much as they can while you're there. You won't begin taking classes for your actual major until sophomore year, basically you'll end up wasting your money during the first year because they have their own classes they want you to take. If you don't want to dive directly into your desired major during your first-year, I wouldn't recommend Puget Sound. During my first year I felt like my parents were wasting a lot of money because I had technically started college but I had to take required classes just like a high school student. Since this school isn't diverse, the class discussions were one sided and unwelcoming to any one who wants to challenge social norms.
I ended up transferring schools because I didn't feel like a degree here would be promising enough based on how expensive this school is.
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I always felt uneasy about any assaults on campus. I'm sure they keep them on lock if there are any. Tacoma is a very unsafe location and coming from out of state it wasn't what I was expecting. Please do research about the area if your coming from out of state. The school itself is in a safe neighborhood but everything around it pretty sketchy. Students call the school "Tacompton" because of the active gang violence in the city of Tacoma. If you plan on staying on campus at all times then you'll be okay but if you plan to venture, I'd be careful and bring friends.
On campus housing is really expensive. You have to live there for two years. Which means two years of a meal plan and or dorm costs. If you're not made of money it gets sort of frustrating when you get your bill.
This place isn't the best place for Greek life. There are 8 Greek houses. They're trying to expand the Greek life here by adding more organizations but it's still pretty low-key. Since there's only a small amount of students doing Greek life it's really clique-y. Most Greeks are more proud about their national organization than the individual house. It's really exclusive. Most Greeks only hang out with Greeks.
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