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University of Puerto Rico - Utuado Reviews

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Is in good conditions, i believe that each student have a good time in this place, is a nice place to keep calm. There is not loud noice.
Nothing Better – Honestly I love the professors here. They are some of the most friendly helpful and caring people you could ever meet. I still have some problems with Spanish and they are more than willing to help you. They love their jobs, they love teaching and they love the students. So far I have never met one professor that I dislike. Are some harder than others and more strict, sure , but they mean the best for it. The professors here are very laid but and casual but most of them are Doctors in their respective fields and I think I truly lucked out attending this University.
Nothing Special – Again nothing great. The people who run the housing for students are just looking to make some money and nothing more. Only basics are in the apartments and if you wont anything more get ready to pay for it. I have not seen all the housing but the ones I have seen really are not that great (plus BIG PLUS) a lot of housing (closer to campus and further away do not allow weekend stays, that means friday comes along find a place to stay for the weekend family friends w/e not all are like this but a lot are)
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Nothing Better – The weather is amazing. When it rains (and it does a lot) it only does so for at most an hour then clears right up and is sunny all over again. It's never to hot because it's a mountain university so all the trees and shade and greenery keep it nice and cool. The campus greenery is wonderful grass everywhere and there are even some nice puerto rican fruit trees about so the students are free to pick from them if it's ripe for the taking (but good luck finding any they go fast!)
Nothing Special – Some kids join sports like Basketball or track, and really that's all I hear about when it comes to sports. I know (or at least I think we still have) a volleyball team and a cheer leading team (but the cheerleaders are really just a dance team and I barely hear about them either only during the beginning of the semester when they need new recruits.) The sports are all right. Again nothing special I don't hear to much about the basketball players or games. It's there and they're around but the general student body doesn't pay much attention to it.
Nothing Special – The Univeristy of Puerto Rico- Utuado has no on campus housing. All the "dorms" are outside of the gates so unless you have a car or enjoy walking that could be a issue. The "dorms" themselves are non to impressive. I've seen some that are downright disgusting. Rusty ovens to cook your food, old fridges and you have to share the room/ apartment with a bunch of other people. I have a friend who stayed at a 4 bedroom house and shared it with 9 other girls! You're like sardines. If you want to stay on your own then that costs extra with nothing extra included. I had a friend who lived on his own and he lived all the way at the bottom of some scummy dorm complex with no proper table for studying/ eating and barely enough space to prepare a decent meal. Honestly the housing sucks (99.9% of it anyway I have yet to see all the dorms but the ones I have seen are bad.)
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