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University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Reviews

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At the Río Piedras Campus is the largest of our state university system. It is in the metro area, near amazing historical sites, like Old San Juan. It is an institution over 100 years old, where studying here has made me proud of being here. The tuition is affordable compared to most private institutions. Like most institutions, the class experience vary from mediocre to impressive. Sadly, nothing you do will ever guarantee a positive outcome. Sometimes I had to study things on my own to feel satisfactorily competent in what I enrolled in. Most students have a slothful tendency towards courses they require to take, which doesn't always creates the best environment to excel, unless you see it as a challenge, of course. It is a great University overall.
Very good university, I like the ambient, athletic training and staffs. I would like to change the access to track and field park since every time I come into practice is sometimes closed and sometimes open. Also because of this a lot of traffic is made.
I am a full time PhD student and, in my experience, this was the best decision I made in a long time. The university offers many opportunities and diverse learning experiences to students of all levels. Definitely, you leave the university prepared for the world.
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The University of Puerto Rico is a pristine and accredited university, I studied Human Resources Management and Supply Chain Management in my bachelor's here. I believe that the university could change in their administration, creating a more organized and cleaner university.
My expirience in University of Puerto Rico is unique. The best profesors in the world. The best accreditation in buisness administration and beautiful campuss
It is a very good university, the best in the country, in fact. The recent raise in tuition and cuts to its budget has deteriorated the environment on this wonderfully accessible public university. It is very sad to see it crumble. Regardless, it is excellent. Its best programs are provided in the STEM (natural sciences department), Business Administration, and Architecture. The campus is very big, but beautiful; there are many study areas. This university is highly diverse in all its sense, and its academic offering is quite broad, especially for minor degrees and undergraduate studies.
The University of Puerto Rico offers the only public education available in Puerto Rico and it is the best educational institution by far.
The University of Puerto Rico is the main educational institution on the island. It has serious infrastructure problems because of the disaster caused by the Hurricanes Irma and María in 2017 and the fiscal crisis that the country is facing up. Unfortunately, political leaders have not given the necessary priority to the issue of education in the country. However, the young people and the professors of the university do have the commitment to make Puerto Rico better and boost the economy.
To graduate from the oldest and most prestigious University of Puerto Rico campus is nothing short of a struggle and an incredible honor. My alma mater is the best for your buck and your brain. Student life is as expected from a University city.
The University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras, has been an awesome journey for the past three years. I have to admit, it hasn't been the easiest. Along with a diverse of events like hurricane Maria, student strikes and the increase of the credit, the experience has been one to remember, one full of stress, resilience and perseverance.
The only thing that I would change about the University of Puerto Rico is how the government works with it. Students, professors, and other employees get affected greatly by the poor decision making that the government has been doing for the past couple of decades resulting in many manifestations that don't lead anywhere because the older generations in our country couldn't care less about what happens to our history and education. Maybe if the government stopped beating the university up for their mistakes and corruption then the professors wouldn’t be limited in their teaching methods and students could make the best out of the classes that they paid for.
I like it so much. Is a place where you don't feel alone, the Puerto Rican people always was there for you and the services. The majority of the curriculum was very organized and offer courses that help you to amplify the knowledge about de field. Also, the university offers too many opportunities for succeeding and to learn about the field that you were interested to do in the future. Sometime the students have problems with find the courses that makes us a little bit upset.
I love the campus, the old buildings and its closeness to nature. It's a school very open to diversity. Professors are well prepared, they push you to strive for excellence and they encourage critical thinking. Even though the facilities' maintenance is somewhat poor due to low budgets, this is a great college that provides quality education for lower costs than many others.
It is a good university that needs a little more upkeeping. The professors are amazing. Up until a while ago it was affordable. Unfortunately, now the credits are going up. However, compared to universities in the US, it is affordable and worth it.
It's great! They offer the best study programs in multiple fields. Diversity wise it's amazing. You are in contact so much people and meet people from all around. Professors are so great and dedicated to their work. You learn so much from them. So far my experience it has been great!
The university of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus is the best academic institution one can find in Puerto Rico. The academics are great, with professors that take the time to make sure their students are actually learning what they are teaching. The campus life is never dull, due to the campus being located in the middle of an urban city, there will always be something to do or somewhere new to go. The students themselves are very involved in the universities activities and are passionate about the development and improvement of the campus. There are many foreign students which creates an embraced diversity in the student body of the university.
The University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras is a small campus but full of student life. There is a large untapped heritage of student history, activism and protest. One of the most progressive, if not the most, in all of Puerto Rico. The academic part of it was fantastic, all my professors were people I looked up to . It was very affordable, probably the most affordable public university in all the USA. The facilities are a bit old and lacking but if what you are into is learning and finding who you are this is a great university to do it.
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I loved that the professors are so devoted toward the students and truly want to see a change in the island through us. I would love for the classes to be more interactive, making it easier for students to understand the material.
Its a great place to develop as a professional and individual. General Studies and other faculties make our mind go wild with all the learning experience we gain from.
The University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus is the crown jewel of the public education system in Puerto Rico with its dynamic professors and large selection of courses. It offers degrees in mayor fields. Few improvements would be recommended such as eliminating the few professors that disrespect students and eliminate the possibility of respectful discussion in the classroom. Another factor that could be improved upon are the restroom supplies running out. However, an education in this institution is affordable for most of the students as well as a great investments due to the fact that a degree obtained from this university is regarded as the highest honor. This campus encourages its students to develop as individuals with their own ideas rather than impose a way of thinking. Attending this college will nourish a sense of pride in the student not only for their alma mater but for the nation as well.
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