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University of Puerto Rico - Ponce Reviews

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They have one of the best educations in Puerto Rico. You can see that they have a compromise with the students and work really hard for making us good profesionals.
Well the university of Puerto rico in Ponce is a great place to study and start your journey to become a professional. This is my second semester of my second year, the difficulty of science and math courses is great, you can even say its one of there strong points. The things i think make this university not that great is that the Athletics are handled poorly and the space is really little. This university should have more courses available for students to choose from and a greater diversity of teachers to select courses from.
Good profesors, great place to meet new people with your same interests. A lot of associations for your interests.
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When I was applying for University, I was looking for a place which would be like a small community that could allow me to have personalized relationships with other students and professores. I also wanted a place where I could do research and have a good student life. That is exactly University of Puerto Rico at Ponce.
Be in the UPR of Ponce has been a great experience, since it has made me grow as a person and as a professional in the future. When you enter the UPR I felt lost and alone, but soon made me feel at home, and I began to make many friends. Many of the professors are excellent, and the education that offers even better. Here is promoted much critical thinking, the sense of responsibility, and autonomy. In this university i learned to become interested in the problems of my country and the world. I have matured thanks to her, and I know that I will continue to do so, i have grown both in responsibility, independence, solidarity, empathy, pride, and learning. I don't regret having chosen this university as my second home.
In my University there's plenty of sports and extracurricular activities, but when it comes to facilities; I like a student expect more. This year, the Drama Club doesn't have a theater director. The Atletism Team doesn't have a field in the campus. Although, not everything is negative, they are well coordinate with the competitions schedules and made possible to send us that information.
My favorite experience so far is to learn from my favorite Professor Villalón about: the reality, cosmos, people's beliefs and so many more. I also enjoy the library and the benches around the trees in the campus.
They campus have good campaigns about the use of drugs.
They have a good campaign of health and diseases.
The preparation of future professionals are very good.
there are a lot professor that are dispose to help
they dont have campus housing.
the athletes are the most prepared in all the country.
Is very good. The students have the opportunity to interact with elements of their professions.
This campus doesn't allow the students to be envolved in extracurricular activities concerning the wellbeing of the school.
The best of the school is the preparation of the professors. They have a lot of experiencie in their material. Thanks to that, we have the oportunity to prepare ourselves for the professional life.
I just started a week ago I'm adjusting really well.
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Ponce is an important historic and cultural city of Puerto Rico. UPR-Ponce campus is filled with positive energy faculty members, undergraduate students and employees. This campus is small size in comparison with others, but the education is excellent with the best professors and mentors that are willing to help you achieve every goal that you think about. I graduated from an Associate Degree in year 2012, and in year 2016 I will graduate from a Bachelor Degree in Biology- Concentration Biomedical sciences with an overall G.P.A. of 3.5 but enriched with unique extracurricular activities, community service, summer internships, social experiments, symposiums, investigations and workshops/conferences offered to the community. I think all departments have a coordinated program and curriculum that enables the student to fulfill each academic, professional and personal goal each semester. In February, 2014 a group of volunteer students started to cultivate the seed of knowledge and hunger for progress. In a civic manner, they established the urban garden called Huerto Atabey in honor to a local Indian "goddess" cultural tradition, and under the non-profit student organization Coalición Estudiantil Pro - Agricultura (CEPA). CEPA aims to educate and create consciousness to the whole community about the importance of achieving an optimum level of food security in Puerto Rico and reduce dependence of imported food or aid. These students offers a series of conferences and workshops to local schools, universities, urbanizations, low - income communities and stratified minority students because they believe that the power comes from the educated communities from every corner and circumstances. In addition to all this facts mentioned earlier, this campus has the UPR-R.I.S.E. Program for Biomedical/Biotechnology/Chemistry students aiming for graduated studies or PhD in related sciences topics. There are tutoring programs during each semester to help students.
My hometown, being Ponce, is where I have always visualized my life flourishing. One major advantage the UPR has is that precisely, being home. Of course, when tracing out my trajectory for my college life I always considered out of state schools. But, when I visited them I would get a feeling of unclarity and nostalgia, as if something was missing. Some time later, my grandmother came upon a wonderful idea: to visit national universities in our homeland. And so we did. The first thing I loved about the UPR of Ponce was its rich vegetation. The "flamboyan" trees, the striped palms, and the flamboyant orchids intrigued me, like love at first sight. And that is when I knew

that I belonged there. My first days in the UPR were full of unknown, but clear, faces. I understood, and they understood, that we were all here for the same reason.
The atmosphere is very good, even though the city it's not so big. There're plenty things to do: you got the Museum of Art of Ponce, also we got multiples theaters, various shopping malls and many other things that help the students in many ways.
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