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University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Reviews

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Students work hard to ensure a good welcome. Good professors teach classes well. Every year pharmacy students plan an elaborate welcome gala for students that are entering the Doctorate in Pharmacy program.
Great experience, very challenging but well worth it. Puerto Rico’s top Medical school. Board oriented and clinical sites on the only trauma center in the Caribbean.
Professors are very outgoing they help you and try to bring you the best knowledge they can.
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Our campus brings the opportunity to get involve in research and investigations, which is something very important for a student career.
The campus provides an office to report any accident and the security is very safe.
Living on campus has been a really fun since I have many friends around and also I don't need a car, so I save much money.
There are many associations that you can join more than sororities or fraternities.
My experience in UPR- medical sciences campus, has been the best I have ever had so far. There are many people from different countries, it has been a challenging academic load, but for me, it is one of the best places to study. The school prepares competitive students to bring the best knowledge and provide a high-quality treatment as health professionals.
There are many athletic activities and in general, athletics is one of the most important parts of being a student and taking free time to watch and get relaxed from studies.
Like everything in life there is good and bad things. I would have liked if the university had more funded research and opportunities for career enhancement for their students. The staff is not always willing to help when it comes to program orientation or deadlines to qualify for financial assistance. The good part is that professors are very good mentors and really do want to help you succeed. Overall it is a friendly environment and I would choose the school again.
Has choices but could be better
I have not seen people drunk or using drugs, and peers are very mature enough. Plus the policy of this University is very specific about their anti-drugs issues.
In this college, people from many countries converge and this diversity of culture is great for learning in this global era.
The Urban Train is very convenient for it is near the campus, and offers special rates for college students.
There is a lot of housing availability but at a really high cost. I was lucky I found an apartment at a good cost shared with 2 more students. Where I live there is not so much parking availability, the street is to we have to park in the sidewalk in front of the apartment.
There is diversity of everything and I find that there is acceptance.
I have use only the computers in the library and there is no sufficient computers and there is a problem every time, some do not work for printing and is a big headache when you have to print something urgent and the ones that work are occupied. I like that printing is really cheap but the printers do not work properly all the time, there are 4 and sometimes only 1 works. It's really important that if you need a computer frequently that you bring your own and have a backup printer at your house. About the internet I can not complain, is really fast.
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Any University study.. Particularly of medicine involves allot of hard effort from the students part. And any financial aid that is worked for outside of a full study program.. can tell ones present grades and possibility of passing.

From my experience and from the advise of friends... Applying for scholarships is a vital way of staying focused on ones studies and being able to receive financial benefit at the same time to continue perusing one career.

This is one of the best ways of getting through ones education, so they can start their life's career to support themselves, then in turn others
In the Medical Sciences Campus, as in other universities, you can students and also professors from around the world: Japan, England, Dominican Republic, Spain and others. The majosity of the students an me, believe that this diversity enrich our campus with other knowledges and we contribute to an entire community of health. Maybe we have different political beliefs an different economic backrounds, but the acceptance is bigger and we all work togethet as a team for being better professionals.
A Compromise With Your Health, but With Your Safety Too – In the Medical Sciences Campus we have a complete community of Health Professionals, Hospitals and many important offices, but the student's safety is the most important thing, it's their compromise to keep it. They have a big securrity team and employees that work only preventing any crime and watching the safety of the entire academic community. Also, the prevention is our responsability and the students participate in conferences that this security team give, about preventing any legal issues or problems in the Campus. The personal safety is available 24 hours and seven days a week to provide safety services and support to the students at any moment.
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