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It is good, specialized in science areas. Most of the professors in the science area are very arrogant and give much work for the students to do. Students usually feel depressed by not having any time to do the things they enjoy, because of the excess of work, some don't even have time to do all of the work they are given. This campus has areas for students in case they need help with their courses. Although it was struck by hurricane Maria, it has recovered relatively well.
I absolutely love the people who study there, they are so different from each other. It's like an adventure every semester, meeting new people and being friends with each one. I just wish the administration changed their opinion towards us the students.
Something that is outstanding about the University of Puerto Rico - Humacao are the students. They're very helpful, resourceful, fighters, and so many other amazing characteristics everyone should possess. On the other hand, the administration should be more caring about our institution.
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University of Puerto Rico at Humacao is a small public university in the east coast of Puerto Rico. The simplicity of this university makes it possible for students to learn from professors, themselves, and interact personally with them. It is also a research university, therefore students have the opportunity of conducting undergraduate research for academic experience and gain knowledge about their area of interest.
My experience in the University le Puerto Rico in Hucamacao has been great so far. I love the programs at the University. The thing I like the most is the people that work at the University and how they always seem to want yo help in every way they can.
It's a good university. However, it needs some structural repairs like the parking lot and some buildings.
My experience at the university of puerto rico in humacao has been an extremely rewarding experience. One of the best things that college has is that we all get super. I would not change anything about this university.
It's a good campus. The area is not diverse in terms of food places near the campus but it's bot a big deal. The food is good and their is also creativity and community service along the academic year. If I had to choose again a campus to start my bachelors I'll choose the same because it provides a lot students helps (academic & economic) & the professors are pro-student. There's always a few that are different hut I thinks its okay not really bad.
I loved the trees and open spaces in the campus. The library was small but, always accessible to students. I would like to see a bigger cafeteria and benches, where students could sit since there are not enough areas for students to sit during their free time.
We always go out with music and dancing all the time.
We have a blast at college parties.
They make sure that you get the best education.
Puerto Rico is already a mix of different races, so we are very open to diversity.
It all depends on the crowd you hang out with.
They are always looking for better ways to spread awareness to the campus community.
After everything I wouldn't change my campus for any other.
From what I see there is a lot of help in that department and I can't wait to be able to participate in the program.
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We do not have a Greek community.
It is still something I have yet to go and use but from what I've seen it is great.
The fact that I've been around this university for most of my life is great because I'm familiar with my surroundings and I know that the education they offer is great and effective. I like that they offer you to join many extracurricular activities and encourage you to be more active in programs related to your study field.
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