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If you want to finish your degree faster than most, you can take up more clases every trimester and you can earn your degree before the fourth year. But, I would like to see a bigger change in the production facilities for film students.
University of Puerto Rico is going trough some changes in the system because of federal cuts in the budget. Still the best college in the whole island, best academic research and classes, but poorly in estructural areas.
There's no greek life in my school.
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It's okay we only do gym class once a week and we walk to a basbetball court that is near the school.
What makes my school unique is that it is very little and most students know each other.
Each campus has its own campus patrol. They are there basically 24 hours a day.

To enter each campus with your car you have to have a security pass to enter if not, they write down your license plate number number and your name.
It really depends on the program you're in. Some programs are more involved in career services. Most offer internships as a requirement to graduate, others don't.
The resident community inside of campus isn't really that great. The ones in front of the campus are completely new. They are apartment style dorms with roommate matching available.
In comparison to other schools, the Greek life doesn't really standout.

Students mostly focus on our sports team and Honor's society.
Our team's performance is great. The student body as a whole is really supportive of our team. Even if a student isn't interested in sports they generally still go to the games to support our team.

The athletic facilities could use an update though.
My experience at my school has been excellent. It is honestly the best school in regards to education and price per credit hour. It is 100% worth it, and I do recommend it to anyone in any major.
I am content with the education here. Especially with the professors of my department, the criminal justice department and my literature professors. Most of the Natural Science Department's faculty is exceptional. The main fault is the laboratories. Some of the equipment is suffices, but for the most part it is old or broken.
It's very cozy and you know almost everyone on campus. The professors are dedicated to helping the students and it's a great place to prepare for your future profession.
It's very close to where I live. The campus is very friendly and the professors are great!
Is great, but you have to keep alert to have some helps.
Is okay because I dont participate a lot of them but see them sometimes.
Is very good, you will have a lot of everything around.
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They have a lot of everything but you have to make sure things.
You have to study a lot to have a good academics at all.
It has their control at the times that they see sometimes
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