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University of Puerto Rico - Bayamon Reviews

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The tuition is great. The classes are really good,the professors are well prepared and know what they are doing. The people are are nice and always willing to help. The only downside is that there isn't much going around the area of the campus
In comparison to Rio Piedras, Bayamon is a superior campus. The professors are way more responsible and engaged in what they teach. Also, way more helpful and accessible.

In terms of campus facilities, if you are not a science related major the campus absolutely sucks. It is a horrible campus disregarding the new buildings.

Also note that the Computer Science bachelors degree is a BA, yes, a Bachelor of Art IN COMPUTER SCIENCE?! Completely baffles me, maybe it has to do with an accreditation problem? I'm sure Mayaguez will prove a better experience and provide more tools academically and professionally for students.

In sum, if you're going to study Computer Science, don't be lazy and go to Mayaguez.
Since it is a small University people are so nice. you get to know many students and always find them in the hallways. The professors are super nice and are always available if you any questions.
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I would love to finish my bachelors degree at UPRB, but most of the majors that the university offers you have to transfer to another UPR campus. Campus is cool, there are many smart students you could find around campus, and proffesors are somewhat strict so you have to study a lot anyways.
I have attended a total of five schools through my educational life. I finished my last two years of high school in Colegio Adianez. I must recognize that moving to this school has been one of the most important and best decisions I have made. This school taught me how to deal with the real world, and gave me the tools I now use to cope with my life in college. The environment is very familiar as it is realistic to the outside world. The education system is very well developed. And most importantly, you graduate with a sense of orientation towards your future.
I know what I want to study since 10th grade. I want to be a teacher and the best university in Puerto Rico that offer that career were the University Of Puerto Rico in Bayamon. Most of my teachers study there so I want to be like them and be the best teacher to be in Puerto Rico. My campus is very comfortable and familiar. Everyone will love it because is not huge but it's not small. It's just perfect!
many many people have financial help
Bayamon is not a campus that has clubs or bars nearby not that it needs any because there are no dorms. People go out to the bars, pubs, clubs in the metro area. Since most people drive that is there mode of transportation. There are no shuttles or any other sort of nightlife related things on or near campus because campus is more class buildings and parking in the middle of an urban area. People live off campus and go out if they want where they want because they come from their homes.
They are strict for something but at no point is it suffocating. Also underage drinking doesn't occur much on campus because there are no dorms and second the drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18 so many of the students are of drinking age.
Diversity at Bayamon is not something that negatively affects people or at least not to my knowledge.
Bayamon is very competitive. I am currently a marketing major and the classes are challenging.
Bayamon is very competitive. Professors are good and the workload is challenging.
In Puerto Rico everything in the metropolitan area is relatively close. The farthest away is about an hour maybe an hour and a half. The students in Bayamon and other Uinversity of Puerto Rico campuses have a few areas to go out at night and hang out. There are a lot of bars, pubs and restaurants many college students can visit.
The food offered in the cafeteria is good. They have a good range of food and snacks.
So far I don't know of any other substances people smoke on campus besides marijuana
Facilities could be better given the amount of sports and teams at the university.
You find good parking if you get there early or have luck otherwise its hard to find parking. In Puerto Rico the majority of people use cars as there transportation so most maybe about a 97% of students own and use cars to get to university.
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There are many computers on campus, in the library as well as in the labs. The wireless is a bit unreliable sometimes but it does have a good connection most of the time. There are also printers and copiers at the disposal for students
The facilities could use work. The classrooms are looking a little worse for wear but nothing too horrible. The university is a public system and is EXTREMELY inexpensive compared to other private institutions, so it can be expected. There is a new building being constructed for the Biology students and the student center is in excellent as it is very new.
There is an amazing cheerleading team and there are many clubs and activities.
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