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The University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez so far has been the best experience of could have ask for. I am really learning many new topics in which enhances my way of thinking and viewing my surroundings. I would really like that the university gets more funding so it can prepare itself with materials for the labs.
I did not like my experience here. People and articles say that it is a great college but it actually is a good pick for people who study engineering. The rest of the programs aren't good and the professors either. The students all are self centered and they need to be that way because the college exploits them.
UPR- Mayagüez is an excellent choice if you want to study Engineering, Agriculture, Physics, Math, Business Administration, and others. It offers a masive number of degrees and academically, you'll graduate as a prepared proffesional.
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The University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus is the best university institution in the whole island. This university has high performance profesors, trained in their areas, are teachers who love to educate. The university has a diversity of courses, organizations and groups, which in addition to the academic develop you as a leader. The students of this university leave well prepared for the work area, full of experiences and experiences that marked their lives.
It is a wonderful college. It has cultural diversity from professors and student. It is like the world in just one place. You learn to be focus, independent and to have your own criteria.
The professors are very open to answer questions and to help the students. Most professors try to be dinamic with their class which is always good.
Most students graduate already have a job or at least with an idea of where to find one. Big companies come to recruit students and almost always the companies leave satissfied with the quality of the students.
  • 6 months ago
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There have been accounts of students being assaulted, but it has never ended very badly. In most cases the situation has been handled by the security campus rather quickly.
Greek life is almost non-existant in the school. There are active fraternities but they do not have a big influence in the school's social life.
The school is somewhat centered around sports but it always motivates the students that are not athletes to support those that are. The athletic facilities are good but could be better.
Every student is very accepting of others. There is a lot of diversity which you can identify with. The academic offers the university provides is excellent.
I played soccer at the university's soccer team for 3 years. In those three years we trained at the university's soccer field which is in good condition in comparission to other soccer fields in Puerto Rico. However, other aspects such as the gym, showers, and even the running track are not in good shape. Sports are not a huge aspect of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez since its focus is more academic and I think that is the reason that not all of the sports receive the same fan support.
For most students switching from High School to a competitive college like the University of Puerto Rico is hard. Professors are not always there for you when you need them and most of the times you need to work as hard as you have in your life to obtain a good grade. I have the privilege of being really organized and that has helped me a lot throughout my degree. That is what I reccomend students that want to study at the University of Puerto Rico, be organized and the next 4 years are going to be the best 4 years of your life.
The University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus is the best option in the island. There are many degrees available. There are many opportunities to do research, internships, community service, and other complimentary activities. The university is known to be one of the best in Engineering, but counts with many other great programs. The best part is that it's great education at a low cost. I hope to se you around campus!
There are a lot of different courses available and the professors can range from amazing to omgwhyamIhere! Class style depends on course and professor but they're generally okay. Some can be complicated, other very simple. Class sizes are almost always more or less 30 students except for very general courses which go from 60-100 students. Labs generally have around 18 students.
This university is one of the best in the nation in engineering and graduating from it holds a lot of weight. If you search, it's easy to find internships but it's a lot harder to maintain a good enough GPA to actually be eligible for them. If there is a career center I don't know where it's located. I mainly search on my own or go to my academic adviser.
  • 7 months ago
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I'm at the university from dawn till dusk and I've never not felt safe. Security guards are always around; patrolling. There have been a few violent and sexual asaults on campus though rape is not frequent at all.
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The building is kinda of run down and the water is always cold. The elevator is always breaking down. However, people are always nice(ish) and it's only a housing for athletes so it's free. It very close to the rest of the buildings on campus. The dorms are for 2-4 people and they're a bit small but manageable. Overall, it's not great but it's not completely horrible.
I'm not really envolved in Greek life but I have a few friends in some. A lot of the people in them are nice. It's very low-key. You have to look for the sorority/fraternity if you want to be part of it. They hold some charity events at times but they aren't very noticeable.
The individual facilities for each sport range from great to okay. The public gym is deteriorating but the athletes gym is good though not always available. I'm in judo and they're very helpful in teaching the sport if you have no experience. Not all the sports are like that though. Most have a very competitive entry. The Athletics Department always tries to help where it can and the benefits are good if you're on a team.
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