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The university is very self absorbed with it's image. There is very little partying that happens. If you do, you will most likely get written up. Public safety shuts down any large parties. There's also no football only soccer and basketball are big and I've tried and tired but just can't even enjoy watching it. Coming from a college preparatory program, I have learned absolutely nothing in my first semester here. That's probably par for the course though. The food is average but lacks healthy options and overloads you with carbohydrates. The university refuses to change food providers. The dorms are relatively nice and have all the amenities. They are renovated relatively often. The professors care about you and there's sense of community. The campus is absolutely beautiful though.
Overall: If want to party and like football; this isn't the place for you. If you are a good Catholic kid and want to remain that way and just stick your nose in your books; you'll love it here.
Do not go to University of Portland if you are looking for an equitable and diverse space to learn!! I made a few friends during my couple years there, but for the most part I felt isolated as someone that didn't grow up with money, at a private school, or with the assumption that I would attend a nice university. It seemed that everyone I met had a secure family life and were just then getting their first job.
UP is catching on that "diversity" is going to make them a more likable university, but it's still run by wealthy white men. Additionally, I never had a professor of color at UP. Two of my professors were amazing, but the rest were either average, awful, or all about girl-power-white-feminism.
There ARE good things at UP. Campus is beautiful (and being constantly watered.) However, it's an expensive private Catholic university, what do you expect?
One last thing: don't get me started on UP's support of rapists. Yikes.
There is not a lot of diversity in this university. When it comes to getting help financially they aren't willing to help and tell you to basically figure it out if you can't afford it.
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My experience so far at UP has been great, the professors are incredibly knowledgeable about their subjects and are more than willing to help each of their students succeed in their classes, so long as they are willing to put in the work. Academics are great, the food on campus is somewhat limited day to day but it is still great quality food, and the campus itself is small but beautiful. The party life isn't that great, being an underclassman makes it difficult to get into parties but you just have to know the right people.
I love the University of Portland! The people are so friendly and the campus ministry program in particular has given me the most impactful experiences of my life.
University of Portland is a small and mighty wonderful college! I feel at home here and very connected. The professors and other staff at this school are some of the most genuinely caring and helpful people.
There are so many extracurricular activities apart from academics so you can never be bored on campus. The people, professors, and alumni are well mannered and nice people. I've never had a problem with my professors but other students is a different story.
I felt extremely welcomed the first time I stepped onto the campus and there are lots of opportunities to get to know other students. There's countless clubs and organizations to ensure every student is involved in some type of activity. I know that the professors and other faculty members are easily to talk to and I feel comfortable asking them for help. Even though it is a small school the campus feels very big and spacious.
Beautiful campus, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The community is wonderful and everyone is inclusive. Tons of trees, great professors who are very knowledgable.
I finished my first year at the university of Portland and I really enjoyed it. The campus is just stunning every season of the year, the class sizes are small, where you are able to get one on one with your professors, I feel like the classes really set you up to become a better person.
I really loved the community. The faculty and students made me feel completely at home. I would like to see a salary increase for the wonderful professors employed at UP.
University of Portland is this best place to be if you want to study in Portland. The campus has a beautiful river and wooded hills view. It is also removed from the unsavory aspects of the city. I wish the food choices were better and the dorms were updated but that's typical. If UP would add football to the sports line up it would be about perfect.
It's a really small school, and it is really easy to stick with the same group of people, but don't. Branch out and you will meet the most amazing people in the entire world! Everyone is so kind and genuinely nice.
I liked the learning atmosphere, the academic opportunities, and the different ways that students can get involved in the community. I also really like the professor-led classes, which allow students to get first-hand lessons and students can be more proactive in the classroom. There is not much change that I would like to see because the University of Portland has exceeded my expectations.
The racial demographic is very basic, no real diversity. There is a large caucasian, Hawaiian and Guamanian population but everything else makes up less then 8 % of the student body. Outside of the soccer games there is a lack of school spirit and the food is terrible. The only time Bon Appetite changes the food options and increases the quality of meals is during student visitation days. (How convenient). Also food within the market place is incredibly overpriced (eg: Avocados are 5 dollars). Psafe as well has a terrible disciplinary system and need a new and more efficient disciplinary structure.
University of Portland was my first choice school because it had everything I wanted. It has a good science department, small but large feel campus, and a good professor to student ratio. Class sizes are a good size where the professors know your name and want you to succeed. Sports wise it's not very good. The men's cross country team was the best sport as they got 2nd in the nation. The first few games are the most attended and then people stop going. There are not many parties, but you can find small house parties if you know the person. The food is descent at first, but gets worse as there are not many options. It defiantly gets better during visitation days, but all the others days it's okay.
UP is what you'd expect of a private Catholic University in one of the least diverse major cities in the U.S. Being a smaller school with Catholic teachings that influence the rules and a hyperactive Public Safety, there's virtually no party scene. Academics is likely UPs most admirable forte; smaller class sizes, very good professors, and a million different academic resources make sure that you can get any assistance you need with your schooling. The campus dinning is controlled by one company alone, and one which makes healthy and tasty food with lots of organic ingredients, but falls short in nearly every other category of food service. The prices are consistently about twice as high as any other University, making it far too expensive for a good portion of the student body. The hours of operation are unreasonable and annoying. The menus don't stay consistent and when you're paying too much for their food, you should at least be able to get what you want.
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University of Portland is an overall nice school; they have a very appealing campus, and good academics, but unfortunately, they lack a lot of school spirit. Many of the professors are very involved with their students and care a lot about how their students are performing, but student-to-student relationships lack that feel.
My first year in University of Portland has been amazing so far. I got lucky with my dorm choice because everybody on my floor has just been great people and I feel blessed to be able to call them my friends, the academics have also been great and the teachers have been some of the most helpful and passionate educators I have ever met.
When I first came here, it was the first time I had moved so I was very shy and timid and overwhelmed, but the staff and students and literally everyone here was so welcoming and great. I felt like I got a lot of information about the campus within just the first few days of being on the grounds. I made friends really quickly mostly because everyone was so nice, and probably just as scared as me. I liked that they "required" us to have a workshop group because it made us very close with a select group of people, of which most of the people in that class became some of my very best friends.
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