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3,623 reviews
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I love the University of Pittsburgh - it really feels like home here. Most of the professors are extremely qualified and passionate, but some are not the most helpful. I love the challenging environment here at Pitt and I am so proud to be a student here. However, the dining hall food is pretty horrible.
The University of Pittsburgh is absolutely beautiful. The campus is stunning and there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy. Also, the university is extremely diverse and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. The academics that I have experienced here are wonderful and the professors are extremely helpful. I feel extremely confident that I will receive a good job upon getting my degree here.
While a large university provides a large range of majors, activities, clubs, internship/research positions and networking opportunities, sometimes the large classes can take away from a positive learning environment. While many majors have smaller classes after freshmen year, other majors like biology and psychology continue to have large lectures throughout the 4 years. On the other hand, all of the professors hold students to a high standard which ensured the success of the whole student body.
Pitt is Lit. Great resources available for social and academic success. Very responsive to any issues. Classes are challenging.
Good local acknowledgement in the great Pittsburgh area. Students are hardworking with some party groups too. Faculty are responsible and efficient. Traditional atmosphere in the local area. Dorms are expensive compared to the local housing prices. Not many choices on campus food.
The University of Pittsburgh is a large research institution that offers a variety of degree programs for undergraduates and interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students as well. The graduate programs generally are well-funded and offer great teaching experience to help prepare for academic careers. Tuition is a bit more expensive than at comparable public universities, although the experience and employ-ability of students is generally favorable.
Pitt is a good school with engaged professors, a broad offering of programs, and a nice urban location.
I love the environment at the University of Pittsburgh(UoP) because everyone brings their own qualities yet everyone is extremely dedicated to their studies. The academics here are great and on more than one occasion they have focused on what is important in the job field along with standard learning. The faculty push you to do better, but are always available to help. This is a great school and the only thing that I would like to see change is maybe one less day of calculus two since it is five days a week.
I love this University. The University of Pittsburgh main campus is located one neighborhood away from downtown Pittsburgh, and is only a ten minute bus ride away. The neighborhood the University is located in, Oakland, still gives off the small city feel and has lots of food, shopping, tattoo parlors, a hookah lounge, and vape shop. Though there are a lot of students at the university, you will make friends with the people in your dorm, classes, and clubs and extra curriculars. There are a multitude of majors at Pitt, and a lot of interesting combinations that can be made. For example, I am a criminal justice major with a concentration in law enforcement as well as a psychology major and I am working towards an American Sign Language certificate.
There is not much that you can’t do at Pitt. Hundreds of clubs and organizations, many scholarships available, research labs, a plethora of study abroad programs, and a fantastic Career Development office that works to help the students find internships and jobs. As an ACC school, Pitt plays some top competition across several sports and student sections for football and basketball are electric, all at the cheap price of $5/ticket. Everyone I have interacted with, whether it be professors, administrators, or the workers at the dining halls have a genuine appreciation for working at Pitt and always have a cheerful spirit, which is refreshing especially when academics can make things stressful. Proximity to Carnegie Mellon University allows for dual enrollment opportunities, and with free public transportation for students there is access to the unique culture of all of the city of Pittsburgh, from its numerous museums, restaurants, and theatres. It is truly a one-of-a kind university.
I came to Pitt thinking it would be my school.The engineering school is highly rated and there are many student organizations. In spite of this, it doesn’t feel right to me.
Nobody told me that gut instinct is the best guide to a good college decision. My parents helped me decide the pros and cons of schools but never gave an opinion on where I should go.This was both helpful and detrimental because I began to pressure myself to decide.
Much of my family attended Pitt but I don’t feel happy here.There are parks and academic resources everywhere. People seemed happy when I visited. Although others might love Pitt, I don’t and I may transfer.
​If you're thinking of choosing a school because you're a legacy, remember that the decision is important and it’s yours. Choose a school because it feels right. My regret is not choosing a school more suited for the girl I am. College may only be four years of your life, but these years should be your most memorable.
There are so many resources and opportunities for every student in every major. Pitt prepares you for life in the work force a great deal. The emphasis placed on rigorous education puts students in a better position to receive jobs, internships and any other experiences you can think of.
The University of Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful schools I have ever visited. It is lively and has a fun environment. The school seems to be highly honored and everyone I know that has ever attended, has loved it! One thing I would like to see change is the SAT score requirements because I feel not every student should be determined based on standardized test scores.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus where everyone is willing to help each other out and being in close proximity to downtown. Through having easy access to the bus system, students can quickly travel to other areas of the city and not just stay on campus. Also, there are a wide range of places to eat on campus not including the many restaurants throughout the city such as the Cheesecake Factory and other local places.
I am a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, I've had a very good experience. The classes are challenging, but they ultimately prepare you for success in your field of study. A wide range of classes are offered, which allow you to cater your learning to your own needs. Also, all sorts of clubs and activities are available, allowing anyone to find their place.
After 3 years at the University of Pittsburgh, I can definitely say it is one of the best decisions I made. The university definitely wants its students to get the most out of their 4+ years at the school whether it's having some great, thought-provoking professors and faculty members looking out for your best interests or offering free public busing to its students through your student ID so that you can explore the surrounding neighborhoods and appreciate the city of Pittsburgh. I've been afforded many opportunities during my time at the university that I don't think I could have gotten at another school. One downside is the lack of connectedness and understanding of diversity at the school. There are many performances, events, speakers, etc. that I feel that many students do not fully take advantage of. However, overall University of Pittsburgh is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Pitt has good class variety and the professors are good/knowledgeable so academically, it's good. There's also a heavy emphasis on athletics/sports culture that gets kind of annoying if you're not into that sort of thing though.
Coming from a small High School (about 400 kids) I never thought I would do well at a big University, but when I came to Pitt, I never thought I would be able to feel so at home.
Beautiful campus. The professors are approachable and easy to talk to. The campus is large but the community allows the university to become smaller and more comfortable.
This is a pretty great college. There are numerous classes that anyone can choose from depending on their interests and their major. Their medical part of the college is outstanding! Many of the professors are wonderful, but you will get some of the awful ones. The campus is gorgeous, especially Cathy (the Cathedral of Learning). No matter how difficult the classes are you will forever be in love with the University of Pittsburgh.
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