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Excellent social environment with many opportunities to grow and succeed. Only negative would be that classes can be quite challenging at times
I receive a great education, I am part of a passionate fan base and I have fun every day. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Hail to Pitt! The sense of pride at the University of Pittsburgh is truly amazing. My freshman year was actually what the university dubbed the "Year of Diversity", celebrating and embracing every walk of life. And everyone is so very friendly there!
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Pitt has great academics but a fallacy that is all-too-common amongst science teachers is that all of his or her students are pre-med. Albeit, your introductory science classes will be filled with transient pre-med students, by the end, few will remain pre-med. There isn't a whole lot to do on the campus, either. I've found myself bored too often. From a social standpoint, the campus is lacking. There aren't many school-sponsored events. However, again, the academics are incredible. You will definitely learn a lot while there. Also, most of the teachers want you to succeed--you just need to talk with them. Overall, it's a great college but don't expect the stereotypical college experience of late-night drunken stupors and parties you only vaguely remember the next day. Instead, get ready to pick up a book and hope the curve is nice.
Pitt is an amazing school no matter what you are into. The atmosphere is always upbeat and you can tell everyone around you is working hard to achieve greatness!
The University of Pittsburgh is a wonderful university full of diversity and opportunity. In the beginning of the year, I dove nervously into the unknown of the university and new environment I quickly adjusted to the sudden changes once meeting friendly peers and Pittsburgh residents. I participated in many on campus events and even joined a club to connect with other with similar interests as me. The academics of Pitt are challenging yet rewarding. Most of my professors cared about the subject they were teaching and of the students they were teaching. Campus food is amazing and there are plenty of options with dining passes and dollars that will guarantee no food boredom. Pittsburgh itself is a beautiful city filled with lots of things to do and towns to explore. I can't wait for what's in store for the next 3 years of my education at the University of Pittsburgh!
The University of Pittsburgh is an awesome place to live and study. Located right in the heart of Oakland, there is always a lot to do, between the outdoor concerts on Bigelow or the food truck gatherings on Fifth, or the various museums that you can get into for free with your Pitt ID. The professors are wonderful and really put their students' success first. The campus is very clean and safe. With UPMC located on-campus, there are many opportunities for students pursuing a career in the medical field to get the hands-on experience that they are looking for. All in all, Pitt is great school that everyone should consider.
As an overall, the experience at the University of Pittsburgh has been unbelievable. That there is so much to do around the campus. That as a student i truly get what i pay for in a college experience
I have had a great experience with the computer science and information science departments here. In addition, the location is ideal for networking with companies and finding internships.
I loved attending the University of Pittsburgh. Previously, I had lived in Philadelphia across the state, and I must say that the city of Pittsburgh is better.
Pitt is definitely underrated. I came to Pitt because it's #3 in the nation for my major and they were more than generous when it came to financial aid. I loved my time at Pitt and I am excited about becoming an alumna.
A very good school. My experience in the College of General Studies was fantastic. They provided good support for me as a non-traditional student. Now I am in the School of Social Work and find the program very personal, challenging, and supportive.
I love the University of Pittsburgh - it really feels like home here. Most of the professors are extremely qualified and passionate, but some are not the most helpful. I love the challenging environment here at Pitt and I am so proud to be a student here. However, the dining hall food is pretty horrible.
The University of Pittsburgh is absolutely beautiful. The campus is stunning and there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy. Also, the university is extremely diverse and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. The academics that I have experienced here are wonderful and the professors are extremely helpful. I feel extremely confident that I will receive a good job upon getting my degree here.
While a large university provides a large range of majors, activities, clubs, internship/research positions and networking opportunities, sometimes the large classes can take away from a positive learning environment. While many majors have smaller classes after freshmen year, other majors like biology and psychology continue to have large lectures throughout the 4 years. On the other hand, all of the professors hold students to a high standard which ensured the success of the whole student body.
Pitt is Lit. Great resources available for social and academic success. Very responsive to any issues. Classes are challenging.
Good local acknowledgement in the great Pittsburgh area. Students are hardworking with some party groups too. Faculty are responsible and efficient. Traditional atmosphere in the local area. Dorms are expensive compared to the local housing prices. Not many choices on campus food.
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The University of Pittsburgh is a large research institution that offers a variety of degree programs for undergraduates and interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students as well. The graduate programs generally are well-funded and offer great teaching experience to help prepare for academic careers. Tuition is a bit more expensive than at comparable public universities, although the experience and employ-ability of students is generally favorable.
Pitt is a good school with engaged professors, a broad offering of programs, and a nice urban location.
I love the environment at the University of Pittsburgh(UoP) because everyone brings their own qualities yet everyone is extremely dedicated to their studies. The academics here are great and on more than one occasion they have focused on what is important in the job field along with standard learning. The faculty push you to do better, but are always available to help. This is a great school and the only thing that I would like to see change is maybe one less day of calculus two since it is five days a week.
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