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After working in the lab for several years, I feel like Pitt is a great place for undergrad and grad students.
My experience at Pitt has been absolutely life changing. I truly have never been happier at a place in my entire life and I never thought I'd say that. The people in Pittsburgh are what make the city. They are so friendly and helpful and creative. At school there is so much pride and love for the city it just makes it a happy atmosphere.
Convenient and safe location for students. Very collaborative culture and faculties provide highly organized lectures.
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Overall, my experience so far at the University of Pittsburgh has been positive. I have enjoyed the majority of my professors, who for the most part have been accessible to students at office hours or by appointment. The city of Pittsburgh is also just a great place to go to school because the city itself is not so vast that it becomes overwhelming, but there is always something interesting to do on the weekends. The campus is hard to beat and the sports scene is very big here if that interests you.
Hi I am parent of a daughter who has just completed her first year at Pitt. I was first of all pleased with the informational sessions that we attended last year as part of the orientation process after our daughter committed. The programs and sessions were very informative and provided excellent feedback from current students also. Some of the information shared was academic, dorm related and student body safety and social issues. I thought that the staff and drama students did a thorough and fantastic job of portraying some issues and situations that could arise and how to deal with them as a student and how the university as a whole has there to help and how those helps are available to them and to the families involved. It helped to put my mind more at ease with our child being on an urban campus.
Very good school with a good amount of school spirit. I love attending Pitt, it is challenging at times though, people ask me about 'weed out classes' and I tell them it is a 'weed out school'.
Pitt had great academic and internship opportunities, and still made sure students didn't feel like they were just "part of the crowd" even in huge lectures.
I like the environment in Pittsburgh. Staff and faculty are really friendly and helpful. Overall you will learn a lot in Pitt
I am very impressed with the amount of variety within classes, professors, and students alone. If I could change one thing, I would revise the way in which signing up for classes would run
More convenient gym locations would be useful for students who do not live either in North Oakland or on top of the hill. Additionally, more activities with better advertisement from the university student affairs would be nice.
Doing research here as a freshman so far has been great. I’ve had some really great professors, and some not so great ones, but that’s to be expected at any school! You have to be willing to put in the work, but Pitt has a lot of opportunities for anyone who is willing to reach out and take them!
The on campus food is expensive and tastes meh. The off campus food is cheaper and tastes better and is better for you. Dorms and the city are very safe, though there are around 3-5 homeless people on the streets.
I love the environment and culture that the school has to offer. The professors are friendly and helpful. Transport is accessible and food is affordable.
I love attending a rigorous school with great professors and peers. There are many opportunities at your fingertips as long as you seek them out. Faculty does their best to help you when you make connections with them.
If I could describe the Univeristy of Pittsburgh in one world, it would be home. Despite all of its flaws and imperfections, it is a safe space where I can explore and learn. The campus itself is a small city with features that make it feel more cozy than full-out sophisticated. From our beautiful Cathedral of Learning (we lovingly call her Cathy) to the spacious Schenley Park, there are tons of secret nooks that are perfect for studying. The professors, while teaching multiple classes, still make themselves available for questions outside the classroom. They are never too busy to stop and chat if you see them around campus; they really care about your education and that you have a passion for what you are studying. Overall, Pitt is an amazing college to attend. The community surrounding the campus challenge you and support you all at once. I’m extremely happy I made the decision to attend the University of Pittsburgh. Go Panthers!
I love the urban feel of Pitt's campus and overall my experience has been great. However, the on campus food is horrible and the staff that runs the facilities are always grumpy and sassy. The security guards make living in the dorm difficult. They are very uncooperative when you try to sign your friends in. For the most part I have loved my professors except for this semester. I had a graduate student teach my physics class and he did an awful job. The first exam had an average of a 40%. Why am I paying so much to have a graduate student teach me? I understand having graduate students run recitations but to have them teach an entire section is ridiculous. He was unprofessional and was clearly drowning in the work required of him to teach the class.
At Pitt, there is something for everyone, whether it be a major that other schools don't offer or a club that's very unique. I find it very easy to find a niche for myself on campus both academically and socially. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences has a lot of top ranked programs and they really make me feel at home. Being a Nationality Rooms tour guide in the Cathedral of Learning allows me to share my love of history with others, even though I am not pursuing a degree in history.
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Pitt has a great engineering program that rivals PennState for less in state tuition. The program has a common core for freshman year which is nice if you are not sure what engineering major you want to do but the engineering intro class is a bit dated. Luckily for newconers there is a new Freshman Engineering Director who will be updating the program.
The university has a wide range of classes and majors to choose from, as well as a large, busy campus with many events. The partnership with the county's bus transit system is a nice perk. However, they are not very accommodating to individuals with disabilities, and they lose paperwork consistently and take up to a month and a half to process a refund.
I like the university for several reasons. Everybody I meet has an interesting story to tell. The facilities are great and there are programs and classes for people of every nationality. It's a diverse place with much to offer.
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