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the university has been preparing me for life outside of college. the professors and staff are dedicated and wise resources. I would love to see more development as far as academic majors offered.
Very good experience. First off the location is awesome. Being right next to downtown Pittsburgh is awesome. There is always something to do in the area. Next academics. Classes are really good if you find the ones that interest you. Most Professors really want you you learn the material and are always there even if there are 300+ students in one class. Overall highly recommended University.
I love the atmosphere, and it feels like home there. They make you push yourself to become a better student, and it is a very friendly environment with lots of activities to do.
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My time at the University of Pittsburgh has taught me so much and allowed me to grow as a person in tremendous ways. Between thoughtful professors and friendships that will last a lifetime, my experience at Pitt has been almost entirely perfect. H2P!!
During my time here at the University of Pittsburgh, I have experienced really good professors who know what they are talking about. All of the professors I have had so far are definitely qualified to do their job as most of them have doctorates or are currently working in the field that they are teaching in. Although the academic side is amazing, the party life is not too lively unless you know people which for me is not too important as I am here to get an education. The dorm life is okay depending on where you live and can range from pretty bad to pretty good. The food here is also good so if you are a person that loves food Pittsburgh will not disappoint.
I like the plethora of opportunity that comes with being in a city and the school feels smaller than it seems; you run into people you know all the time.
Great city with a great engineering program. Lots of nice professors and a good campus. Decent food and fun programs.
The University of Pittsburgh has, so far, lived up to my expectations. The professors have proven to be very helpful and kind. The facilities on campus are clean and up to date, they are constantly improving the buildings and the campus in general.
The classes are good and the professors are very helpful. However as a transfer student I didn’t have an option to apply for/receive scholarships. Also I wasn’t guaranteed housing.
Pitt has challenged me as a student. I am in the Swanson School of Engineering, and I feel that the curriculum is reflective of a school that is striving to produce quality engineers. The workload has not been easy, but it will prepare me for the rigor of being an engineer. The professors are fantastic, and the school offers many real world work experiences. Pitt is a school preparing students to better the world.
I enjoy the school, education I have received and professors in my program. I have been treated very well, and enjoyed my time spent at Pitt! If you like urban schools, this is a great option and has a lot of community aspects. There are great eateries and stores along the main strip of buildings, and free bus rides throughout the city with your ID.
I thought that the college was a good one to start out at. I especially liked the dorms, and how well-kept they were. The sports options were also really good, and I loved the volleyball class. If there was anything that I would like changed, it would be how costly everything is. Going to that school definitely takes money.
Pitt is a great school all around. Academics are emphasized and there is a lot of stuff to do when not in class. The food options under the meal plan are sub par and there is not much diversity, but what can you expect from a large public university? All in all, would highly recommend, especially STEM majors.
Pitt is my home away from home. I met some absolutely amazing people here and there were so many ways to get involved on campus. As a person who loves football and sports, I loved going to a school where that is a big part of campus life. My only complaint is that since we are a research university, some of the science professors are more concerned with research than teaching, which can make doing well in the class hard. Although, most of my professors have been wonderful and very dedicated to the students.
I loved the urban campus and the endless opportunities to be involved! The professors are so helpful and the easy access to food and resources makes the experience amazing.
Pittsburgh is a beautiful city and an absolutely suitable place for whoever wishes to focus on study!
I absolutely love my university of pittsburgh. The people there are the most friendly. The professors are really friendly and extremely understanding. Even the food on campus is not that good, the city is filled with inexpensive good food. Everything needed is close by therefore its in perfect spot. The services on campus are really nice and there are a lot of quite places on campus and out of the campus too. The city is filled with volunteering oppoturnities and my overall experience was really great and i am very happy here.
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I love Pitt!! Only thing I would change is how pricey apartments in the area are!! Some classes are big, but offer smaller meeting times once a week for more one on one time with classmates and teacher assistants. Academic advisors are very helpful and do everything they can to make your time at Pitt the most efficient, helping you add minors and certificates to your degree.
Overall not a bad school, but also not really a great school. Some of the teachers are really good, and know how to best present the material. Many of professors are just doing the teaching motions. Depending on the material don't depend on the TA to help with too much.

Lots of great clubs though with plenty of opertunites to meet new people and find some great friends.

The campus being in the city is alright with many things to do, but is also a huge disadvantage with builds scattered all over Oakland.

Campus food is meh, but there are lots of great places in the area to eat. Just don't ask for a local grocer.
I love Pitt! The city is beautiful and as a pitt student, you are connected to it in so many ways: free bus pass, and free access to many local museums. I would like to see on campus housing and professors improve, but all in all a beautiful university and campus with a lot to offer.
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