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I am a Humanities major. I also work privately as an English language tutor. Learning about other cultures is one of my main goals. The University of Pittsburgh, through it's student diversity I have met people from many different countries. At the university's ESL school, The English Language Institute, I had the opportunity to experience teaching an English language class to foreign students.
The University of Pittsburgh has a motto that states that Pitt is "where it all comes together." I can't do anything but agree. The University has amazing programs in almost every single field you can imagine. Each department has wonderful professors, and surprisingly you can still be in a lot of classes that average just around 40-60 people. The University of Pittsburgh has an amazing atmosphere and the locality is amazing. Uber is really popular in the city and makes travel easy also, along with free bus rides with the Port Authority bus system. The food is decent, and the University ranks as one of the healthiest universities. Everything about the place is generally excellent. The worst things about the place are still decent at worst.
The course us extremely challenging. If some of the professors spoke better English, that would be a tremdous help. Love the campus.
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As a very challenging and demanding school, I expected nothing less when choosing the University of Pittsburgh as the next step in furthering my education. I am continually doing things I did not think was possible as I am diligently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
I liked the strong academics at a larger university. I also liked how Pitt is in a city, but not right in the heart of downtown. It still has it's own identity. Public transportation options are amazing.
Amazing school, provides an excellent education to all its students. I am extremely happy here... The professors provide so much feedback and help to their students as well. Athletics are at a good ranking as well.
I enjoy Greensburg campus because it's small and had a friendly environment. I want to tho to main campus my senior year.
I loved the atmosphere and campus, but the dorms weren't my favorite. Throughout the tour, the guide was engaging and interactive, making it a memorable trip.
This university is perfect for people who want to get away from the suburban life, but who also don't want to live directly in the city. The University of Pittsburgh is also perfect for those who enjoy lots of school spirit. You can see people walking around with Pitt gear on at any time of the day. There are tons of clubs and sports to join for those who enjoy being active and having something to do all the time. However, the tuition is quite high, but it is the only issue I have with this school.
I like how the university allows me to choose my favorite classes and pick and choose the correct classes for me to be successful in my major track. I wish the professors were a bit more accessible and willing to help with recommendation letters and grad school applications.
The professors are interesting and hands on as well as always around to help. The campus is surrounding by an amazing city and cultural spots. The university sponsors many activities supporting an activity and engaged student life.
The campus is spread throughout the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It's a wonderful neighborhood and a good college area. Students get free public transportation with their Pitt IDs and free entry into multiple museums in Pittsburgh. There are multiple places to eat on campus that take either panther funds or dining dollars, it may be a good idea to take advantage of these as the dining hall food is sub-par at best.
Pitt is a great school academically and offers students to be very well rounded, offering many events, clubs, sports and other opportunities as well. The city of Pittsburgh and surrounding neighborhoods offer up lots of internship opportunities and other fun things to do as well.
Big campus and lots of ways to get involved! There is something for everyone at Pitt. Lots of major and minors to pick from and, with so many people around, you're guaranteed to make lifelong friends! I'm happy with my decision to come to Pitt and would encourage others to become a panther. H2P!
I absolutely love Pitt. It is not just another 4 years of classroom education. I have grown so much as a person, learning to deal with everyday college obstacles as well as how function as a human being in such a diverse place. The diversity is incredibly eye-opening, and Pitt makes sure you understand that. There is a multitude of opportunities for you to learn and take part in important discussions revolving around the importance of individuality, among other topics. Pitt really tries to teach you not just inside the classroom, but outside as well.
The atmosphere is great. The student body is diverse and the city living experience is a lot of fun. Pittsburgh is a very safe city. I think it is safe to say pitt is truly concerned for their students safety. I've had a mix of great professors and awful professors. My best professors have been classes outside of my major. Those have seemed to be the teachers most involved into the subject and their students. The cost of living here is very high. Food is really expensive if your someone who likes to eat out. There are an abundance of clubs and sorties but with how challenging the academics are I have no clue how any one finds time for it. I would say if you want the pitt experience go to a branch campus. It would be way more personable. And the cost of living outside of the city is probably wayyy cheaper.
Professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. Beyond school, there are hundreds of clubs and activities to keep students active. However, I don't like that the same class can be vastly different based on the professor; one professor could fail you for the same work that would easily pass with a different professor.
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I really like the campus at University of Pittsburgh and the classes are big but very interesting. There are lots to do in downtown Pittsburgh. All around great school.
Knowledgeable and engaging instructors in social sciences. Diverse curriculum including African American studies courses. Opportunities for adult learners.
The campus buildings are exquisitely designed: gothic architecture, and is a safe environment to boot.
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