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Very fun college but academically very serious. If you want a "Ivy League-ish" public school then Pitt is for you!
my experience was good. it was a nice small town to attend school and be on my own for the first time. i had nice, good professors, the campus was nice and i felt safe. i partied alot which is why i probably was there for six years. lol.
I love the environment that Pittsburgh has and Pitt makes sure you're given every opportunity possible.
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I love The University of Pittsburgh for all that it has given me. I loved being in a medium-sized city. It helped me develop more culturally and diversity-wise. The city is a great place to live. The academic portion is phenomenal as well. I was able to take a variety of classes that I was interested in.
I love how beautiful the campus is and how easy it is to get involved. If i could change anything, it would be the lack of diversity.
My favorite things about Pitt are the Cathedral of Learning and Therapy Dog Tuesdays. The rest of my experience has been so-so. Hardly anyone likes their math professors, the physics department is scattered and has a lot of bad professors, etc. But, the German department is wonderful.
The University of Pittsburgh is a great place to receive your college education. It is challenging, yet gratifying. As a current freshman, I don't have much experience, but so far my time at Pitt has been pretty good.
The "ivy league" of public universities. Five-star academics, night life, campus, student life, local area (especially restaurants!), and return on investment. Would highly recommend.
Absolutely beautiful campus and environment!! Very motivating and encouraging to do your best. Great teaching staff and education, as well as assistance from other students.
Pitt offers unrivaled support and services for its students. Wonderful population, knowledgable faculty, and widespread opportunities. The administration also does their best to make themselves visible, yet approachable, which I always thought would be impossible in an institution of this size. The only room for improvement would be slightly more updated facilities-- but that is something they have consistently been improving for a few years. Hail to Pitt!
Great location. Close to shopping, grocery stores, easy to get around. Fun bars and clubs. Faculty is awesome and most of them are interested in the welfare of their students. Labs are new and there are plenty of opportunities for jobs or work studies on campus.
Choosing to attend this school changed my life entirely for the better. The experiences and education I gained were invaluable. I was able to meet so many different people, study in a large variety of fields, work closely with passionate professors, utilize excellent student services, and explore Pittsburgh - a city I now call home. Also being a first generation college student, having a TRIO SSS program was essential to my success. I was able to earn my BA in four years and study abroad. The emphasis on developing a worldview, appreciating diversity, and understanding the importance of seeking knowledge are strongly emphasized here. The opportunities I had, and the networks I built have continued to be beneficial to me even after graduating two years ago. My only negative was how expensive it was; nevertheless, I do not ever regret choosing to go here. Having a degree from Pitt is well respected. H2P!
It looks good to employers that you went here but I wish there were more fun activities to do on campus.
It was a challenging school with lots of opportunities. People are supportive and diverse and I think everyone can find a place here that makes them feel at home. It's getting better now, but there was a bit of a toxic environment when it came to stress and getting good grades especially for pre-med/pre-graduate school students. Some departments are better than others about making the department feel like family (i.e. Chemistry was a very welcoming and warm department). Also, not a terribly expensive school and lots of scholarship opportunities if you did well in high school and through the Honors College. Pittsburgh is a great city to live in while young and you should take advantage of the many free and wonderful cultural opportunities.
University of Pittsburgh is a beautiful school to go to. Being really close to the city, you can see all the building light up at night. The campus is very good as school building are relatively close to each other. There are plenty of affordable restaurants and fast food places to eat, which I know is a must for college students. I am an engineering student there and I can say the program there is great and the teachers are very knowledgeable. The students there are great too. There are thousands of students here so you probably will not meet them all, but I have made many friends there. The one thing I would change about the school is sometimes at night, I do not feel that safe walking alone on campus. There is an area called South Oakland where the majority of the students live and I feel like Pittsburgh does not offer enough options regarding safety when you have to get home after a night class or just have to get back during the nighttime.
Love the campus!! Lots of things to do in your free time if you have any. Classes are difficult but you can get help
The University of Pittsburgh is very professional and well worth it’s money. The location is unique and not your average college town. The campus may not be appealing to students who do not like City life, but the opportunities are endless in Pittsburgh.
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Pitt is a great school and I like how it has a college campus feel but is in the city. Taking local transportation is easy to go downtown.
Most of my class experiences have been great, and professors are always willing to help. There are plenty of opportunities for networking and job experiences since we are right by UPMC and many major companies.
The program I am in (Library Science) is mostly ignored by the administration. Our building is drafty. The program is being revamped, which means that a lot of professors are retiring or leaving, and students are left with a limited number of classes to select. There are constantly problems with transcripts being misplaced, students being promised tuition remission and then not receiving it, and students never hearing back from professors or administrators they attempt to contact. The graduate student groups are poorly organized and receive little guidance. When a mistake is made with paperwork, it takes a long time to get it corrected and the school will not admit it was their mistake. The required classes are often redundant, and valid electives are not made clear (and sometimes not listed at all). There is almost no communication regarding funding and even in a small program it is easy to be overlooked and ignored when you have a problem.
I love this school. They really go out of their way to provide you with opportunities like internships, co-ops, outside of the classroom assistance and real life experience that goes far beyond your four years as a undergraduate student.
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