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The urban location provides and excellent transition to those coming from metropolitan backgrounds. This school is centered in an up and coming environment so there's always something to do. There is so much culture and pride here and I've had a great education!
University of Pittsburgh is a great school if you are able to learn in a big school environment. If you don't want close relationships with your professors or adviser, then you will do well. If you want a classroom setting where you will interact with other students and the professors, this is probably not the school for you. Off campus housing is not great...many slumlords who don't care about the tenants. And, it is the 2nd most depressing city in the Country.
I love the city and the campus! Pitts offers so much to students. It is relatively expense when you come from out of state, however it has so many things included in their price. Worth every penny!
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I love Pitt's campus. It is beautiful and nicely maintained. The city offers a variety of activities and events to keep the students entertained. The school's student life is very active; there are a lot of events that keeps anyone and everyone busy. The academic programs are amazing. The staff imparts new knowledge and information on everyone.
Pitt became my first choice right when I first came here for a tour as a high school junior. The campus is absolutely beautiful as well as the city of Pittsburgh as a whole. It is a very strong school in terms of academics with many senior professors. I lived in a dorm my first year: it was pretty much as what I expected a dorm to be like - not lower than my expectations, so I wasn't disappointed. Student life is great - many events are organized by students
Pitt's campus is very nice but classes are so big and scheduling is awful. You can't get classes you want and professors don't care about the students. Hard to build connections with faculty and staff.
The University of Pittsburgh is located in on of the greatest college cities in the country. The city of Pittsburgh has delicious food, atmosphere, and despite the cold weather, it is a beautiful place to live. University of Pittsburgh has well educated professors, a wide range of alumni connections, and one of the best occupational/physical therapy graduate programs in the country.
The University of Pittsburgh is unlike any other college. I can say that I am having one of the most well rounded experiences at Pitt and I wouldn't change it for the world. Although freshman dorms are not too nice, it is only one small down side to a school of endless possibilities. Pitt provides a home for everyone. The immense amount of clubs and activities are sure to get you involved in the community and help create an exciting home! #H2P
I attend as a graduate student. I like the urban setting and amenities of local communitities. There is always something to do on the weekend and great new restaurants to try. Free bus pass with your student ID makes commuting easy. My programs were what I wanted, but I suggest looking in to if your program of interest is theory vs. practical skills based, what criteria are used for its national ranking, and what types of jobs graduates can get upon leaving the program.
I came to the University of Pittsburgh as an undeclared major. Pitt has helped me refine my professional goals and has helped me progress and develop as an individual. I am fortunate to go to a school that has so many learning opportunities, and allows me to grow professionally.
I have had such an amazing experience at this University. Not only have my classes been interesting and my professors intelligent and helpful, I have found the community to be so welcoming and fun. There are so many opportunities to get involved both on and off campus through many student organizations, student jobs, volunteering, etc. Unfortunately it is very expensive for a public institution.
I had some wonderful professors at Pitt. But I also experienced some of the absolute worst in my many years in graduate programs. The administration was apathetic about helping me solve problems. Professors are protected to act how ever they please and often have horrible behavior. There are zero consequences for them. The support system for students is less than impressive .
-Pitt is a unique college environment. The campus is different from most other colleges because it has a city feel more than a big campus feel. I find this to have more pros and cons because there is always so much to do!
-There are over 500 clubs and student organizations, so there are plenty of ways to get involved and really make the most out of your four years. Advisors are great and faculty want to see the students succeed, but not without any effort.
-Party scene is decent. Greek life isn't very important here.
-One thing I would like to see change is the availability of affordable, close to campus, student housing.
The University of Pittsburgh has such a welcoming atmosphere, I always feel at home when I am here and love all of the the profressors, faculty, and fellow students!
I love that Pitt challenges me! I feel like all my classes are starting to connect and my learning experience has been great thus far.
Pitt is excellent for scientific research and study. The campus is very urban, being that there is little separation between Oakland and Pitt’s campus— which is something that I love. The architecture on campus is an interesting mix of gothic (the Cathedral of Learning, Alumni Hall) and brutalist (Posvar Hall, Chevron Science Center) styles that are forever fascinating— the Cathedral is (in my opinion) the most gorgeous skyscraper ever constructed. Over the years, all of my professors have been very knowledgeable, great lecturers, and willing to answer questions to help students do well, and I have found taking honors courses a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. I have lived in Sutherland Hall and Bouquet Gardens Appartments on campus and both have been great. Food on campus has gotten better over the years, though it still is nothing to write home about. Overall, Pitt has provided me with a great college experience and has prepared me well for medical school.
I cannot wait to go to the University of Pittsburgh! I'm very excited to be able to get a great education while exploring the great city. I'm especially excited to try out and hopefully play for the ultimate team!
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the university has been preparing me for life outside of college. the professors and staff are dedicated and wise resources. I would love to see more development as far as academic majors offered.
Very good experience. First off the location is awesome. Being right next to downtown Pittsburgh is awesome. There is always something to do in the area. Next academics. Classes are really good if you find the ones that interest you. Most Professors really want you you learn the material and are always there even if there are 300+ students in one class. Overall highly recommended University.
I love the atmosphere, and it feels like home there. They make you push yourself to become a better student, and it is a very friendly environment with lots of activities to do.
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