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University of Pittsburgh - Titusville Reviews

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Comfortable surroundings, helpful / friendly staff, professors, and cafeteria staff. Its small campus and reasonable tutition.
There were a lot of things I wish I could change about Pitt Titusville. I love that it's small but there are just small knacks that need changed ASAP.
On this small campus, you are able to really get to know your professors in and out of class, with all the school events as well as running into them if you happen to frequent the campus on your daily life. Many of the courses as well as the activities either run by the students or faculty are all very interactive and build a community within the confinements of the college.
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my experience at the university of pittsburgh at titusville,Pa campus is exactly what i wanted it to be laid back, small town, and less distractions.
This college was seriously an amazing school! Despite it being a travel from home its a small school and is perfect for me starting out and being away from home for the first time.
My school has been very flexible and reasonable to scheduling classes and keeping us engaged in the process.
I learn well with the small class size and the ease of approachable professors.
The value of a nursing degree from Pitt is priceless to me. They are well known for a high success rate, and are respected with employers.
I completed my first year of pre-nursing, and will begin my sophomore year next month. Being a nursing major is difficult; as it should be! The professors at my school are invested in my success. They prepare us for the exam, and have numerous facilities we can do our clinicals.
My school is unique because of its location and the accountability I feel with being on a campus that is small. I never have to look far for any type of help.
I have had to schedule my job around school, but they have a wide range of classes and class times.
Some of my classes are hybrid classes and they are online and in the classroom. The online courses are nice because I can get everything done in the comfort of my home. The professors are always on standby and I can email them any questions I have whenever I want.
I am not sure how good it is because I have not graduated, but some people who I know have had a good experience with it.
This school has great programs and one of my professors is a full time attorney, he got his degree from our school.
The teachers know what they are talking about and they thoroughly explain everything. They are also always available outside of class if a student has a question.
The classes that are in my major are taught by real life people who are using it. My one professor from Probation and Parole was a Probation Officer, with his experience he can provide real life examples.
This is a small campus with small class sizes. The professors get to know your name and they actually care about your education. One time, I did not turn in an assignment and the professor came to me and asked me about it. You wouldn't have that on a larger campus.
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small classes helps me know my teacher better
mu school is everything i need to succeed, the small campus helps me alot
The student body is alright, not really alot of students but its a nice enough for educational purposes.
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