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Great professors, sub par peers, garbage food and garbage night life. Would recommend solely on the professors though.
Really nice rural campus. Not a whole lot to do besides go over friends apartments/dorms and go to the gym. Party scene is pretty "blah" other than frats and the occasional bar. Most students go home on the weekends.
Most professors on campus are devoted to preparing you for your future in you area of study. Campus is quiet during the week, which promotes good study time.
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Worst university in the United States of America. Everything is outdated, the food served in prison is better than the food served in the cafeteria. Fitting because the university and prison have a lot of similarities. There is absolutely NOTHING to do. Campus police treat those who party, drink alcohol and smoke weed like members of Americas Top 10 most wanted fugitives. I guess they have nothing better to do. ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A UNIVERSITY.
This campus is terrible. The only good thing about it is the academic staff.

If you are a commuter this campus might be perfect for you, but as a senior who has lived on campus all 4 years it is terrible.

I moved into a townhouse my senior year with mold growing through the carpet in the downstairs living room. When we told the RA's about the mold they "assured us it was non-toxic" when they had not even been to our place to see it. The housing staff sent cleaning staff to clean our carpets but typically when there is mold growing through the carpet it needs to be torn up and redone.

There are very few options for on campus housing that don't force you to have a meal plan. The meal plans are very expensive and the food is terrible. The Sodexo staff is typically understaffed which results in large lines and 20-30 minutes waits for a sandwich.

If I could go back to my freshman year I would have 100% transferred somewhere else before I wasted my money on an inadequate campus.
The faculty are nice and do alot on campus to help students. The campus life is great and there are events every weekend. They provide free busing to three cities in PA for students to go home for the holidays. The academics are wonderful and professors are amazing. The food is awful, but all college food is. Housing could use some updates, but they are working on that now.
This fall, I begin my sophomore year. Thus far, my experience at UPJ has been successful, in that, the biology curriculum has been very informative. Although,l I have decided to change my major to Secondary Education-Biology.

I would like to see more professor outreach in guiding (specifically incoming freshmen) when they are seen struggling academically.
Faculty did not assist freshman very well. Everything was very confusing and it was difficult to find anyone to help.
Need to check out this school! It is in a beautiful setting, academics are great. It is small enough to feel like family but is associated with a main campus so you can travel and experience the larger picture.
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is a very relaxed, yet engaging campus. The people and staff are welcoming, helpful, and hard working. The campus is comforting with its acres of woods surrounding it, and safe. Having various clubs and activities going on around campus, there is no excuse for having nothing to do. The services offered here are great, ranging from career assistance, tutoring, to health and fitness. My favorite part about the campus, and also the first thing I noticed was the many critters running around. We are accompanied by cute squirrels, chipmunks, birds, etc. If you are trying to get away from the city and home, the Johnstown campus is the perfect fit. Pitt Johnstown is a great place to start making memories and building your future!
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is relatively an amazing college to attend with its diversity and determined professors who are there for every student. They want you to succeed.
As a commuter, it's always harder to get involved in school. That part is a litrle disappointing, but UPJ is a very inexpensive, local option for those who might not be able to afford otherwise. The academics are good, with an outstanding engineering program. All of the professors make the effort to help every student. I was honestly upset at going to UPJ at first, but after finishing my first year, I'm thankful for the ability to get my schooling at a very low cost, giving me basically zero debt. With an abundant amount of academic scholarships, it creates an even easier load money-wise. Definitely worth the consideration and second look.
In campus, I like how safe it is because after all it is a very important factor when you choose a school. I also really liked the classrooms and professors, they are always willing to help you when you are struggling to understand a certain topic. The location is alright, it is nice how they have the shuttle service so that students are able to travel to the town center, but the food variety should improve because it seems a bit unfair for students to pay a good amount of money for that kind of food.
I have had a good experience at UPJ so far. From my experience I find that it is a great place to be an education major. I have had pretty good teachers from my experience so far. There are many campus activities if you want to be included in campus life. My RA's were friendly and easy to talk to if you needed anything. The area is kind of boring there is not much to do off of campus and the food in the dining hall is not that great, but I feel like I am getting a good education for what I came here for.
As a college freshman, there is only so much that I can say about this college. However, all I have to say are good things! The faculty is concerned about how you do in college and are always willing to assist you in any way they can. There are also several facilities on campus that you are free to use. My experience at UPJ has been an excellent one so far, and it will be one that I will never forget!
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown offers a positive learning atmosphere and an outstanding record of student success. Pitt-Johnstown’s excellence is reflected by the distinctive combination of people, programs, and place results in exceptional performance in preparing students for career and professional success
I am a business major and my business related classes and professors are great! The campus is nice, but very quiet. There is not much to do in the area; you either have to drive to Altoona or Pittsburgh.
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It's not a bad school to go too. Students are overall good, teachers are very easy to work with and helpful. Facilities are clean and some buildings are very new and nice.
Good if you like a quiet atmosphere, but you need to learn to entertain yourself and find ways of meeting people. The party scene takes place mostly in the Frats or at the Commons apartments, but campus activities don't get much participation, and weekends are very quiet as most students are local and go home for the weekend.
I love it, I feel welcomed and am accomodated very well. The professors all know you by name and are very welcoming to questions. It was defiently the right choice for me. If I could change anything it would be the food, it is decent but not great. If you do not like winters don't go here! There is always a lot of snow. But it is one of the most beautiful campus locations I have ever seen. In the city of Johnstown is pretty boring but the Univeristy is close to a Walmart and a Mall area.
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