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It's not a bad school to go too. Students are overall good, teachers are very easy to work with and helpful. Facilities are clean and some buildings are very new and nice.
Good if you like a quiet atmosphere, but you need to learn to entertain yourself and find ways of meeting people. The party scene takes place mostly in the Frats or at the Commons apartments, but campus activities don't get much participation, and weekends are very quiet as most students are local and go home for the weekend.
I love it, I feel welcomed and am accomodated very well. The professors all know you by name and are very welcoming to questions. It was defiently the right choice for me. If I could change anything it would be the food, it is decent but not great. If you do not like winters don't go here! There is always a lot of snow. But it is one of the most beautiful campus locations I have ever seen. In the city of Johnstown is pretty boring but the Univeristy is close to a Walmart and a Mall area.
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I love the campus. It is a nice location, open, but everything is close enough that it's not a pain to walk. The academics are great, and most people are friendly.
I overall like the experience that Johnstown has since I came from a smaller campus. I just wish there was a way to introduce new students to the campus the day they arrive.
Everything wa awesome. When I went to visit the first time everyone was super nice and very willing to help out and they were kind and also patient. The town is so cute and very cheerful, there’s a lot of stores and cute shops. Honestly it’s a great college to attend to.
I love the atmosphere of UPJ. The campus is beautiful. I wanted to go to a smaller campus in order to have an one on one relationship with my professors, which I feel that I received.
I really like the school. The professors are nice and want to see you pass. But the food absolutely needs to change. Maybe if this happens more people would go in the cafeteria and be with friends.
Decent enough college. It isn't as high end as some other colleges, but for the small town it is set in, it is very nice
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is a great campus to be at if you like to admire nature. It is a quaint, cozy place to be that feels like home and overall everyone is very friendly. The weekends can be a little boring due to the fact that most people go home.
I love Pittsburgh at Johnstown. The professors and staff are amazing. The environment is a great place for an education. The only problem is the food sometimes, but it is hard to feed 3000 plus kids. All in all it's a great school and an even better experience.
The food is fantastic. It's a small campus but still large enough that it appears big. The staff/faculty are great. They're always around as a resource- someone you can reach out to when you need help or have questions.
University of Pittsburgh- Johnstown has a beautiful campus, great housing, and a perfect environment for studying and helping students thrive. The professors are usually very helpful and encouraging. Students can involve themselves in a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations, which really help them prepare themselves for the real world. The university faculty and staff are very nice and respectful and are always willing to help students with whatever they might need. Overall, the school is pretty great, however, I personally feel like they can improve on the rules and regulations imposed on the students in order to maintain safety and order.
I haven't stared, im only a freshman, I can't wait to start and meet new friends, hope this is the best experience ever
UPJ is a great school for academics. It is a small school with lots to do. There is a great community atmosphere in students and staff are very friendly they offer lots of fun stuff to do and can easily find ways to have a good time.
I love UPJ. My first year at UPJ was more than I expected. I loved the small classes. I felt this allowed me to get to know the professors, and interact in classes.
I have been a student at Pitt Johnstown for 2 years now, and overall, my experience has been very enlightening. My professors work hard to prepare students for post graduate work and experiences. I feel my money is well spent here.
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It is a small campus with such beautiful professors and staff to help you every step of the way. The nursing program is the same as that of PITT Main Campus and you feel at home. The education is incredible.
I really like that our class sizes are small and allows these opportunities to grow close to my professors, I truly believe it makes me have a better education. The campus itself is beautiful and UPJ keeps it well maintained during all the seasons. They are constantly updating the campus from the Residence Halls all the way the academic buildings. There is also a lot of things to do on our campus and those who are bored aren't coming out of the rooms often enough. From clubs, to Greek life, to clubs that support your interests . Also, we have virtual reality, escape rooms, comedians, concerts, therapy dogs, programs ran by clubs, game night, rail jams, and so much more that I can't go on. True it's a smaller campus but that lets you grow close to those around you and make you feel a sense of community; but it is big enough that I guarantee that you will always be meeting new people.
The University if Pittsburgh is a beautiful college campus that is breath taking during every season. There are many trails on campus that are available for recreational use. Due to the campus size and number of students, the professors get to know you by name unlike many college campus in which you are just another number in a classroom. All the professors are friendly and more than willing to work with students to help them excel in academics.
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