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I love the small atmosphere and the ability to get to know professors. This campus has several resources available to students and everyone is very helpful for anything you might need. The only downside is it can be very boring at times especially for commuter students.
Professors do not care about their students and my academic advisors and counselors cared less. Not one ounce of respect was treated more so like a burden when I approached any of these authoritative figures at my university. The student life was laughable. No one friendly, no one would even attempt to sit by me in my classrooms. All the clubs and groups never felt welcoming nor interesting. The only people I knew on campus were my roommates generally two to three other individuals that where crammed into a small and over priced, damaged dorm that was nothing more than a singular unit hotel room. I waited my freshman year and decided I could not make a decision if I wanted to still attended. Due to the fact that I had not experienced any classes that had to do with my major. I had been throw around into random classes almost like I did not belong because I was not a math or science major. Needless to say the beginning of my sophomore year I withdrew within the first three days.
I like how the classrooms are small and that the professors show daily that they care about your education. All of the workers at the university show that they care for the students.
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The school is clean and friendly but small. I enjoyed how peaceful the are was ,however beyond the scope of studying there isn’t much else to do .
It’s a very small campus. There isn’t many fun activities. They don’t have successful ways to deal with disputes between students. Campus police treat you more like an aggressor even when you are coming to them for help. Most of the dorms are lacking air conditioning and the ones that have it are limited and extremely hard to get into.
I recently transferred to Pitt Greensburg and I enjoy the academics it has to offer. I enjoy the small campus and friendly people.
The Education Program at UPG is very strong since it makes students go into the field to visit classrooms and work with students at the start of their program. All freshman will begin by going to an after school program at Jeanette Middle School to help students with homework and after school crafts. Students from others schools in the area such as Seton Hill and Saint Vincent have students who also attend but are seniors and are just beginning their field placements. UPG allows us to gain the most knowledge by constantly allowing us to get more experience working with different age groups since we have started the program. In addition, the math department teaches us not only a variety of upper level math, but certain programs one might not see until a masters program. We work programs such as MatLab, LaTex, and Mathematica. Having experience with these programs work well with many different subjects and allow us to create descriptive models and representations of data.
The campus is small and the class room size allows students to connect with their professors. The surrounding area is quiet, but there are plenty of things to do and places to go off of campus.
My freshmen year was a success as a Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) student. The campus is beautiful and the student body is friendly and encourages me to get involved in the community. The professors are very helpful when it comes to getting help academically.
This University can not be better! The classes are smaller with great connection to teachers. The campus is beautiful, filled with fun daily activities for students. The dorms feel like home! All of the teachers are very friendly and understanding. Pitt Greensburg provides a high end affordable education and also provides a great student life on campus!
It's a very great plac with very helpful Professors. Good food on campus and extra curricular activities are great. Student leaders are helpful and administrators are always there to assist student. Large number is student live on campus.
The campus is aesthetically pleasing. It is a small campus so you most likely know everyone in the classroom. The further in your major you get, the more attention and help you will get from your professor because your class size will be so small. The professors seem intimidating in the basic classes because they are trying to "weed out" the student who do not belong in the major, but as you progress they are your greatest helpers. The professors just want to see you succeed. As far as campus involvement, there is a lot to do on campus during the week but less on the weekend because it is generally a commuter campus. There are a variety of clubs offered and there seems to be one for everyone, if you cannot find one you can create one!
I love that this university is small, because it is very easy to get to know the people around campus. One thing I would change on campus is the food. It is hard to get off of campus without a car, so if there was better food on campus then people would feel a lot better.
This university is great for students who are looking for a very small campus with a strong student life that may seem a bit immature for some college students. With the majority of students being commuters, on weekends the campus is very quiet with a limited opportunity for activity, and I would definitely not suggest going here if you do not have a vehicle for that reason. Overall, this very small campus is great if that is what you are looking for, but I would not suggest coming here if you are looking for a large campus with a bustling student body who always seem to be running around. This campus is for those who do not mind their college campus being in the center of a suburban neighborhood.
Pitt Greensburg is a very small campus where it is very easy to get one on one help from your Professors.
I had no say in what classes I was going to be taking, my academic advisor threw me in random classes I had absolutely no interest in. The first week of school I was still trying to figure out my classes. The staff members decided to turn the entire situation on me. I was yelled at by my academic advisor for being so "difficult," and had an emotional breakdown in her office. The only advice she had for me than after I sat and cried for about ten minutes was my situation would have a better outcome if I was not so demanding. I thought the small campus would help me make a better transition into college life, but I'm basically invisible to everyone here.
I give the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 5 stars because it is a beautiful, safe, and small campus. It is very personable, and I found it easy to make friends. You recognize mostly everyone, including students and staff. Everyone there has a smiling face, which in turn is contagious. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in three years, which shows that the advising staff was very helpful. All of the professors and staff are kind and are always standing with open arms (or open office doors) to help their students. There is great opportunity within/surrounding the campus. I was always able to find work and/or volunteer opportunities. I had a great experience at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.
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I really loved the classes and the dorms!!! the professors are very nice. also, having smaller classes sizes really helped me to get a better education. I can't wait to be back next year.
The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is a wonderful school. The teachers are friendly and will assist with any problems or questions students have. The campus in itself is beautiful year round and every thing is easily accessible. All the staff and other students themselves are friendly also. The school does not need much changed about it, other than making scheduling for courses and understanding your course requirements easier to understand.
Overall this campus is very small and full of cliques. Coming from a small high school, I was hoping that Pitt-Greensburg would be a slight step up, and that I would be able to meet a lot of new people. Unfortunately, everyone is very close nit and don't invite outsiders into their small groups. I have friends on campus of course, but we can't even branch out and talk to other groups because of how cold they are. It's also a huge commuter campus, so during the weekends the entire campus is DEAD. Also there is absolutely nothing to do on campus most weeks, and with pittsburgh a little under an hour away, you can only leave campus if you have a car. I wish I had gone to a different school, definitely transferring out ASAP
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