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Professors are amazing and the small classes allow them to get to know you personally. Being in the middle of no where can be a little frustrating sometimes though!
When visiting Pitt Bradford it was very neat and everyone was welcoming. Overall the campus dorms where nice and the food was good, the area around the campus is kind of scary but as long as you are smart and safe then you will be okay!
Decent if you want to focus only on studying. Mild party life if that is your thing. A little lacking club wise and the city around it is sorta crumbling but you can go to Olean.
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Love the school. It’s a great home away from home. Just the CAF food is gross!! And there are no options for mini food stands or smaller cafeteria options. Also not happy with the swim team participants. We need more
Coming from a much more civilized, suburban and city atmosphere, I did not know what to expect when I heard of the City of Bradford. For starters, the best thing about Pitt-Bradford is the personalized experiences, relationships, and involvement you are able to indulge in while attending the Pitt branch campus. However, the surrounding areas, party scene, and social culture could be extensively improved. In addition, the school should focus more of its grant funding and petty cash on updating current facilities, especially the athletics and gym center, and dump additional funds into larger campus wide events that will generate more traffic rather than small events weekly that nobody wants to attend.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is an excellent school. the teachers are very helpful and willing to work with each student to make sure they go far in their careers. The staff and students are all very friendly as well.
Really down to earth staff. The dorms are beautiful. The school spirit is high. The clubs are amazing. The community is really engaging and it is definitely a well rounded school.
i would like to see the professors be more involved with helping the students with the courses and more tutors for specific majors.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is a good school. The academics are great and the professors seem to have an extreme interest in expanding their students knowledge. However, the school could improve by creating more activities that the students would be interested in, involving more students in voting about what happens at the campus without having to join the SAC.
As an active member of the Pitt-Bradford community, I would conclude that the university is an average, small-town school with average faculty, average facilities, and average just about everything else. The greatest part about this school is the people. Because there are a small amount of trapped here with nowhere else to go, you find yourself making unlikely and meaning friendships that will last a lifetime. Most faculty are more than willing to help in any way, shape, or form that can. That is invaluable.
The campus is very small which I is why I picked this school. It’s very open and easy to make new friends. The only think I don’t like about the school is the food service
I love the small campus because it is so much easier to get the help you need, whether it's from financial aid, enrollment services, or advisors. The only downside is that the school is not very military friendly like it says, but there is the Veterans Club working to change that.
The University of Pittsburgh - Bradford is a beautiful and small campus. The professors truly care for your education, and the classroom sizes are small so it is easy to get to know your peers/professors. The only reason that I did not give them a 5 star rating is because sometimes I feel as though they do not have the safety of the commuters in mind. I realize that we live in an area where it snows most of the spring semester, and that the campus is so small that it's easy to walk to buildings quickly, but it is hard to get to campus when the roads in town are not plowed and the snow keeps coming down. I wish they would think of the commuter students and cancel classes when we receive large amounts of snow.
It is a great school! The teachers are so helpful and nice. It is a smaller school, so you can meet a lot of peoplw, but not too big that you see a different face everyday.
Everyone is nice on campus and treats all students as family. The food is decent or good most nights with the occasional horrible meal. The campus is small so you will never need to wake up more than 20 minutes before class starts to get there on time. The class sizes are small generally 25 or less, unless in a general elective where the number shoots up to 40 or 60 something. The campus is surrounded by a quiet forest including numerous hiking trails. Smokers are allowed to smoke on campus, but are currently doing it around door ways and entrances. There is little diversity on campus though scholarship programs have been created for inner-city colored Philadelphia scholars. Though the school has less attendes than my high school (1500), there are still many research, sport, volunteer and work opportunities.
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is a branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh; However, I find it to be a college where either people find themselves wanting to transfer to the main campus or leave the school altogether. The third group of people are either from the town of Bradford or enjoy the small campus feel. The campus itself is located in the middle of nowhere and the people that attend this college often do nothing off campus. The party scene on this campus is not great at all because the cops are not nice and write you up and punish anyone they find to be out of line ( they are not campus police but township police so they are not understanding). If you like a campus atmosphere similar to high school, this campus is the right choice for you.
Right now i like how close each building is for going to class and my dorm room size. The wifi is poor most times and always disconnects randomly
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Coming from a big city, I didn't expect to like Pitt-Bradford as much as I do. I'm currently a freshman, headed into my second semester and I'm finding myself having a great time! Professors here are extremely helpful and care about students as individuals, staff members are very kind and always looking for ways to improve our experiences as students, and while the food isn't amazing, it's edible. Housing is also quite nice, even in the townhouses, which appear to be very cramped at first but are actually not too bad. The surrounding community is small and quiet, it's quite sleepy. Overall, I love this campus.

Financial aid is the main reason I chose to come to Pitt-Bradford and I can say with certainty that it was a wise decision.
I liked the friendly staff and students on campus. They give out a lot of resources and information for students and parents. The food is okay but could be better. Also there could be more things to do off campus as well as on. There aren't many restaurants or anything like that if you decided to get flex dollars.
It's an amazing school. However they really don't do well on helping kids find what they are looking for. The RAs aren't properly trained in showing kids where things are as well.