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not very diverse, not that many parties or campus activities. financial aid is not helpful at all but the professors are great
This is my first year at the University of Pikeville. I love the friendly and welcoming environment the campus has. It has been a great experience so far!
I like that the campus is really small. The professors here are not that good at their job. Housing also is really bad. They use Clorox wipes to get mold off the walls instead of calling in someone to fix it.
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UPIKE has such a welcoming vibe and uplifting atmosphere, with being such a small student body there's plenty of time and opportunities to get help from the teacher.
The food is terrible period. Even when you get rid of the meal plan that is way too expensive already the only thing in town is fast food. There is a Texas Roadhouse and a bad Mexican place for restaurants. The ingredients at the local Walmart are also old and gross. The town is in the middle of nowhere. Be prepared for that because I wasn’t.
I like the small class sizes and the small campus. However, the campus is very boring. I wish there were more places to sit outside and more places to do homework. The library is never the quiet space it should be. The cafe is pretty terrible. Selection is somewhat wide but the menu choices are quite repetitive. Parking on campus absolutely sucks. The parking garage is a complete disaster when classes get out for the day. I think Upike could do a much better job in admissions and financial aid with helping you find outside scholarships instead of just referring you to the internet. Overall my experience hasn't been anything like I expected it would be.
UPIKE's classes are easier than most of the classes I had in high school. UPIKE needs a GPA and ACT requirement. This will decrease the dropout rate. I don't feel like student surveys are taken seriously. The food on campus is, for the most part, rediculously disgusting. Room and board mirrors other schools, however, the dorms are not nearly as nice. I also feel a strong lack of diversity.
It is relatively safe, but I believe it could be better.
I like the class sizes, it is easier to concentrate and participate in class.
I believe that for being located in a small region, Upike is still working on the job and internship prospects.
Too expensive. Not worth all the money.
It is good, but Greek life should be more engaged with community service in town and with the school.
The food in the cafe is usually pretty good. I have seen many people from the city hold meetings there.
If any of you were there before 2012 you would know that what we have now is a DREAM compared to the old caf. We've got one dining hall, and it can get a little cramped but we've beat record enrollment the last two years, so it's higher than what it was when these plans were drawn up. The menus are decent enough, there are rare days when I can't find SOMETHING that I like. The variety can sometimes be a little too varied - but they do have their menus up online if you ever want to check before you bother standing in line and swiping your card and finding a seat and standing in line more only to find out that there's nothing you like. If you live on campus you automatically get a meal plan which is unlimited meals 7 days a week and $150 in Bear Bucks which can be used to pay for meals for people who don't have a meal plan or in Java City, our coffee shop on campus which is located in Wickham next to the student lounge. You'll notice they're super busy the first few weeks and then that $150 starts trickling fast and so do the customers. lol. I just wish they were open a little later. I could have sworn my freshman year they were open until 10, and now it's 8 pm nightly, and they start putting away everything but the pizza, grilled/fried, the salads, and desserts usually around 7.
The library would be better if the people in there for their study hall for athletics were actually studying - and not taking up all the computers to watch YouTube videos. Some students actually need to use the computers for assignments. The student lounge just seems dark and scary and not very inviting. I get that they're making an effort though - I've been in there a couple times but it's just not my "go to" place. Now for green spaces - I really really really wish that big plaza had been a quad. It was just begging for some shade trees and pretty little walkways. But no. It's just slabs of concrete with a big ugly obelisk that NOBODY likes. Students didn't vote for that monstrosity. The money could have been put to better use. Benefactors names on park benches or trees. Not ugly bricks on the ground. As far as campus activities go, we've got this in the bag. Between office for student success, sga, student activities committee, director of student life, etc etc etc PLUS all the individual events put on by organizations there's plenty to do on any given day of the week. The thing is, nobody goes. And they say they never know about it but we put flyers up and send out emails and even write on the windows in big black letters for people to see and they don't show up. So idk what else to do. Now for arts, both visual and performing. We're housed on a single floor of Record Memorial. The music department has two faculty offices and we share the dressing rooms/practice rooms and sometimes can't even use those when the nursing students downstairs are testing. And the art department has two studios and two faculty offices, one of which is located within a studio. The entire building shares a single copier/printer system as well so if choir needs sheet music and nursing needs powerpoint packets there's a forever long wait. It's no bueno.
The policies are in place and the RAs are the ones who are supposed to be the liaisons between students and administration/public safety. So if your RA is pretty by the book like myself, chances are your experience is going to be on the "stricter" side of things. But if they're doing jello shots with you in their room with the door open and music blasting - you're gonna think the administration is lenient. But you should always be considerate of your fellow students and try your best to follow the rules.
They're really patient - the hassle isn't with the school it's with the IRS and the rest of the Federal Government. Somehow every year my file gets pulled for review and/or auditing and so I have to dig up my papers and forms all over again on the rare weekend at home and worry and stress those first few weeks to make sure that it's gone through. But I have the Pikeville Promise which covers whatever the CAP and PELL (and scholarships) don't of your tuition, basically, so I'm grateful for that.
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I'm addicted to Papa Johns pizza. There I said it! They have the best prices and the sweetest delivery people and they're just really excellent. I wish there were more places than pizza that delivered though. There's a Chinese place downtown, Peking Express I think. It's not as sit-down oriented as the Peking in Coal Run. But neither place delivers. I saw a sign for a taxi and delivery service last year that I never got around to trying out so we'll see what that's about. But I mean, I love places in Pikeville to eat. Usually I end up at Applebee's at least once a week with my friends. I'll probably be going to the Bank more often now that I'm 21. ;3
Too much focus is put on athletics. A lot of the student body are student athletes. But a lot of us aren't - and even then, I wish more focus was put on things other than basketball and football. Our bowling and soccer teams are good, so is tennis and golf. But those aren't spectator sports with the exception of soccer - but it's not really in close proximity to campus like the ball games are so hardly anybody goes. School Spirit is high - I go to our drawings for tournaments and get all pepped up for homecoming like any other Bear, don't get me wrong here. lol. I just think it sometimes makes things a little tense or makes non-athletes feel inferior.
I'm on the housing staff as a Resident Assistant so I've seen the housing from both the student and administrative aspect. I hear student complaints - I have student complaints - but it's never anything major and when it is it's fixed as soon as possible. The most common complaints are washers/dryers breaking or the A/C not working properly. One of our biggest issues is the fact that elevators break down several times a week. I'm not sure what could be done about that. But other than that things are okay, and as far as the ease of the housing process it's based on seniority and first come first serve. The director of reslife will try to work around your requests as smoothly as possible to try to make everyone at least remotely happy. But you can't always get what you want out of life. That's just reality for you. You can't fit 800 people in the same building. Not everyone can be in a single room in Derriana. Not everyone can go into Kinzer's suites. The Greeks go in Wickham - try pledging and you might get to go there next semester. There are just things that some people don't realize because they don't see the big picture. But I've been happy with my housing assignment for as long as I've been there. I lived in Condit all three years, and I don't have a single complaint. Now this year I'm going into Derriana and we'll see how it goes. =)
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