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    10 reviews
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    The education and learning experiences are worth the money. Communication regarding financial aid , can be misunderstood as for as correct Forms and deadlines go. Other than that, I have a good experience with my team (enrollment, academic and financial advisors).
    • College Junior
    • Oct 28 2012
    • Value
    Phoenix Curriculum, Workload, Instructors and Academic Advisors – Because the curriculum is set up as one class, for five weeks, and then on to the next class - the workload CAN be enormous; some classes could easily be broken into two classes. However, the courses are very complete, the instructors - for the most part - are approachable and well-versed in subject matter. Academic Advisors are not on the ball, for the most part. So far, I have not been negatively impacted by their lack of ..... involvement (I rarely hear from mine) - but other students have experienced issues, as they near graduation - all of a sudden they have a number of elective courses, etc., to complete. Overall, the Academic Advisor element is not well organized and does not share the "B+" that I can rate the rest of the experience.
    Campus Network Reliability – I have been a student since January 2010; the network has experienced few problems and wireless access and speed are better than sufficient. However, using computers in the lab is a different story - they have MAC computers running HP; everytime Ive tried to do something in the lab; the computer siezes, resulting in loss of work. If I did not have my own, personal computer I would not continue with this school.
    • College Junior
    • Aug 2 2011
    • Campus