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I have had the Campus Chair for the Business Majors teach my economics class. Well taught and he was very familliar and aware of his staff, the requirements, and student needs.
The program design is effective, and getting even better as my year progresses. Some of my previous Associates in General Studies credits did not transfer to my business major, but re-taking the courses have helped show the focus and need to re-take them.
The computer network works well. Wireless is offered on campus that I have never had an issue with, and the computer lab is available if you forget or do not bring in your own computer.
The wireless network also has a guest option, so you do not have to be a current student to use their internet. Printing is done from the learning lab downstairs, and although certain policies might restrict the amount of pages printed, the staff have never given concern when we have printed more.
This campus and school is not a full facility school. There are no gyms, cafeterias or other facilities you might find in a larger well known school. However, we have an awesome Learning Center, with computers always available, TV's to watch in the down time, staff that is always supportive and can help with resources and research as well as the digital library.
The availability of the online resource center makes studying easier no matter where we are, whether our learning group decides to meet somewhere else, or on campus.
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The Western Washington Campus, Tacoma Learning Center, is located downtown Tacoma. We are right off of Pacific Avenue and next to the Tacoma Grocer, which makes it good for breaks and quick snacks. The Learning Center itself is nice to walk into, the Service Center Assistants are always there, available and have a smile to greet the students. After the first couple of visits, I was well known.
The college staff make it easy, creating a welcoming environment.
I really like how they have several campuses to enroll in so if you have to move you can transfer to another location. Also if you are not able to attend classes on a campus, you can enroll in their online programs as well.
I am currently study in the Information Technology field. I work in that industry now and want to further my education to maybe one become a manager. With the way the industry is expanding having a bachelor's degree will open more doors of opportunity for me. I love what I do and continue to learn new things each and everyday. At school, I have yet to take any classes pertaining to my field as I am still taking all the required General Education classes first.
I believe in today's environment, schools should understand that college students use electronic devices to do their classwork. In our classroom, we only have 4 power outlets for all 14 students. to plug into. Also they assign us to these learning team with about 30% of my grade coming from those team assignments. I think that more points should be awarded based on individual attributes. I am the type of person who works ahead and I feel I am getting slowed down by always waiting on my fellow team members. I work a full time job and do not have time to try to schedule time to meet with individuals who live nowhere close to me or where I work. The teams I deal with at work, we all meet at the office to get the project done.
I have not used the career services yet at Phoenix but have heard mixed reviews
Not Really Worth the Cost – I don't think the education I am "receiving" is worth the 40K I am financing. The issue is that companies are stupid enough to believe the hype that book learning means something, even though a piece of paper doesn't prove a person can do the job.
I think the learning teams we are forced to join add ANY benefit to the learning experience.
Costs and FA Process – Very expensive school - for profit so they don't really CARE about the education you get, just how much money they can get out of you.
Financial aid process is fairly easy as it is done all online and applying for FAFSA can be done right from the UOP website.
I don't really think the education I am getting is worth the money I am financing, but it's near impossible to even get a simple Admin position without a BS.
Not really applicable in my book. Wide range of ethnicities represented.
Reliable Wireless Access – I would say the network is fine. You do need to have a personal computer as you have to submit all homework by 6PM before class starts. Very hard to do so without access outside of school. Wireless access slows down terribly while online at school, due to so many on the networks.
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