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University of Phoenix - Southern California Reviews

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They only care about making a profit. They do not really care about students. Teachers are only ok. Classes are too easy. Did not learn anything.
Perfect for working adults or parents who want to further theie education but don’t have the time to attend a traditional university or college.
My experience at the University of Phoenix has been very educational and beneficial for my future career in the health Care field. The instructor are very knowledgeable and encouraging in making sure that I receive and comprehend information that is of important.
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I honestly had the best experience and I have already referred many students there.
The online courses are self explanatory and easy. Nothing complicated
They offer many higher degrees and I will be furthering my education at the same school and location.
The class size is convenient and the discussing are very open minded and help you think outside the box.
The curriculum is a lot but the professor and staff are very attending and ensure that the student is giving their best!
I asked for Thursday's and so far I've only had one class that wasnt.
I know they have them but I'm not interested in post grad.
The class sizes are great. The professors are hit and miss. Some are great and others are just there for a pay check.
They have system where you can what you need to work on beside schooling to be better at the career of choice. That have a place where alumni can mentor current students.
I'm doing programming. It is a lot of hands on. Focus on what's happening in the job field of today.
The best part about this school is how it's only one night a week for 5 weeks. Yes it a fast pace but it helps with my busy life style.
Meeting once a week is very convenient, but cost of school as me a little on edge to see the final damage.
I feel like I made the right choice when choosing the University of Phoenix. The advisors try to keep in contact with the students just to check up on them and see how they are doing with their classes. The instructors do their best to help students achieve success. To add to all of that, both the advisors and instructors are friendly.

I dropped out of one class because I didn't feel that I was learning what I needed to from it. I took the class again, immediately, and found that the new instructor I was assigned to was the best one I've had yet. He made sure to ensure that all students understood the material, and even provided hints and tips to help us throughout the class. I motivated myself to do better the second time around, and this instructor helped me keep my motivation. I am proud to say that I made a comeback and ended that class with a strong A.

Taking online classes is the best option for me, because I could never really focus in classrooms. At the University of Phoenix, taking online classes is convenient and quite easy. All that a student needs to do is focus on the material provided to them and they will do great. I used to be the type of person that didn't like to attend high school and hardly handed in homework, but with the motivation I have gained from speaking to my advisors, instructors, and classmates, I have all A's in my classes. The University of Phoenix has helped me make a change for the better, and I will continue to do great at this school so that I may have a bright future and to prove to myself and others that I can and will achieve success.
what makes UOP unique its classes are only once a week and it is very flexible allowing to fit my schedule and instructors are experience in what they are teaching and the staff are very helpful.
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My professors are professional and well organize, I have received much assistance when I ask the professors for help and my grades reflect this.
Whenever I need help for anything that needs to be done Jason Miller is always there calling or answering the phone and giving very good advice. He believes in me and it motivates me to make this come true. Very happy so far.
Its a great school for someone that doesn't have time to go Monday threw Friday all day.
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