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This has been a great experience for me! Online classes have made it easier for me to be a full time mom, student and wife. The available resources made it possible for me to be able to search and navigate right within the pages themselves. I would definitely choose Phoenix again because of the length of the classes offered and it allows you to be flexible. You always know what you are expected to do prior to doing it.
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University of Phoenix is the best school. I withdrawal from Virginia College, because they wouldn't put me online for classes. I needed to be online, because of transportation problems were becoming overwhelming. I think taking online courses is very unique , you have a chance to interact with your classmates. If you have a job the online classes fits perfectly in with your work schedule. University of Phoenix gave me a chance to be apart of there school Im so honored to be apart of university of phoenix. My enrollment representative was phenomenal. She helped me find the right program of study that will work for me. I am a phoenix.
Starting class online was a little confusing but it was good to attend the workshop they had once you make an appointment. It helps you figure out how the class works, whats recommended, amount of discussions needed, turning in assignment and more. Once you get the hang of it you'll be able to go through it real quick in completing assignment and learning activities as well.