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The university allowed me the opportunity to work and receive my education at the same time. I learned a lot on class but also by teaching myself. I have taken many practices I have learned in school and applied it to my own life and career.
I like that you complete one 5-week course at a time (unless you choose to take more). I like that campus classes, you only have to attend once a week. I do not like learning teams and would prefer to complete assignments on my own.
all of the class sizes have been a decent size. there was never a class that was too small or too large from my own experience. most of the professors had a great idea of the subject and knew what they were teaching about. I have only had a handful of professors that I have felt did not fully use their time to educate their students to their full potential. but all of the courses have been great and have learned a lot since and rolling in the program
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the University of Phoenix gives you many opportunities to network not only with alumni but employers as well. there's a Psychology Club that anybody can join which would be a great way to network and like I had mentioned earlier I found job listings on the school website where I was able to apply at the arc of San Diego and obtain my job as a job coach even though I have not finish my bachelors program yet
as far as going to school and the flexibility, the classes have worked around my schedule at work and I am able to get involved in other things such as kung fu and dance. I my first time student so I didn't have to worry about transferring credits but the process signing up for school was easy and the grant that they promised me who was the same amount that was given to me
throughout the program I have enjoyed many of the professors I have come encounter with. the program is great and it seems that every professor that teaches a class actually works in the fields so you get a good description of the industry as well as the material that you will need in order to advance your career or education.
what's awesome about the University of Phoenix website is that on there you are able to career search different jobs not only in your area but other areas as well all over the country. The website gives a great description of each job and annual income indifferent have that each degree can take as far as a career. that is how I found a job opening at the arc of San Diego
the Student Resource Center was very helpful for me when I did not have a laptop. I was able to finish my homework throughout the week and the Resource Center is open for about 10 hours a day. there's always somebody to help you with your work and any program questions Financial to scheduling. also I was able to obtain a jobat the arc of San Diego and I have not finish my bachelors program yet.
I would definitely choose this school again.I was able to work and go to school at the same time because of the online courses and only having to meet up once a week on campus. there are many unique courses and professors who make the classes fun and enjoyable
University of Phoenix is a good school to go to if you have a lot going on in your life. Perfect for parents, full time workers, and for those who only want to attend class once a week. You work in groups most of the time which is very helpful when it comes to learning. Most of the courses don't have exams which makes it less stressful.
I feel that my counselors could have helped me plan my classes better because I did not think that my GI Bill would run out before I finished my degree, but now they have told me that it will and I will have to take out a loan to finish school that I was not expecting to do.
There are people from all walks of life that attend this school.
I already have a job that I do not plan on leaving but a degree from an accredited school like this one will look great on my resume as I try to advance.
At first, it was difficult to get my classes set-up. My counselor was constantly changing so one person said I had this many classes left, then the next person said I had more than that. When looking at my progress one day, I realized that they had not given me credit for a class I took so I was starting to wonder if the school was scamming me for more money. Now I am stressed out that my GI bill is going to run out before I finish my degree and I cannot fit in more classes because the ones I need are not available.
In my experience, the professors are accessible and friendly. It is nice to interact with students from all over the country and they have all been pleasant as well. My main problem is with the system setup; it would be much more efficient if we could easily open one of the online books and click from the reading to the message board without losing my place in my reading. Sometimes I would like to re-read a question but I have to navigate my way back to the post and then back to my book, then look for my page again, etc. Its a waste of time.
This portion is easy to understand.
Math teacher was extremely dedicated.
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Teachers are a hit and miss. Some are very dedicated, others I'm wondering how they have a job there.
I think the classes are a bit ridiculous with all the reading you must do.
I think they don't have the grants that they claim to from the beginning. Suddenly a grant went from $20K to $2500.
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