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The online experience is great when you have a full time job and family. I can always seem to find the time for what needs to be done. The instructors are not always quick to answer your questions though which can cause stress on you that is not needed.
There was a problem where when I first signed up, the person who helped me send in my application told me to say I was Independent Status because I am a single Mom. However, when I was almost done with my Associate's Degree (6 weeks from finishing) they came back and said that I was actually Dependent Status and that I owed them a high amount of money. However, the problem was resolved, and I didn't have any other issues.
As far as communication goes -this school is the best. I have people who call me to check in with me, and see if I have any questions. I have people who help me get to the net step I desire to go with my education, and it is really great to have that communication.
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There is a lot of community help that allows people to help post jobs, and also give information on jobs available. It really helps the people who need one or are looking for another one. As most of the online-college is made of adults, it is easy to see why they are so great at giving job opportunities, providing information on jobs and scholarships, as well as sharing information from the community on jobs, internships, and scholarships.
I would not trade the flexibility for the world. University of Phoenix is great about flexibility with their classes, which is one of the reasons why I chose that school, and am going back.
They are flexible. There are a few instructor's that were terrible about getting back to you in time before an assignment's due date hit (when you asked them a week in advance), but mostly professors are eager for students to ask questions, and provide the help they can in questions you have on assignments. Peer-to-peer interaction is really great. We are required 6 substantive posts to one another throughout each week, but often times we end up having a whole week of conversations with multiple students.
Almost every single person in the online-setting at the University of Phoenix is hardworking. You can tell that they are there to learn, and work hard for their degrees. For someone like me who is very school-oriented, organized, and a hard-worker it is great to see others that are similar in goals and mindsets in the environment you are in.
I do have to admit that I have had a few instructors that were really terrible, but I have had equally -if not more- of instructors that were great as well. The curriculum is great, and you really understand how everything links together -even if at first glance it seems as if it doesn't. The registration process was really simple, and fluidly went well. There are plenty of programs that I love about the school. One being there is a library where you can search both journals, articles, magazines, and everything you can imagine would be in an everyday on-location library. Also, there is a writing center that helps students with what is the necessary requirements for writing and also helps to point out the mistakes with grammar and spelling through a specific program on papers you haven't turned in yet.
I love being a Psychology Major at the University of Phoenix. The program is online-based, but it is really flexible for my time - which is great for me. In my Associate's Degree Program, I had two classes at once over the time span of 9 weeks. During that time I had assignments for both classes and was expected to log on at least once a day to communicate with my classmates - as required through participation. The website itself offers various scholarships, but I have found that some of them don't work for me, and so have expanded outwards.
The University of Phoenix is an online-based learning system. A lot of people take that for granted and suggest that you do not have to work as hard as you do in a regular setting class. However, that is absolutely wrong. Online-based schooling is just as hard as actually going to class. You have to work hard in order to learn and get the grades just as you would at any other college. I love this school because it is flexible for my time. I can get on and do my classes at any time of the day, and as long as my assignments are in on time, I can log on at 2:00 a.m. if that is the best timing for me. I love the staff and although I would make some changes, this is the best route for my education considering I am a single-stay-at-home Mom.
The University doesn't just offer classes in your field of study, but they also offer workshops in all areas to help you be a successful college student. They also have a Life Resource Center that offers everything from resume writing to personal counseling services.
As I have said, I am new to the University of Phoenix. I am in my first class and I have to say that the curriculum is outstanding. the instructors are extremely helpful and always seem to be available whenever I have any questions about the material being discussed or the assignments that are due.
Being new to the University of Phoenix I have not been able to really explore all the facilities it has to offer. What I have found is that the online classrooms are a wonderful learning tool for me. They also have classes on campus if I choose to attend school in the traditional form.
I am currently attending the University of Phoenix Online Classes. It has been over 25 years since I have attended school. The Counselors and Advisers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My Enrollment Counselor took care of everything for me. He got the ball rolling for my orientation class and got everything started for my financial aid. All I had to do was fill out a few forms on the computer and I was ready to go. He checks in with me on a regular basis just to make sure I am comfortable with the way things are going for me in class. I would recommend the University of Phoenix to anyone thinking about continuing their education.
I like my program because I can speak my mind about topics and it is okay. I also enjoy the learning teams because I am paired with others who believe as I do. I enjoy the fact that we can work together.
I wish my classmates were more on a personal note.
The student body is so diverse, every ethnicity you could possibly know. And ages from 20's to 60 years old's
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University of Phoenix – I love this school! It is the best school that I have attended so far. They treat you as an adult and they care about you and your grades. They want to see you succeed.
My enrollment advisor has been very knowledgeable and encouraging as I see to further my education. From the moment I walked in the office to the time I left everyone was friendly, helpful and the atmosphere is comfortable. With a GED and lots of work experience over the past 32 years, going to college is a bit overwhelming but looking forward to the challenge.
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