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I do have to admit that I have had a few instructors that were really terrible, but I have had equally -if not more- of instructors that were great as well. The curriculum is great, and you really understand how everything links together -even if at first glance it seems as if it doesn't. The registration process was really simple, and fluidly went well. There are plenty of programs that I love about the school. One being there is a library where you can search both journals, articles, magazines, and everything you can imagine would be in an everyday on-location library. Also, there is a writing center that helps students with what is the necessary requirements for writing and also helps to point out the mistakes with grammar and spelling through a specific program on papers you haven't turned in yet.
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They are flexible. There are a few instructor's that were terrible about getting back to you in time before an assignment's due date hit (when you asked them a week in advance), but mostly professors are eager for students to ask questions, and provide the help they can in questions you have on assignments. Peer-to-peer interaction is really great. We are required 6 substantive posts to one another throughout each week, but often times we end up having a whole week of conversations with multiple students.
I love being a Psychology Major at the University of Phoenix. The program is online-based, but it is really flexible for my time - which is great for me. In my Associate's Degree Program, I had two classes at once over the time span of 9 weeks. During that time I had assignments for both classes and was expected to log on at least once a day to communicate with my classmates - as required through participation. The website itself offers various scholarships, but I have found that some of them don't work for me, and so have expanded outwards.