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The experience at the University of Phoenix has been great. The flexibility of my classes and curriculum has not been any hassle. Taking classes online is the best thing for me. I work full time so when I get off work I am able to rest before I start my studies.
The unique aspects of my program is that there is always assistance for me in all arears. If I am having issues in writing there's the writing center to assist in preparing a perfect paper. The workload can be tedious at time however if I stay on tasks and post like I am suppose to I will be fine. The career center assist in showing me the possibilities of internships and job opportunities in my major.
The quality of the career center is great it give me a chance to look at the type of careers that my major will offer.

The career center also helps with jobs prostects.
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I take online classes and my classes are flexible. I am able to take my work wherever I go, sometimes if I am not posting everyday I tend to fall behind and find myself rushing to get my number of post in before the deadline which is on a Sunday by midnight.
The program itself is interesting because I love studying about people how they think and why they think about some of everyday life events. The workload can get overwhelming at times, however I know I have to stay focus in order to complete my course. I would like to think the curriculum is based on what I will need to assist me in my decision rather it will be an internship of a job opportunity after graduation.
I enjoy taking classes online. Online classes are best for me because of my busy schedule. I work full time and taking online classes fit my schedule best. When I get off work I don't' have to worry about going and sitting in a classroom setting with the possibility of falling asleep. Instead I go home and relax before I start my studies with my online course.
It was an easy process to gain entrance to school
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
So far I have had only one instructor whom I had a personality conflict with. This worked out ok i got am A regardless of her.
Learning a lot of new information. That is why I am attending school.
Failing to plan is planning to fail
The value of a degree from the University of Phoenix is important because with a degree a person can get the job of his or her choice. I am looking forward to finishing my bachelor degree and with a possibility of going on tho get my master here at the university.I dont know that musc about the employer recruiting on campus because I have not been involved .
I am enjoying my journey at the University of Phoenix. The professors are always in touch and very informative when ask a question. The quality of courses ae great. I am learning a great deal while taking classes. at have been taking classes since 2004 , have left the University on several occasion and have not found any University as the University of Phoenix. The classes are informative and the sizes of the classes are appropriate.
Its a great school and the people who assist you in getting started are very helpful.
The amazing support I get from my advisors and instructors has been a huge part of my success at this school. I honestly feel like it has been a group effort. I am also thankful for the encouragement I receive from my instructors and advisors.
very straight forward and in detail when talking to my adviser
great help towards all goals for during school and forward
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i love the online course, i find them easy to navigate and understand how to get assignments done and submitted as well as do course work and communicate with professor
I have had a great time, staff has been easy to talk to and very straight forward about degree program and process
I have had great experiences
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