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University of Phoenix - North Florida Reviews

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I wish there were more scholarship opportunities.
The limit on printing in the resource lab should be lifted.
I haven't found a job yet.
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I enjoyed the convenience to fit my schedule.
The professors were great sand the curriculum was very detailed.
school is not very unique, but provides all it needs for its students
all of the necessities to complete an MBA are available
Flexable Participation Requirements – The University of Phoenix requires students to participate in online class discussions 4days out of every week. This is very convenient for students with full time jobs and for single parents. The instructors are very thorough in their presentation of the material. The University of Phoenix provides on-line or campus classes for their students. This is very convenient for all of the students attending this college.
I haven't done much in the research of these issues as of yet but I do know the school always helps with job placement, they will you find job opportunities in your field of study. I can not wait to be apart of the schools Alumni even if it is four years away.
The staff at phoenix help me a great deal getting the money I needed for school that is one of the reasons I am typing this right now. My financial advisor helped me get some of the money needed to get started for school and pointed me in the right direction to also help myself. I can call anytime from 7a.m. to 8 p.m. and their is always someone to help me and answer all of my questions. I love the way they are always so helpful they make me feel at home all the time.
At the University of Phoenix we have a group of people that are always willing to help. I get at least four phone calls from the school staff a week to check on how I am doing in my classes and if I need any help. We have enough computers and all our books are online so we always have access if it is needed. I love this school because the people are always helpful and available. The professors are very knowledgeable and are easy to contact and respond quickly which helps out a great deal.
Shortage of Credits – The last time I was enrolled in college was about 6 years ago. Although I am considered a sophomore, I tranferred to this school with 34 s.h. and only 25 or 26 were accepted by this school. Were my years in school in the past a waste of time?
Rehabilitating Procrastinater – After finally getting all of my paperwork in for financial aid, I brushed the sweat off my brow. Phew! I look back in my past and continuously ask myself why I waited so long to go back to school. Although it took my financial aid a little while to kick in, it was worth while.
Very diverse student body. This mixture enhances classroom discussions and is enlightening to the learning experience.
Computer Network – The online material is very informative. Multiple areas to access, tech support and librarian help accessible 24 hours.
I enjoy the professors and the open class discussions. The professors are working professors and currently experience the issues within the workforce. The topics discussed are interesting in all classes with the input of the professor's current professional experieces and the work students. This allows actual world affairs and workplace issues to be addressed in the classroom and preparation of how to address these issues within the workforce.
Managing Your Time – When you are in an online course you must manage your time. The teacher does help with certain questions but it is up to you to manage how you do the work and when it has to be submitted
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The workload at this school is compairable to having a full time job. To me that makes me work harder to accomplish my degree. I dont want to have an easy ride.
Teacher-Student Interaction – My school has a great teacher-student interaction. The class is small which means the teacher has more one on one reaction with the students.
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