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Being that I was a first-time student, I was new to how an online college experience would work for me. I did not have any credits to transfer, but in speaking with my enrollment advisor, the classes were very easy to schedule for me. I did not have to worry about missing any classes or having to shuffle too much around.
By attending college online, I am able to balance my busy life and school, as well as develop a strong relationship with my professors and fellow students.
Even though I am currently attending, I am aware of the fact that the University of Phoenix offers help for those who are interested in pursuing a career immediately after graduation. On their website, a student has the ability to access a wide array of resources that will help them prepare for life after college.
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I have been thankful for the experience I have had with the University of Phoenix. I look forward to every class and cannot wait to learn! I particularly enjoy the fact that each class pertains to my career and I find it reassuring that I will be able to apply it at that time.
I have discussed with professionals that look for individuals, like myself, with this degree, and I have been informed that many employers have found it very rewarding hiring those who attended the University of Phoenix. I have been offered several exciting opportunities that will allow me to apply my degree in a possibly new working environment.
With keeping in mind that my courses are completely online, I enjoy the fact that I am able to check into the classroom and communicate with fellow classmates on my smart phone, as a result of the app that University of Phoenix offers to students. With the more recent addition to viewing the reading material for each course has been especially exciting. Once the student has "activated" the books on the website through his or her laptop or desktop, they can then download the app, Bookshelf, to access the books from their smart phone. This has been very accommodating to my busy work schedule, and I am able to stay on point in the classroom.
I have really enjoyed my college experience with the University of Phoenix. One of the reasons as to why I had considered enrolling at the University of Phoenix, is primarily due to the fact I was able to attend all of my classes online. This has been extremely helpful to my busy schedule of working two jobs, seven days a week. Plus, I have an amazing team of advisors that are able to assist me with any questions or concerns I may have about my classes, instructors, and my tuition.
I enjoy the format of each class and the ease of transitioning from one class to the next. However, I am not always happy with my grade relying on teams. I have found that there are many instances where team members do not do their share, so those that do have to work extra hard in order to maintain a decent grade.
Still in the process of trying to have my credits transferred.
If I knew how unattentive the professor is I probably would have opted for another school.
Course is boring, too much repetiveness, professor has messed up my grades twice in two weeks.
Prospects are very good, alumni network is easy to access.
Interactions are really easy, everyone posts and sees what is being said. The professor isn't that helpful.
Wide range of diversity, many of them I wonder how they even passed the exam to be allowed into college.
The most useful part of the institution was that my enrollment representative was the one to aid in the tuition process making that really easy to complete.
I know for a fact that the career center, alumni network and job prospects are all onlline and seem to be useful.
I haven't had the opportunity to take any courses relevant to my degree as of yet.
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Professor isn't the best. curriculum is slow, the best part was the quick registration.
It's an online degree course. I feel that the instructor that I currently have isn't that well educated or just so overwhelmed she is incapable of doing a good job. The online library is an excellent source of a vast array of information though I give the school high grades for that.
School seems to be expensive regardless of which one you choose. All of the financial information is clear and precise. The advisers assist in filling out financial information also.
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