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I have not had any problems with the Academic Flexibility. There have been times where I had to take some times off and was able to do so with out any hassles or problems. My academic counselor has worked well with me and keeping up on my classes.
The online courses is a great way to get back into college. I have not had to many problems except with dealing with some course facilitator's. The only problem that a person can run into is how they perceive a person's response especially since it is not face to face; I have witnessed many misunderstandings this way.
After I graduated with my Associate's Degree, no one reached out to me to see if I needed assistance with finding viable employment in my degree field or even to see how things were going since graduation.
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Online courses is not for everyone.I like online course because it provide the opportunity to take care my family as well as going to school online without any stress like late for school due of driving traffic.
This univerisity offered some pretty good courses that have been beneficial to me over the past three years. One thing I have learned is to stay on top of the financial aid advisors and make sure they get the needed information to me in a timely manner with clear communication. Thus far, I have not had too many issues in this area, they have been pretty good in this department.
The "Personal" Experience of the University of Phoenix – With the University of Phoenix you do miss out on having face-to-face conversations with students and staff. Everything you do is online or over the phone which mean that a lot of things can be misinturpreted by someone and come off the way it was not intended. You also do not really get the chance to get to personal know someone; you might get to know what they do for a job or why they went back to school or read about stories they share, but there really isn't anything extremely personal about it.
The Flexibility of This School Is Wonderful – The University of Phoenix is basically based around the avalability of it's students. Students get roughly six days to turn in major assignments and three to five days for assignments that are just recaps. Students also must login to the website and post at least a one sentance message to a forum once a day for two days to meet attentendance for the class. You also have until 12 p.m. on any given day to get full participation for that day and get any and all assignments turned it. This is great for moms or dads or people who have several jobs, or both. The University is great for it's flexibility!
They Are Pretty Flexible – I do everything online. So I can work at anytime of day or night, as long as my assignments are in on time. I also only do one class at a time to keep burnout to a minimum. It was a while since the last time I was in school so I was actually surprised that any credits transferred at all.
It's Out of My Hands – When we start, we are told what we will take and when. I have no control of what I will take next. The only thing they needed to know from me is if I was ready to start my next class on time. As soon as one ends, another immediately begins. Sometimes students need a few days off. It takes the hassle away, but gives you no decision in the matter.
They Seem to Care – My school experience is different since my classes are online. There are no sports or pep rallys. Each student though gets an academic and financial advisor, and they call at least once a class just to see how you are doing. They want to know if you need anything, have any questions, or any complaints. I think I would still use this school if I had to do this again. They seem to care about what you have to say. They also seem to understand about anything you go through. I have one advisor who has taken classes at my school and the other is currently taking classes.
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