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I like this college but the one thing that I dislike is that the advisors don't contact you like they do in the begining for the school year when you first start.
I am able to login to the class when I have time and post my question, answers and concerns to the group. I always get a response back from multiple people which I like. I can post to the instructor privately if needed and she gets back to within the same day with answers.
They have a student center on campus and library.
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My classes allow me to continue working full time. I like the fact that I can login and complete the assignment and do the required studying when ever I have free time. I like the fact that I can post question to the who group and get many answers back to my questions or concerns.
The academic counselor calls me at least twice a week to check in with me and make sure I have a fair understanding of my classes and helps me search for grants and scholarships.
All of the people I have interacted with are friendly and helpful.
Overall the students are completing the minimum requirements and then moving on to the next subject. Very little real interaction.
I prefer a online course due to it being easier to fit into my daily life
I'm somewhat happy with my overall experience. I'll get a degree none the less
It's basic work and easy to complete in a timely manner.
I think the tuition is a little higher than most.
I feel they have good alumni networks, however unsure how many alumni actually use it.
Overall this has been a great experience and I can't wait to further my education. I have learned a lot and have opened my eyes to this forever changing world.
This school is very diverse, and different. This is why they have us work in teams in every class, because of the diversity. This helps us get to know and learn more about people who have different backgrounds and up bringing.
The University of Phoenix advisors are there to help you. One time I had to call an advisor on an instructor, because she was not responding to questions. After calling the advisor and complaining things got better, and I passed with an A.
At the start of every class I go print out the syllabus and read over it to see how huge the work load will be. After doing this I pace myself with assignments so I don't fall behind. You just has to have a plan that is reasonable and feasible with your lifes schedule. Sometimes i got very frustrated because the reading didn't match our work.
I love being an online student. I love reading all the comments and post of classmates, as well as having discussions. I really enjoyed the fact that we had to work in teams in every class. This really prepares us for the real world working with people you have never met or doesn't know anything about.
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For my case the flexibility is what has allowed me to make it this far. Due to my health issues I have had to get extensions and also change start dates to classes. The transferring of my credits were pretty easy and I was granted the number of credits that were promised. Everything I was told about this college has been correct no one juiced things up or lied to get me back in school.
My financial advisor is always calling and letting me know in advance when paperwork or applications are due. She also calls in between classes to make sure everything is okay.
The campus located in Milwaukee does not have housing. All we have is a student center, but someone is on duty at all times. The staff is always so nice and helpful. Advisors and all of the staff stays on top of students giving that little push or nudge to continue the journey.
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