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University of Phoenix - Indianapolis Reviews

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Some of the courses do not seem very applicable while some seem absolutely applicable. The teachers have all been great though.
It hasn't been bad but, it hasn't been the greatest either. They are very attached to making sure you make your class payments on time for your financial source. Have also had recent issues in regard to my financial aid to where I stated verbally and on paper but, what was suppose to happened did not.
Job projects could be better.
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Easy to follow rules and format.
Right amount of class and knowledgable professors.
Made the going back to college manageable and easy!
I just wish that the assignment submissions were better than what they are.
I am able to go online whenever it is convenient for me and I am able to study at my own pace.
The university has been flexible in allowing me time when it was needed for personal issues.
The entire process has been explained so that I can understand it.
Tuition and financial aid have helped me out quite a bit.
I have had the chance to meet in anyone in person, as yet.
The courses are fun because they are interactive.
If I need something it is at my fingertips
They do everything they can to be sure I have the help I need
I had to pull out loans and apply for scholarships this year, but if i complete 8 courses this year they will pay my fees next year.
They are all nice and we share tips and ideas
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I have a busy life outside of classes, so the online classes give a lot of flexibility and I can work ahead.
I just started my first course and so far my teacher and classmates are all really nice!
They offer the same homework and readings they teach in the on campus classes.
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