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The student to professor ratio was about 12:1 and the professors are leaders in their industry. Therefore, you were able to develop meaningful and relevant.
Great teachers..small classes...can earn your degree on campus or online..they work with or around your busy life or work schedule..attentive and very knowledgeable professor. Staff always willing to go that extra mile to get you started or to ensure that your graduate.This school accreditation is national credits maybe transferable depending on schools its just a good place.
The flexibility is nice but I'd like to do more than one class at a time but I do enjoy the classes I take and the flexibility of choosing what I take.
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Perfect would be the words I describe for the online classes, its not a spreadsheet of information its a easily manageable and convent system. all the information is easily acceded and and I can get what I need fast rather than fumbling through a log in screen for a library, classes, and video guides
Being able to get into my classes anywhere like my textbooks on my phone to my class discussions being where and how I need to access them makes it really inviting rather than some other online classes where everything is a spreadsheet.
My entrance counselor did there best to get with me. they didn't wait months to contact me and when they did they worked around my schedule and we made many calls we talked about costs and even decided that if i needed to do stuff over again for my career id do it again in a heart beat.
I have seen others promote the education degree but phoenix doesn't just hold your hand or make it just another course in there filed lineup. they really push for each choice you make.
Getting into phoenix was easy and something I really enjoyed doing because I am really going for something that I enjoy and I really wanted to do.
This school is very accessible to my busy life. You have a option of going online or attending classes one day a week. Attending class once a week helps me gain knowledge and skills, I would not receive online. I recommend UOP to everyone I know.
I tried another university for my MBA before going back to the University of Phoenix and found that UOP provided an organized classroom that was easy to follow and keep up with while working a full time job.
My overall experience at the university of Phoenix had been great. The classes, professors and work are well organized and easy to apply myself to.
The agents in the enrollment process and admissions office are very courteous and insightful. They have truly made my experience with this institution delightful!
University of Phoenix has gone through the rigors of addressing every aspect of a working professional's needs. They have made transitioning and the work study convenient. The professors are professional and helpful. The curriculum is well thought out and accurate to my business degree needs. Within an hour of phone conversation I was enrolled in college. Within 4 days I was sitting in my first class and my whole future schedule outlined and complete. Couldn't have been easier.
I am taking classes for a business degree with concentration in Project Management. I feel the courses that were selected are career driven and will help me in this field. The classes are convenient at my local campus or online. I take both and University of Phoenix has made it possible to assist in making convenience for those with full time employment as convenient as possible. The workload is rigorous but workable with effort. I can't imagine working a ful time job and being enrolled in any other school. They have really worked their program out to benefit those with busy lifestyles. I am looking forward to furthering my education and getting more college hours under my belt so that the transition into a new career is smooth. At that point I will require U of Phx assistance in their job opportunities programs.
I enjoy University of Phoenix's Woodlands campus. It is a new campus that is very convenient for me. I have had the opportunity to visit the student center. Being a newer campus it is aesthetically pleasing and a nice campus to learn.
The adviser who signed me up is an alumni. He was efficient and straightforward.
I've had no issues. My advisers walk me through each process.
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My advisers are quick to respond and easy to reach. When I've needed schedule changes, they've been spot-on.
As I previously stated, many of the students aren't as driven as others.
The only complaint I have is team assignments. Not all team members have the same drive as others, nor do they have the same level of intelligence. This makes it difficult at times.
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