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I love the convenient method of learning and turning in assignments. It is easier to keep up with the schedule of being a full-time student while being a full-time employee in this school than other schools. I just wish the learning team concept did not exist but then again, I do understand it is a requirement for the University of Phoenix to remain accredited.
The academics is outstanding! the choice of either going to classes online, campus, or both is a rare commodity. It is so convenient and I believe the school has everything for everyone. This school is for those who are very serious about their future.
Flexibility on my curriculum has been the best. I've had to rearrange my classes due to personal and family issues in order to give me the extra time I needed and they helped me a lot. I like this feature and not having to feel bad about taking control over my schooling and life.
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The online classes are unique in the way they are operated by the student and instructors. It's not a traditional several classes for a whole 4 month semester. It's block off into 5 to 8 weeks for one class. This really helpful for me and I much prefer it this way. Makes me feel like I'm making process.
The career center is really helpful and caters to the students well. A lot of resources for you to get you started in your career.
I enjoyed most of my classes. The instructors have been helpful except one or two who were a little vague with their help. The courses are good. Sometimes it's a little too much information to fit into that short amount of class time. You have a week to read 4 to 5 chapters sometimes and to me that doesn't sound reasonable.
I believe a degree from Phoenix is really valuable and it will get me to where I wanna go. They have many job opportunities it available for me by look through their career resources. I have not looked into careers within the school so I am not sure about that.
All the counselors I have come in contact with have been extremely helpful and kind to me through the whole process. The instructors are reasonable so far and really are available for you whenever you need them. The resources are outstanding and a helpful tool. The overall experience so far has been great. I am strictly online student and the class schedule is perfect for me most of the time. I am really pleased with my college.
So far classes have been amazing. I just recently got out of the military, and I'm back in school again. Curriculum is steady and paced on how the class is performing.
I haven't taken any online courses, but I heard from classmates that online courses are understandable and easy to work with.
I'm veteran that currently got out of the marines, my futures goal is to complete my degree and then switch branches into the air force.
I like the experience in my college. Mature, and goal oriented person come to school to learn and achieved their goal. This school has interested individual that can mold a person into a better then.
There a lot of network opportunity's as well great potential with future careers.
There a lot of workload in the school, but the teacher make it adjustable for the students to complete the task.
Great school, works around student schedule. The school focused on getting the students a well rounded education as well as setting then up for success.
Not all of my credits were transferred that were considered to be core classes. A lot of my credits were unique and could not be transferable. I took an Interpersonal Communications course that was not accepted and I will have to take a course that is very similar to it at my school.
It is hard to communicate with peers in learning teams, however; I have a good relationship with my financial advisor but not with my academic advisor. I've had problems with some instructors but was able to solve them and communicate effectively. Online classrooms has made it easier for me to work and study at my own pace and style.
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I have not graduated yet.
I am in an online school so it is hard to provide information on this status.
I have had minor problems with instructors that were solved. I currently have trouble with learning teams and its effect on overall grades. The class sizes are small enough which is great depending on the course.
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