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Flexibility at U of P-Online – The flexibility at the University of Phoenix- online is the best type of school for me to get a degree. It allows me to learn at my own pace and do my school work at my own pace as well.
Computer Programming – I think I have chosen a good major, although I have only been doing the per-requisite classes and will be beginning my major classes starting in the fall.
University of Phoenix- Online – I have been in online classes at the University of Phoenix, for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. I can do my school work whenever I make time for it throughout the day. I can also learn at my own pace instead of feeling like I have to cram everything in before I leave the classroom. I feel that there is still a good 1 on 1 relationship with the professors as well.
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The Finacial aid process was a little bit hard. I had to correct it a few times before it was processed.
I haven't really been on the campus, but the people seem great and supportive.
Great Speed, Few Things Though – Every new class has some kind of glitch to start out with. We either cant open something or turn something in. These problems are fixed but it happens all the time. The symptoms are always solved but not the cause.
The Schedule – Going to class one night a week can be inconvenient but having the classroom setting as a hub where everyone can discuss and learn at least once a week is worth the trip. Having everything online is impersonal and can discourage kinesthetic learners. One night a week is not a problem, from what I understand, your work would most likely schedule you around it because they want you to succeed. At least they should.
Working while going to school can be challenging. But if you've been working for years without the classroom environment going back to school can be like going to another country. What works very well for me at Phoenix is the balance of in-class and online work. The courses are mentally stimulating and the curriculum is fast paced. I have been to Pure online and pure in-class and this has been working out as the better of all three for me.
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