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I love that class is once a week and the time is great for working adults. I wish you being able to pick your class and days you want to go to class.
The staff was always willing to help me in everything I needed to succeed. The teachers went above and beyond to help me with all my demands to make sure I was able to succeed in every way possible. Unfortunately I had some health issues that seemed to make going to college just a tad bit more challenging than I initially expected and everyone there really gave me every opportunity to grow and succeed as a person. I feel so thankful to have been able to afford this experience and had the chance to grow as a person.
My overall experience with University of Phoenix - Dallas was very good I enjoyed my online classes and I was able to keep up with the work. University of Phoenix was the best decision I made to complete my degree I would recommend any and everyone to attend University of Phoenix - Dallas online.
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I liked my professors. They all seem to have my best interest at heart. I would change the learning team assignments. I would keep the learning team assignments but I wouldn't have as many.
Honestly I find it really easy and simply. I can work on my classes at anytime of the day and i dont have to worry about being late to class or missing class. Plus if i Need help with homework I can video chat with tutors. Witch I love I dont have t o go anywhere at all.
Most of our work is done through our website and everything i need is there. I havent really had a chance to look around plus it is my first class so yet I havent learn much. I hear great things about career jobs and the career center is a good place to start if yet you havent found your career.
Honestly I haven't looked into this much but I heard we have our website who walk us step by step on careers. the best part is that you can find jobs on there that wont come about till like five years from now. I hear a lot from my teacher now that we have a lot of companies that come out a lot to recruit students. Yet I haven't seen much of that since I have just started school. I also know that there is a great group of people that help you find jobs, resumes and so much more to help you get ready for a job.
I love the class size. I can actually learn everyone's names and actually get to know them. Teachers are great, lessons are good, I love that the teacher actually gets to learn about the students instead of always on the grade. Makes me feel good to come to class and to go home a positive outcome.
I love it here works with my full time job and fits my time. Advisers here are amazing, I can call like a thousand times a day and there is no moment I don't get my questions answered. I love my school. Can't forget the teachers who make it all happen after a long day at work, coming to class is the best part.
This school took me step by step through all of the process and the academic advisor kept in contact with me throughout my 3 week trial as well as through my first class.
Registration was a breeze. My advisor called me and took me through the steps. answered my questions and was made available when I called with more questions. The professor's are active and show themselves regularly in the web based courses, the peer to peer interaction is great! One of my favorite features thus far.
The school helps with resume building and also has a portal where we can talk to other people who are looking to potentially hire.
The classroom is a good size, the professors take the time to make sure everyone is getting the material discussed in class. The course work is very good, I learn something every day in class that I thought would be a waste that turned out to be something I can use not just in my career but in everyday life.
Mostly reading based and online labs which are easy. The teacher is also there whenever I have a question about something or they will call just to let you know that they are available when you need them. They help with resume building and also you can network within the campus and build your portfolio to get you on the right track once you do graduate.
Searching different places, this was the best
The flexibility of this campus is what makes it so appealing.
There are a ton of things that they offer to help you manage your courses online. The resources available are fabulous.
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I think there is a stigma surrounding the value of this degree. I personally feel as though I am getting my money's woth, I have talked to others who feel they are not. I would like there to be more of an opportunity for internships through the school, and I hope that is something they are working on.
So far the professors have been very clear in what they expect and as long as you meet thier expectations and the expectations of the school you will do well in your classes.
I feel like the quality of education is great. If you do the reading and assignments then you fully understand the topics discussed that week.
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