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University of Phoenix - Columbia Reviews

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So far it has been great at this school, I love being able to do my classes in my own time. Everytime I have called them they have been very helpful also
No alumni network is being none at this school.
My student body are hard working students.
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Most of my credits were transferable.
Team assignment need to end.
Tution is over price for this area of the country.
Graduation rational is very low.
It is very easy to manuever around
Since they have centralized the advisors you can never call and speak to who you are signed to.
The services are great at UOP.
The tuition is a little high but hopefully I will find a job and get pd for this degree I have earned.
I had a few problems but I have overcome them and all is well now.
The campus is not like most colleges, a very clean, neat and professional environment.
I have had a few problems but after i requested a new Academic Advisor I am on the right track now.
Some of the assignments I dont understand why they have us to do. But I do them and carry on.
The work load is double and I dont like being in a group and doing group work with people I cant see or talk to if I need to.
I enjoy going to class each week and meeting and talking with class mates. Each person is diferent and offer something to learn.
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I can always go to the campus if i need additional help.
The environment is filled with ambitious students
Wide variety of academics from Business to IT.
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