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University of Phoenix - Colorado Reviews

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Don't really know how I feel at this point.
I'm not sure, I hear negative things all the time but haven't experienced any problems yet.
I'm not sure what I wanted to be in is what I ended up doing.
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I don't really have an opinion of this school at this time.
Overall, this has been a great first time college experience. I plan to finish my BS and go on to my masters.
My academic councilor was very knowledgeable with applying transferred credits. They ever looked at my military transcripts and applied those credits as well.
Before I enrolled online, several people I know told me online college is very hard, and difficult to navigate through the course, and library. This is not the case with UOPX; so far this has been easy. Everything that you need is readily available, and in easy to find ares of the website.
I have not had the need to explore theses options yet, however, I have read in online posts from other students that it is really easy to utilize those services.
I feel that the course work is gearing my up for what I am trying to obtain career wise.
So far all of the professors at UOPX have been great. All of them had answered any of my questions that I have had very quickly. I dont feel 'stupid' asking questions.
I have only take 1 class in my major so far, however all the classes leading up to my major have been useful, and applicable toward the real world.
Everyone at the UOPX that I have had contact with has been helpful, and quick to respond to my questions. I feared online school, as I might lack interaction with the professor(s), however, it was quite the opposite.
As an online university, I expected to be treated poorly. I ended up being treated like they had known me for years! It was a pleasant experience going through admissions and financial aid.
The school has installed Mac destops for students and the Internet connection in the school is satisfied. Student can do assignments and print out notes at the campus, the school also provide study rooms for individuals and teams. Recently there is a consulting resource center in colorado maincampus, it is so glad to know that the school would provide help for student with mental health concerns.
I was able to do my application in a campus cite. A academic adviser helped me through the entire process. I had a lot of questions, and they also help me set up my profile. When signing up they are accommodating because they care about their students.
I have not run into any discrimination while attending the University. Everyone has a common goal in mind, and there is a lot of professionalism among my peers. The student body consist of people from all over the United States and it is fun to work in groups with them. The diversity brings a twist to real world experiences to the classroom.
Alumni has a scholarship for us witch is great. I finished my Associates with this University and have moved into my Bachelors. I also am considering moving into the Phoenix area, and the academic councilors have been helpful in job avenues and ideas.
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I had no problems with the financial aid until this year. My tax status was a bit different than in the past. The financial aid department put me through a lot hoops to receive my financial aid this year. Other than that I have not had any issues in the past.
The Campus library is awesome. There is an unlimited number of scholarly articles for our use. The library also has the River point Writer which is useful in putting a paper together in APA format. his resource also helps with citing your work. The University library provides help with mathematics.
I had a bit of frustration with the financial aid. However, my enrollment was smooth and easy. I earned my Associated, and it took a half hour to enroll in my Bachelors. I was able to do this over the phone and on the computer. As for my classes I can take any time I want to to sit and study. It is convenient to work around.
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