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University of Phoenix - Boston Reviews

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I have taken a few classes here and they are good.
I really like University Of Phoenix online course Intructors are very kool and kickback and understanding and gives a second chances and finds ways to assist us as easiest way we can learn.
It has been ok so far. I am still waiting to hear back about loans and such. I was also just advised that I need to complete a few more general classes that I hope I will be able to pay for.
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I am not overly impressed yet but I am also trying to keep an open mind.
I attend online classes so the few resources that are available, a library for instance, works for me. It is a little limited however. I feel slightly like a guinea pig that is helping them to figure out the best way for the website to work.
In the end you get the money you need but you have to bother the advisors a lot for them to actually explain to you how the aid works at the school.
Classes Are Informative – One of the interesting things about Phoenix is that the classes are only five weeks, so they have to fit a lot of information in. you learn a lot from the readings and the discussions in class.
Huge Library – The schools library is huge, one of the largest online. It is filled with articles and plenty of books.
Computer Lab Is Perfect – The computer lab has more than enough computers for the amount of students there on a daily basis. Also there is unlimited printing allowed on campus which is helpful because all of our books are online. also the wifi is really fast so when you are in class you have access to all your resources online.
Personal Teachers – One thing i love about phoenix is all their teachers have experience in the field that they're teaching. Meaning the have tons of feedback and personal stories on the classes they are teaching. Also, they all understand that we have busy lives and work with us to make sure we all pass our classes.
Academic Experience – The professors are very involved with the students. They give you a contact number and even after school hours you are able to contact them or leave a message if you are having any problems and they get right back to you. The curriculum is great I have no complaints and the work load is sufficient
Online Services – I take classes online which is very convient. I have to watch my son during the day so having that opportunity is great.
How Great My School Is – I love this school because it have everything that a student would want
24 Hour Access – Online school allows you to your work when you want and even skip a day if you are not feeling well.
Why on Line? It is best to do school on-line since you get to chose the hours that you do your classes and do not need to spend time traveling and wasting gas.
School Culture – The school is unigue in that the class facilitators work in the fields they teach. The hours are excellent and flexible. Some classes are online providing more flexibility to a students schedule. In every class the students are to form teams and there are team assignments. All books are online, too.
University of Phoenix's financial aid counselors are fairly easy to work with in getting the funds to attend school. Only recently, I had a not so pleasant experience dealing with a new financial aid counselor. She miss calculated the funds and now I am scrambling to obtain funds to pay for my final class. This is the year I am suppose to graduate. This is the reason for a lower grade for the school. Otherwise, they would have been an A++
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There are a large aray of students. People of all ages and walks of life.
I choose Psychology and I love it. However, the school did not accept all of my military credits and am further away from graduating than I thought I'd be. Not to mention, I've only taken 2 psychology courses!
They used to have a financial aid processing center. They didn't have all the paperwork they needed from me, evidently. I was sent an email that my funds had been certified and I was all set. Only to find out that, that wasn't the case and the deadline had passed. I was never notified that additional paperwork was needed! Now I am struggling to pay for school and even though it was the fault of the school, they aren't doing anything to help compensate.
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