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University of Phoenix - Birmingham Reviews

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The financial aid process was very easy. If there were any questions or problems that i had with it they were answered or fixed immediately. The cost of the schools tuition was a little higher but the curriculum, professors and counselors are well worth it. Financial aid process was simply and painless but if for some chance you do not qualify for the total amount of aid you need there are several awesome scholarships that will help you.
University of phoenix will help you with everything you need for post-grade services. They will help you from finishing the last course to getting you prepared for that perfect job you wanted. They make the process very smooth and painless for you. They provide several different counslors for you for each area of the post-grad services. I am looking forward to this.
I Start my online program March 3rd 2015 and from what i have seen on the website and the people i have talked to it has been an awesome experience. I couldn't give them a 5 because i haven't officially started yet but i feel confident that it will be a 5.
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classes are really flexible online i plan to get up at 5 do a couple hours of work then i wait until my kids take a nap to do two more hours then when they go to bed i do two more hours
this school has one of the best online programs that i've seen
class sizes are small, a huge variety of courses, class styles vary by professor.
career center is great ad helpful.
these are small classes so the professor is available more to help and to talk to, work load is a little tough, peer interaction is great.
ive never gotten any other help besides student loans. they do help you through the process of filling out your fafsa.
the professors are great, the registration process is easy etc.
the work load is stressful, and i havent found any internship or job opportunities yet but everything else is great
huge library, and lots of campus activities
I looked at several different schools university of phoenix is the only one that was helpful with financing and was polite.
The teachers and staff work with you. If you have any questions they are right back with you.
The Birmingham campus is lackluster.
I am in the business field and the opportunities are limitless. The workload can be heavy but it is important to find balance and have a set schedule in order to be successful.
Most of the instructors are great but there are a few that are only there for a check. You can easily determine who is there for your benefit and who is not. Many of the instructors make it clear that you can come to them for help at any time, even if your are not a current student in their class.
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Phoenix offers the opportunity to obtain my degree and still be a mother and full time employee. I was not able to do that in the traditional setting.
I did not enjoy the strictly online environment. Too many issues with time zones and not being able to meet up with classmates. I did enjoy the flex-net class (some online and some in class).
The typical student is a working adult with or without children.
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