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I love going on campus and off campus at the University Of phoenix. There program allows me to continue my education at my speed, the hours are very convenient for me and my work schedule. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I love the school and i have no complaints.
So far it's been okay. As a mother, wife, and a employee it took some adjustment to get used to going back to school. I will say that my academic adviser was extremely helpful!
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The overall experience I have had at the University of Phoenix has been phenomenal. It takes strict dedication, but the instructors are flexible and really enjoy working with the students. All of my classes have been extremely informative and enjoyable. I have taken everything from the normal, required classes such as algebra and biology, all the way to astronomy and my recently-completed physics course. The University of Phoenix is unique, because, not only is it both an on-campus and online university, it also takes online education to another level. The classmates are considerate and respectful to each other, and the assignments are full of great experiences. I would most definitely choose the University of Phoenix again for my Master's degree program.
It can be extremely difficult to complete all task in a timely matter.
So far it has been a great experience.
The quality of these different courses depends on the instructor but usually are very helpful in everyday life.
I have not begin to use their career services yet but they are offered.
They are the same melting pot in Georgia.
They have the basic entry of the financial aid ad tuition can be kind of high in price.
The school usually schedule the class for each section in which the course starts.
It has an enjoyable criminal justices program.
I have seen many promotions of the alumni that they are in connection with school but I have not been into many affliations with the campus associates.
Online course differs from traditional classroom being that your environment is virtual. In online class you have to interact with your teachers, classmates, and advisors all via internet. Also most assignments and quiz, or test are self-explanatory but some can be misleading if you do not follow the instructions given. Even thought you can contact your teacher or professor it at times can be a difficult or may take time for you to get a hang of the concept.
Most people that attend my school have goals that they have set out to do in a timely matter simply because it is a varied age group and a large number are older. Many classmates and students value their time and hope to succeed in their careers.
Phoenix has many post grad services and they try their best to mentor you towards a successful career.
Usually the University has a broken down format f each course that you must complete to obtain any credit. Mot professors break the entire course down with daily performances, homework, quizzes, and test.
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Academically I have struggle with some class work being that at times working mainly online but, overall the formats and work can be achieve and easy if you have the proper guide from your instructor.
The campus of University of Phoenix is a clean,quite area that is very open to resources for group meetings,class, and other things that you may need to research. I enjoy the environment on campus and try to utilize the resources as much as possible.
The frustrations is that I am trying to get back in school because I was near death in July 2014. Just want to finish.
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