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I have recently enrolled in the UOPX-Online and I have had nothing but a great experience so far. All of the online classrooms are set up in a format designed with ease of use in mind and the discussion areas are a great tool to use. Everything I need is all in one place with tabs labeled for easy viewing. I highly recommend the online class at the University of Phoenix and I look forward to my courses everyday.
I love that everybody (staff) is right there willing to help and listen when you need. They also encourage you to keep up the good work. I have had bump in this journey but they have been so encouraging throughout it all and have never left my side.
Something that I like about University of Phoenix is that the environment is strong and encouraging . By that I mean you are always pushed to do your best and if you fall you have a team that is willing to help you get back on track. The classes and the teachers are always so eager to help you understand things. If you are the type of person that needs to be hand on , this wouldn't be the school for you. By that I mean being online is a lot harder and if you are one that learns by doing and not by seeing than it just isn't going to work for you. Something that I do not like about my school is sometimes you have to do group assignments and most of the time you are getting stuck with picking up other people slack so you don't fail the class. Other than the group assignments I love the way the classes are set up and the way that the school is ran all together.
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I challenge of becoming an online study is a lot to take in, even more when you have been out of a classroom setting for over 11 years, as my self. with a lot to intake I personally, do not feel stressed or alone. The University of Phoenix staff and faculty that I interact with on a daily basis does not let me feel overwhelmed. From my academic advisor that is regularly contacting me, to my financial advisor helping me with options to afford school; I feel supported and I know I can finish my grad program with a high GPA.

thanks everyone for all the help
Very, very rushed courses. You do not have time to really get into a subject with such short time frames.
As a single mother of three children, the University of Phoenix-Online made it possible to obtain my Associate Degree of Arts within 24 months. After a long day at work and spending time with my children in the evenings, I would study online until 1 a.m. I would highly recommend to busy or single parents whom desire a higher education to take advantage of online college. What I would like to see change is the tuition fee to be more affordable, especially for low income families. It has been several years since I obtained my Associate Degree with the University of Phoenix; however now I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Management with the same University online.
Online college.... It's not easy or restricting on the educational gain. I have never been more happily and readily involved in a class than when attending UOP, as I still am today. You have to be part of the class and open to discussions at this University, which benefits students like me who are busy obviously, but also lack the usual drive in traditional schooling types. Love the University, and greatly appreciate the ability to self pace my course work loads and successfully acquire higher learning online. A bit expensive when I compare my degree cost to some others, but well worth it for my needs and life.
University of Phoenix has provide me a wonderful opportunity to gain my degree without having to worry about childcare, transportation and being on time for classes. The course are geared around my life and I can choose the place and time to complete and study my work. This has been wonderful, and the teachers are outstanding. The school does make sure that all my needs are provide for. This gives me the incentive to obtain my degree. Thanks UOP!!!!
My overall experience has been great, I like the tools and sources available for students to study. I also think that everyone I came into contact with from financial advisor to academic advisors were very friendly. The live math labs were also user friendly and easy to navigate. If I had to start over and do it all again I'd still chose the university of Phoenix!
I felt the material was interesting and beneficial towards my health care career. The professors are very knowledgable of the material. I enjoyed meeting other students from around the country.
The University of Phoenix has been great! The employees like the counselors and Instructors have been very helpful. Going to school online is not for everybody but it is perfect for me.
The teachers and support staff help you every step of the way. No matter how many questions I have about financial, academic or just basic class work, they are always happy to help to the best of their ability.
I love everything about UOP. I have only had one bad experience with a professor, but that was quickly taken care of. I would recommend this University to anyone that is seeking to start or advance in their college career.
I like how easy the process is in getting your application submitted. They even provide you with an advisor that calls and followsup. The entire process was very easy and painless.
It is a great learning experience its faculty are great and it is a fantastic learning environment .
I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Phoenix. My entire degree was completed online. As far as the coursework goes, I can honestly say that I learned a lot about my field. The only issue in this type of degree is the lack of physical, hands-on lab and field experience.
I have enjoyed being a online student at the University of Phoenix. I am approaching the end of my academics and I am exited. The University of Phoenix has allowed me to go back to school and learn and achieve my degrees at my own time. It can become difficult to go back to school, especially when you have family and responsibility. However, for me it has been an amazing experience.
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I've had an overall great experience so far with my advisors, instructors, and classes. There have been some technical issues with financial aid, but my advisor was persistent in making sure that it got taken care of as soon as possible. For courses, my instructors have been super quick to get back to me and provide me any necessary assistance. The community is great to interact with as well.
its one of the easy college i have attend . i ever know how easy is truly can be . to really be able to try something i thought i would never be able to love.
phoenix online is great because I can do my courses on my own time, and if I ever need help theres always someone there to help me, no matter the time of day.
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