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The class registration process is simple and University of Phoenix offers new students a free application process. Which is great for an individual that cannot come up with the money right a way. The University offers online Live Tutors as well as one-on one tutors for a student that is having some trouble understanding that particular course. Certain classes have students group into teams and also provides team assignments that are graded and counts towards the credits for that particular course. The instructors/professors that work there are very helpful and make sure each student has his/her contact information in case there is some confusion on what needs to be done on individual assignments, and will also set aside a certain time to talk one-on-one with the student before/after class. The programs that I have found that many students are majoring in Business Management and Nursing.
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The career center is wonderful. Before starting into the students major (while taking the basic courses) University of Phoenix has a special course that centers around the Career Center and the Job prospects. The student takes an online survey that is based on:

1) Personality and values

2) Type of work he/she likes (dealing with people, or working individually)

3) Personal thoughts on problems that may rise by surprise

4) How an individual would handle certain issue/problem

Then the career center would generate different types of job titles and the degree(s) each job title required to make sure that individual was working towards the correct major. If the job title was not in that list, then it offered a different search engine to look up the titles job requirements.

After completing the Career center and finding out the requirements for that field it generated the job prospects in State the individual wanted to work in. If there was not any jobs in that State it would ask if the individual was willing to relocate. If the answer was "yes" it would generate the States with the highest percentage for that field.

I believe that program is very helpful in making sure that individual was getting the correct information.
The resources on campus are the same as is offered to the students that are doing it online. Both are offered live tutoring and one-on-one tutoring. Unlimited access to the computer resource center. Nice rooms for study groups, and quiet rooms for individuals to do his/her school work inside. The resource center offers headsets to individuals who have to look up videos or need to listen to tutorials that explain step-by-step instructions. The resources that are offered is unlimited, ranging from tutorial guides to writepoint/plagiarism checkers.